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http://www.theamethystbiomat.com Along with using the Amethyst Biomat, you can obtain great synergy when using this with our Hemi Sync music collection. When…


Cubicle0 says:


Brian Marshall says:

The very fact that people are trying to listen to this through Youtube
demonstrates a significant lack of understanding in how binaural beats work
and how to use them. First and foremost you need stereo headphones as most
binaural beats operate sending different frequencies into each ear. Just
plug binaural beat into Wikipedia and you will get some good balanced
information and hopefully the sites that promise binaural beat will
increase the size of your genitals. Good luck 🙂

bizoupetit says:

This is the first “hemi sync” song I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know if
I’m just very susceptible, but I felt a kind of grounded euphoria. I had no
idea what it was before seeing this explanation. It most definitely isn’t a

jayasenan says:

@xNaiken no that is psychosomatic . your body would fell the changes not
the brain.

International0IDIOT says:

Look at this! None of these comments are arguing about any stupid stuff!
And I didn’t even say ‘shit’ like usuall Product WIN

sonofhendrix says:

The technology can work, for instance some of the strong ones really do
relax you and can make you fall to sleep, BUT it IMO most of the benefits
they claim it gives just dont appear. And most market it as a cure all and
genius maker.

aguacun says:

the music title of this video is? please

tacobellwesyman says:

holy crap its working and im thinking all peacful now im writing a report
on someone for school and my words are geting mixed up with other words its
wierd i mixed the word rasisim up with the word butiful lol

whereis1 says:

The affectiveness of semi sync is largely dependant on the users
expectancy, much like hypnosis and mind altering drugs.

XxCrimsonHatterxX says:

No its not lack of understanding, its gaining more understanding that
brought people here. It means they want to try it.

twjames18 says:

wow i just thought i would point out just how badly you got owned right
there sonofhendrix. i wasnt sure if you realized it so i thought i would
make you aware of it.

Topazman12 says:

Once you meditate your main consciousness is relaxed and it should stop
being controlled by the daily activities. This should help restore your
energy level. If you feel tired, it is because your mind is relax, or it is
tired from all that daily activity that it wants to sleep. There are other

xNaiken says:

My braing is tingling .. LOOL did this happen to anyone else ? LOL

Daniel Lambert says:

Which product did you buy, how did you used it ?

Daniel Lambert says:

Thanks for replying. A product as efficient as a placebo !

sonofhendrix says:

I’ve tried them all trust me. The free demo cd you can get from hemi sync
is very weak and waterd down, so i tried all the other hemi synch audio. it
generally makes you drowsy, tired and mentally confused and not able to
think straight. Well that was my experience.

grofys says:

if you like this video, listen to solfeggio frequency and binaural or delta
beat videos on youtube.

L Noah says:

this music is awesome, sounds like the indian music, with nature sounds
included, awesome, thanks

John says:

This is a bunch of bullshit. it works on some people because they believe
that it works so much that their brain thinks that it’s working. It’s kind
of like the placebo effect. This is as fake as the fucking i-dosers.

sonofhendrix says:

crap, it dont do anything for me.

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