Oprah Vision Board

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Ellen’s vision board for getting on the cover of O.


Marshall Books says:

Great explanation of the importance of positive visions. We recommend
vision boards as part of a life mapping process we guide people through in
journal format – MY LIFE MAP: A Journal to Help You Shape Your Future.

ludwina8000 says:

funny 😉 But i still believe in a vision board i have to make one, or two,
or more.. 🙂 it’s fun

Sasha J says:

And…It’s going to be a “Finding Nemo 2”!!!!

Adriana Veliz says:

@World0fWhorecraft …a vision board is putting your dreams and goals on it
and looking at it…what’s wrong with that? when the only difference is
that insted of being only on your mind they are now on a board…I should
make one, it got to be better then watching boring TV.

johncfl says:

@travolto1 Yeah, setting goals via a picture is putting so much pressure on
you that you shouldn’t tax your brain cells that much, LMAO!

sweetgem123 says:

Awww I would LOVE a sequel to Finding Nemo.

sweetgem123 says:

@ludwina8000 Hi. What do you do with the old vision boards after your
wishes have come true or if you just feel like starting a new one? Can you
throw them away or is it bad luck?

NappyBeauty says:

Too funny!!

delariean says:

That vision board worked a little TOO well….there is gonna be a finding
Nemo 2… wonder how she feels about that 🙂

Marita Steffe says:

I love the video, good humor. Besides that I believe in the power of
intention. It works, according to Quantum Physics, not only woo woo. We
always have a choice to believe or not to believe. Marita Steffe Vision and

branaginslaw says:

First I wanted a pickle….funny girl

Monique Rolle says:

@MBRAcademics 🙂

firmingitup says:

@sweetgem123 Some people keep them and write “achieved” next to them. I
think that would be a good way to further prove that the law of attraction
has actually worked in your life when you can look at the things that you
visualized that later became real.

MsCasati says:

“YES I CAN” lol

pfrancoi says:

If ellen can do it I can do it tooo.. Please view my vision board

Silent Little Child says:

She was on the cover of O magazine with Oprah. And there’s a Finding Nemo 2
coming out? This is awesome!

Coach Treasure says:

I simply love Ellen!

sweetgem123 says:

@firmingitup Interesting insight. Thanks.

Triveni satyanarayana says:

oprah and ellen are 2 best people in the world! i am using “LOA” mobile app
by lokesh to manifest my desires

Louis Parian says:

she’s amazingly hilarious! 🙂

lavvy2585 says:

@travolto1 That is so negative no wonder it hasn’t work for you and I am
sure that it has not or you would not be saying this.

mrdefinite says:


MBRAcademics says:

I Am A Billionaire! w w w . m b r academics com

Daniel Travolto says:

law of attraction is so dumb. creates just more anxiety in peoples lifes
instead of letting the universe take care of itself like it always does 🙂

Sanjeevkr. Singh says:

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