“Overcoming Procrastination – Here’s How To Stop Procrastinating” – Wake Up Productive by Eben Pagan

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Shivam Trivedi says:


TF2Player says:

Quit looking at the comments and do your homework!

Astha Patel says:

Only superwoman would convince me to end up here 

Shovel Face says:

Superwoman bought me here!

Michael Strickland Idaho says:

“Overcoming Procrastination – Here’s How To Stop Procrastinating” – Wake Up
Productive by Eben Pagan

BananaBoat629 says:

i don’t like that last name

Tyler eastcoat says:

I have to do a paper and I am watching this!!!!!!!!

Klub Komediantow says:

wow, David D. Long time no see. :)

Jacqueline Stephens says:

Good video, thanks for sharing

shane dick says:

dude your gay

Dmytro Novycov says:

i’m procrastinating sleeping

Abril Cueto says:

IISuerwomanII brought me here

Jack Johnston Bob says:

nice intro “stop trying to do things that don’t matter” stop
procrastinating doesn’t matter. so I guess I’m not going to do it. *END

KSharpMusic says:

yeah wtf man im liek waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rick Montilla says:

funny comments

ash khan says:

superwoman power!!!

Emily Paldaviciute says:

im here because of superwoman

Hayder Abboud says:

sUpErWoMaN! XD

SourFlower72 says:

im actually useing this to procrastinate sleeping

masterpiecebeta says:

Alter Ego of David De Angelo!!!

yetisnail says:


markman090 says:

What do we want? PROCRASTINATION! When do we want it? TOMORROW!

GillyFTW says:

People that can study or do homework easily or without procrastinating
usually don’t have anything to do in their spare time, so don’t feel too
bad if you procrastinate a lot.

Deep Rawat says:

i’ll add this video to my watch later playlist

ZedmanTV says:


djchannelofcool says:


yetisnail says:


Izabela Perez says:

Super woman!!!!

Hannah F says:

Is anyone else watching this instead of. Doing the work?

KPOPFTW98 says:

makes sense. My routine after school is go on laptop sleep laptop sleep. No
homework is done. I haven’t done the routine of doing homework everyday a

I.A_760 says:


annoyingtroll1 says:

I’m with you

WhiteDragon32 says:


Farin Azad says:

IIsuperwomanII bought me here 😀

Lisa J. Peck says:

I agree with Eben – Changing the habit of procrastination is to become
truly committed to changing it. The desire must come from you.

uCeEZtV says:

This guy is an idiot! he pretty much said “the first thing to do is STOP
PROCRASTINATING”. if i could do that i wouldnt be watching this shitty
video! . . . now that i think about it, im only watching this video cause i
dont want to do my homework. . . this video is antiproductive

SNeaKYNaN96 says:

superwoman brought me here

Jeslin Bal says:

Iisuperwomenii <3

Yalit Lozano says:


Annuvanthy Umashankar says:

IISuperwomanII brought me here. Let’s be honest here, we all are in that

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