Oprah Uses The Law of Attraction aka “The Secret”

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Oprah shares a great example of how she used the secret law of attraction in her life and how it has changed her life.


Nitrobuz Ae says:

the only religion I will ever believe in. Because it works CONSISTENTLY in
my life.

Penglong Kuoch says:

Oprah Uses The Law of Attraction aka “The Secret”

Caden Grant says:

@religionis4retards I watched the secret, and decided I wanted to make a
lot of money working only a few hours a day, and also to get my dream car.
I followed the secret and for the past year I’ve been making great money
every month and got the dream car I want. I’m only 18 and make around
$100,000/year. It definitely works.

lavvy2585 says:

@Sheraz4reaL The only whore around here is your mother! Go suck her dirty
pussy out with a straw!

Jame Rone says:

im just wondering why bob proctor has no information on Wikipedia what so
ever. although most speakers of the bullshit movie “the secret” have
information on Wikipedia

ztarrfect says:

@CGRANT1292 i KNOW what you talking about, I did same thing buddy. I had
50.000 in debt, unfinished study. Than I follow the rules of attraction and
before I knew I made 400.000,- Just believe in your self take things in
your life TAKE THEM FAST!!!

MBRAcademics says:

I Am A Billionaire! w w w . m b r academics com

doortoprosperity.com says:

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lives:) Recently I`ve came across a brand new idea that enables anyone make
their first few bucks and much more working online:) Now I am assembling
the team searching for creative ones to be leaders in this project 🙂 This
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tokenmuchochiba says:

Seriously, what does she do that is so special for people to do whatever
she says? She reads cue cards, interviews guests, is an actor (Acting
talent is debatable). So what?! She is spreading a bunch of garbage to
derail people from true happiness. Stop watching this shit!

GaDreamin says:

If you act, behave and communicate with more confidence and positiveness,
you will indeed notice a difference in your life, period. That’s all it
takes, you don’t need to BUY anything to make that happen and learn what
others have already figured out. The problem is that it takes effort! TRULY
be happy with what you have,appreciate who you are, know what you want &
imagine how your life will play out. Confidence is FREE, you just have to
believe it. Would be nice if I could write more ran out

Andy Cindrich says:

@daisie09876, you are an idiot.

bunnehsrus says:

I love Oprah, shes so inspiring

tylerdurden5647 says:

glad for you, you should sell your home and take a road trip around the
world with that car, seriously, you will make great friends and attract
successful people in your life, besides you will feel alive.

bbrain2 says:

All the Elite know this information 🙂

ozaxian says:

I’m aggravated. My brother sleeps in the opposite room. I’m irritated
because he in recent times grew excellent with girls. He went to the Master
Attraction website (Google it) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing
ladies back. He’s constantly pulling girls back. I hear it. It’s gross and
If only he had not found that site.

Kevin Overstreet says:

@daisie09876 that’s what YOU think. keep that to YOURSELF.

Brengmathew says:

heres a little secret, god dont exist….. hate mail, i am ready

Katina Bright says:

I don’t know about anyone else, but I truly believe in this. The only
reason I truly believe because when I was a freshman I wrote down two types
of dresses that I wanted to wear at prom for my junior and senior year. I
completely forgot about it between school and family stress, I never
thought about. Now that I am in college, I just happened to look through
some old papers and I found my old list. CRAZIEST MOMENT EVER. Looking at
my pics from both years, I got the color dress I wanted.

eddiecoronado says:

I won the lottery using the law of attraction, and wrote a book titled
“Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction
Secrets.” This power is real, and it works for you and I 24 hours a day, 7
days a week.

Youtube Can Eat My Dick says:

@daisie09876 you are born in a eurocentric world that favors the left brain
hemisphere (self, captialism, greed). They gave you laws to keep you down
(cannabis & other entheogens like dmt that are spiritual tools to
strengthen the mind, body, & spirit are illegal for these purposes). They
gave you a book that they say is over 2000 years old and many kings have
retranslated it. You live in darkness. You have taken the blue pill in the
matrix. Me and oprah have taken the red. Knowledge is power!

mahesh pullori says:

That was good information. I was so mystified watching my mate move from
being lame to a ladies man. He started attracting girls magically. He
behaved like it was ordinary for quite a while. Then he smiled and told me
when he was wasted on Bourbon. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master
Attraction Formula. Google it and you will discover it… He’s on a date
today with a gorgeous girl…

heyitzjustme1 says:

The bible says not put your trust in “nobles”. Most of you already failed
the test. Itz materialistic, desperate and people looking for riches. Those
are not things that you pray for. Soundz pretty darn selfish to me. Trust
in GOD, the ALMIGHTY! All your the answers u need are in the bible. The
devil come in many disguises, itz up to you to be deceived…Don’t let the
media and a man made book determine your path- humble as I am.

kallahari says:

@mphello Good for you !!!

