Overcoming Depression with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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danielle smith says:

Wow! I didn’t even get all the way through the video and I feel awesome!
This tapping goes over points I learned in massage school. The human body
is a great thing!

ikhoudvanmij says:

I feel great! Thank you

rebelkiwi says:

I honestly feel better!Bless you,I am going to practice tapping now!

DayInMyLife says:

yea i feel a lil better. thank you

deathxisxpermanent says:

wow, it actually made me smile at a point when i tapped my fingers, even
though i was feeling bad

Kalicoh says:

I notice that one “zone” of emotional garbage gets lifted when I do this,
but then another one pops up and there is a new “this feeling,” so I have
to keep tapping the different layers of painful emotion out one by one by
repeating the excercise because my layers of grief and depression are

BloodySerpent says:


ShaunCollier says:

Incredible. I was my usual cynical self when I tried it. I didn’t believe
it’d work for a minute. And I’ve been feeling awful this evening. But now I
feel… great, and relaxed! Thanks! I strongly suggest trying this out.

jaredtiller says:

almost made me cry

stephen bashum says:

wow truly amazing…took me 5 or 6 sessions but i truly feel better…this
guy is a genuis!

1L0V3C1IT says:

i ws shown TFT or EFT some 3 and a 1/2 yrs ago, to start with the tapping
and saying how you accept yourself is a bit “finger and thumbs”, but it
becomes second nature after a good couple of sessions

webermen says:

Resulta que fixe obrigado from portugal Thanks from portugal

3ridetec . says:

Felt total depressed, within the first tapping session I was laughing with
joy. Thank you.

Deolarlie says:

going to give it a go thanks

fidoe says:

if felt my higher self and was over joyed quite strange but it works glad i
tried it and i will continue to do what makes me feel better.sad thing is
people with depression me included read something negative and it is learnt
that way very effectively its much harder to focus on the positives but i
try my best.so even if somebody says this was crap it didnt work for me
please try as i believe trying will get us there in the end.keep going
nothin is hopeless because i believe so its wot matters

springing says:

Thank you! I feel much lighter. Very cool.

Moshikashitenai says:

Wow! I went from a 5 to a 2! 😀

CatharticWeek says:

Wow…. Thank you.

d3adpoet says:

I’m going to test this out again tomorrow morning. I think you may have
come up with a cure for anxiety. I feel the most relaxed I have in YEARS.

vinababygirl says:


wholestarintact says:

I only did it a few rounds, but I feel energized! Wow. Man, where have you
been all my life?

PaulFromStokeUK says:

unbelievable, thank you, thank you, thank you, you may well have saved a
life, although im scratchin my head as to how it works, if anyone is
reading this then you need to try it, its not fake!

Waltorian says:

Are you still there. I see no responses as of late. I like your videos. I
have a very hard time concentrating on the feeling that I want gone. Thank
you very much

heskey1o1 says:

i feel so much better!!! thanx =]

Fuzzelbuff01 says:

this is truly amazing, i have struggled with depression almost my whole
life and this is the first thing that i have found that works. thank you so

Mark Guardamino says:

if feelings creates thoughts, what creates the feelings??? this may be a
temporary solution, but not the cure….

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