Patrick Henry Hughes – Inspirational Story

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Patrick Hughes is a young man at Univ. of Louisville who was born blind and crippled and yet now plays the piano beautifully as well as “marches” in the Loui…


Kris Kempker says:
Alex Price says:


Lisa V. says:

everyone can do it… if you put your mind to it….

Fred Kaffenberger says:
Lisa V. says:

Everyone has potential in their own way…. disability or not everyone can
succeed in life..

Patrick was wos born blind and crippled but is a prodigy in music..

Everyone can do what they want in life just have the motivation and
love of the arts in order to accomplish one’s dreams.

Tim Hammond says:

Wow! What a story and what a Dad! I saw this family of Family Feud and
did a Google search and found this story on both of them. If I can be half
the person of Patrick and his Dad I will be happy. 

Ashley Reed says:

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! What an inspirational story about how anything is
possible… no matter what you may believe your limitations are to
achieving the things that you want; just know that they are not real! You
have the ability to use your passion and your talents to do whatever you
want in life!

Crystal Harris King says:

This is so cool! 

William Pruitt says:

It’s nice to know that there is still some good in this world. Hats off to
Patrick and his dad. That’s an example of the human spirit. There is a lot
of love in this story.

Mel Cheng says:

I am a father and I know the feeling when senior Patrick learned of his
son’s anomalies, just like he said he worked hard and did all thing by the
rules…This really touches me and I want to share it with my families. God
bless you, Patrick

RagaDagga says:

I’m here because I just saw this guy on Family Feud.

Simon Williams says:

Impressive- and touching

emilis velaniskis says:

He is not just a man. He is a HERO!!!!!! 

abraham koshy says:

Both Patrick and his Dad as such a great inspiration. Also, I admire his
Mom as she would be the typical behind the scenes hero, who just makes
everything happen smoothly.God Bless this wonderful family.

Othane Coley says:
neelam dewanyonzonlama says:
Red Bear says:


“Patrick Hughes is a young man at Univ. of Louisville who was born blind
and crippled and yet now plays the piano beautifully as well as “marches”
in the Louisville marching band.”

Noeline Matthews says:

I am looking for inspiration. This story says it all. A family that strives
to enable their son to be as great as he can be shows tremendous love at

Marie Brown says:

What an amazing story and it began with a little baby who looked alike my
own son when he was born. God placed Patrick in the arms of two loving

talie X says:

I really want to know the name of the song he’s playing on the piano in the
beginning can someone please tell me? It’s so beautiful

Joemoosey1 says:

Who are the 37 dicks who disliked this?

ewenicorn115 says:

Patrick’s talent is awesome and the family is to be greatly commended for
the sacrifices they’ve made to help him develop all his potential. But I
really don’t understand why some college students can’t earn work-study
credits by wheeling Patrick around the field and assisting him to & from
and in his classes. This doesn’t seem like a proper or necessary parental
function to me.

Douglas Newman says:

44 people don’t have souls.

Jackychan8000 says:

What a child ! What a Father ! The sacrifices of the Dad makes me realize
how little I have done for my children.

kickflipindy02 says:

Omg this is such a touching story

TheZirn says:

@911dispatcher what does being an evolutionist have to do with anything? Go
fuck yourself you bible thumping prick.

Geniac Sprenkle says:

God doesn’t waste heaven’s resources on junk. There’s something in Patrick
the Creator wants to put on display. Next time you feel life sucks, watch
these videos.

Aaron F. says:

It’s too early for me to be watching something like this. I’m going to be
coming into work like a blubbering idiot. So wonderful.

star1037 says:

very inspirational. its amazing how Patrick’s dad is willing to do all that
for his son. he is so great and he inspired many people and will keep
inspiring people in the future. they are so great. doing what they do is
just amazing.

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