Katina Bright says:

I showed it to my mom and she was stunned. Speechless, if you knew my mom
that could be hard to believe. She could tell it was old because the paper
was torn and my handwriting has turned from print mostly to a mixture to
print and cursive now. I have actually manifested other situations, but if
you give into doubt, things change. Start with something small and it can

declaramonte1 says:

Great example this woman to our world! Very intelligent words which are
conveyed by Oprah and how to use the law of attraction

Morelle Thomas says:


Lokesh Hanumappa says:

Now, the question is “How did you get that you want to be Doctor” If we
keep investigation why , why – finally it comes down to a simple answer
which is “it just happened” Life is a Happening and not Free Will!. LOA
implies free will and it doesn’t exists. LOA doesn’t work at all most of
the times because for any result to happen, there are innumerable
conditions to satisfy I speak about all these topics extensively. Who
decide your birth and who will decide death? LOA is really a joke!

mphello says:

@GaDreamin ==If you act, behave and communicate with more confidence == ==
you don’t need to BUY anything to make that happen == That’s what I do: I
am EXTREMELY confident in all my political beliefs. And I live like a
miser! 🙂

lavvy2585 says:

@Famfriass I saw that and I was so grateful because I was not sure she
believed or worshiped God because of some of the things she have said over
the years. How relieved I was and it was amazing. She must have been asked
that questions many times of she would not have made it a point to make it
her final word. That was a law of attraction working because I always
wanted to know and she explained it.

Tere H de V says:

@daisie09876 you should pray for her rather than judging her because she
may have a strong conversion at the time of her deathand go straight to
heaven as the good thief who was crucified next to Jesus…

Tere H de V says:

@Famfriass Yeah, but even the devil believes in GOD… but we can only get
to the True God through Jesus.

Ivannos92 says:

i think most of people missunderstood “the secret”…it’s not just thinking
that you are rich and after 6 months suddenly 5milions$ will appear in your
bank account. what you have to do is to act towards it, it means you have
to do something and believe in what you are doing, and with some time and a
bit of effort you will get to your goal! i’m working on my drean and im
making progress;) PEACE and LOVE!

Law Of Attraction Inspirational Video says:

The Secret law of Attraction Inspirational Inspiration visualization Oprah
powerfulintentions Rhonda Byrne did a nice job with the Secret. The Law of
Attraction is also the Law of Believing in the Bible. Law of Attraction has
impacted the lovely Oprah Winfrey and her career in a positive way.

mphello says:

I’m going to plunk down $10 to see the historical comedy “The Human
Centipede 2: Full Sequence” this weekend. I plan to masturbate to the movie
while in the theater. That will make me feel better: knowing that my $10
went to THAT cause rather than to pieces of REAL shit who scam suckers with
this excrement called “The Secret”, or to the baptist church group begging
for money in the lobby.

clint bruder says:

At some point we have a chance….. ive recorded my own poem saying same
thing but in a different way.. please feel free to see me for me…

medbahi says:

chuhh chuhh sorry I sneezed I’m allergic to bullshit get real baby or get a

Auda Mouseau says:

The Law Of Attraction works…you just need the proper tools to help you
along…go to BRAINWAVEANDCRYSTALS(dot)COM these mp3 audios (tools) will
help you train your mind in a way that it create the way you want to…not
what you don’t want….because we are always creating, whether it is good
or bad

lavvy2585 says:

@TheEminemBase yet you come here and watched her you hypocrite

J. A. Nelson says:

The Law of Attraction does work. You have to believe, feel and act as
though you already have whatever it is you desire and are asking for. It is

pito seco says:

U need to look back

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