Oprah Tells How She Used “The Secret”

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Oprah tells how she used “The Secret” a.k.a. “The Law of Attraction”, a.k.a. “The Science of Getting Rich” to become the Most Successfull Woman in Talk Show …



5TH ATTEMPT COMPLETE: With the $8,000.00 I manifested in Feb 2012 using
“The Secret”, I was able to make The Universe reveal to me the “Ultimate
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Ellecia Douglas says:

The way you think creates reality for yourself.~Oprah Winfrey

Elle Plow Plow says:

I don’t know why there was never a movie done on Oprah’s life. She’s had so
many interesting tells and have come so far. She was the underdog that made
it on top.

Weston Cogswell says:

This is why I LOVE oprah!

Lisa Mohr TV says:

It’s a “jagged little pill” to swallow – but I now realize I’m responsible
for EVERYTHING I attract. Good or Bad. 

skirtkis says:

such a fine lady and so smart!

Rupali Vaidya says:

i surrender all

Barbara Smith says:

I love Oprah, i would like to attract many things into my life. I just
don’t know how to use law of attraction properly.

Sharron Ferrell says:

Oprah shares the fact that we are all responsible for our life and every
result that we get! We have only to change our thinking to change our life!

Todd Sloan says:

I know that when I realize negative thoughts have gathered that I can then
sort of picture a treadmill and step off! I choose not to be making anyone

Jeanette Williams says:

I love Oprah but this law of attraction doesn’t work for me like i want to

Fee mayne says:

i try it but its hard to think positive!

Pingpal92 says:

look for the documentary The Secret for free here on youtube, it’s 90
minutes long but it explains the law of attraction completely

Marcos H says:

Joseph, why not do it for 10, 000,000 dollars? Bigger is better

covergirlx2i5 says:

the secret is AWESOME . the book and if u don’t like reading there’s a
video for it .

Sasha Friedman says:

I like how she acknowledges the law of attraction and says how powerful it
is, but gives the disclaimer that there are other laws too and not just
this one thing that can solve all problems. Too many people are looking to
blindly follow something instead of empowering themselves to think for
themselves. It’s a tool, not an end-all be-all.

Kristen Jennifer says:

And if your first plan for success doesn’t work…Try, try, again..Plan A,
B, C, D!

655Robert says:

Larry King is the man!!

Tony Crnkovic says:

this secret works, if you dont believe first try with smaller stuff until
you get more faith =)

semijemme says:

you cool oprah


No Kristen, No. Stick wilth “Plan A” and “Plan A” only, no matter how long
it takes. The Universe (Dark Matter) MUST give you EVERYTHING you need,
want, and Desire. The Universe (Dark Matter) CAN NOT hold anything back
from any Man or Woman on this Earth. Please watch the “Tyler Perry” video
on my YouTube Chanel and you’ll see.

ryan ish says:


Marita Steffe says:

Well she is living proof that it works. Oprah has for sure achieved
whatever she wanted and more. She is a great role model. I love it when she
says we are responsible for our lives and the way we think creates our
reality. This gives us enormous power, are we ready to take it on? vision
and words.


Natalie, first start by watching all 3 parts of “Bob Proctor Teaches “YOU”
How To Use “The Secret” on my YOUTUBE Chanel. Bob Proctor is one of the
GREATEST teachers of “The Law of Attraction” a.k.a. “The Secret”.


She had put a lot of thought out into the Universe toward getting the part
in “The Color Purple”, and was giving up on it just as it was coming to
her. NEVER stop putting thought toward the thing you want until it’s in
your hands.

ObiWanGinobiliTopFan says:

@Gileville Right, and notice how Oprah said she KEPT being positive and
KEPT FOCUS on her desires…I’ve never read The Secret, but from what I
heard, it suggests to only pay focus to what you desire once and it will
come to be…and there are biollions of people who can attest that it’s not
really that easy…you usually have to keep at it repeatedly so the
suconscious mind becomes trained to work with the law of attraction and
serve you rather than work against you..’program’ it to be positive

T8official8T says:

If you truly desire something with all your heart, then it will come to
you. You will always be thinking of it, and you will constantly be putting
yourself in a position that will get you that much closer to obtaining it.
The Law Of Attraction is not only real, but it is all around us, waiting
for us. It’s not as complicated or secretive, as most think of it being.
The rest of the world and all of its distractions are what make it seem
complex or mystical. Do it for yourself, then share.

Aso Paso says:

I’m glad she said that because it sounds well thought out and realistic.
Everything, sadly, doesn’t come down to how you think. There are many
factors such as social class, education, cultural capital, gender, having
children, lack of money, family. I hate when people jump to the ‘everything
depends on you’ discourse, but its so far from the truth BUT … but that
doesn’t mean that you can’t change your reality. Its just going to take
hell of a lot more work that John Smith would have to do.

nutbagbrew102 says:

its simple , you send out what you want and someone will pick it up – you
put out enough fliers out in your life and somebody will read it and call
you –

jetly nakavong says:

she can contro her mind

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