Open to Receive Love and Abundance Meditation

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Close – Many singles are searching for love but have a barrier inside to receive. You can communicate with your subconscious mind to attrac…


Debra Berndt says:

new video and meditation

Mimi Seton says:

Very wise, warm and well-spoken messages. Debra has a lovely voice to boot!
GrI loved that she made sure we understand that we ourselves are
responsible for blocking ourselves ~ that nothing outside is doing
something TO us. With this realization comes self-empowerment. I also
love that she ended with ‘There is always more.’ It helps to remember we
are not taking from someone else when we are receiving ~ that the universe
is on a permanent default setting of Abundance and Creation!

Seek Within You | Meditation for Health says:

In this month of *Love* I thought it was only appropriate to share with you
a guided meditation on this subject for today’s *Monday Meditation*. This
guided meditation is for opening to receive love and abundance by Debra
Berndt +Debra Berndt – YouTube #mondaymeditation #love

Sam Lim says:

A beautiful soothing voice – its so relaxing.

Thank You.

Jessica Skylar says:

Thank you, Debra, for this wonderful meditation session! Your voice is very
reassuring and gives me hope <3 I really appreciate you taking the time to
make and share this with us. What I really, really like the most about this
video is the wonderful words and lessons you give, like how we may be
giving to much of ourselves but receiving and giving is part of a balance

Beadorh Buzzling says:

Beautiful meditation.

Haley Johnson says:

I loved this, thank u so much

Daniel Nelson says:

Love the way your voice blends in so smoothly with the gentle background
music. Makes this meditation video much more enjoyable.

Jason McTeague says:

Very beautiful journey through positive reinforcement. I enjoyed.

mamoshnaz says:

thank you so much for posting this video. I enjoyed all your words. Very
beautiful and relaxing .

Nerdologist1031 says:

Thank you. I cannot express my gratitude and how much this cleared my
spirit. Much love and peace

Patty Soffer says:

Lovely. Thank you. 

Mona Sohoolian says:

Love it!

Turkish Treasure Box says:

Very Lovely and So Helpful, Thank you!! :)

StardelEste says:

Thanks was actually able to go into visualization with your guidance.

Yami Castillo says:

This made me feel brand new.

Leona Devaz says:

Thank you so much Debra, this was absolutely fantastic. I LOVED it. I’m so
surprised (well, not really!) how in tune this was with what I needed to
hear. Will be playing it a few more times this week. 

Donna Casper says:

Beautiful and hopeful. Thank you

Christine Reid says:

I LOVED THIS!! It was right on for us 🙂 Just what we needed, funny how the
universe works. Thank you very much <3

Shandeen Williams says:

Thank you very relaxing .

sillydillyism13 says:

Thank you for sharing this wonderful meditation..

Ntathu Allen says:

Hugs dear friends. I enjoyed listening to this guided meditation abt people
who give too much away from place of lack and need as opposed through love.
Nice and empowering. Enjoy!

Elia Galban says:

So beautiful the feeling, thank you

Paul Smith says:

Wise words many thanks . . . . Its good to be reminded that we are divine
beings with a blank cheque of abundance from the universe. 

Malu Lopes - Ma Prem Jagruti says:
Jan Dudok says:

Thank you <3

bernadette eggimann says:

thank you.

honeybfly1980 says:

Beautiful!! I will listen to this every day

Andrea Dutton says:


Nancy Fasolino says:

wow!amazing how i attracted this to me:)thank you!

John Kountouris says:


DD Travers says:

Absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your guidance. You are a gift.

Cassia Regina says:

Lovely meditation. Source bless you ♥

uranne says:

I love Debi Berndt. :)

Tifanie Joy Lansang says:

Perfect! Thank you

Triveni satyanarayana says:

nice picture. erotic 🙂

anyways, i also use “LOA” app by hanumappa in my smartphone to ask ,
believe , recieve my desires

dizzyaspie says:

this video released me from depression and since depression is the most
stubborn thing I know that’s saying something now I know where to go while
feeling low thanks so much Debra

ninapim says:

This is FANTASTIC! I want to say thanks! It is really working in me. Best
meditation and your voice so calm and nurturing. Thanks for your

Graeme Glendinning says:


Lela Strika says:

I find receiving is easier in some areas than others.
in my life money was not flowing as I feel like I dont deserve it.
Affirmations are helpfull but im tired of yoyo effect…just letting go
now. I slepton the floor in friends lounge for few weeks now..what the heck?
My brother and sister have own houses, career, kids, money etc. Im
inteligent an talented but worth zero…sick of it.

Melody Rapoza says:

Thank you very much for your meditation video. Giving and receiving was
out of balance for me and I was feeling very drained. Listening to your
video gave me renewed strength and a new focus. Thank you.

Matthieu Moussa says:


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