One-step-at-a-time – goal achieving cartoon doodle video

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One-step-at-a-time, step-by-step – goal achieving cartoon doodle video Have YOU got big Goals? Reaching your goals is all about steady step-by-step progress….


Helen Cowley says:

Love this video! Very innovative and informative.

Milandro Santos says:

One-step-at-a-time – goal achieving cartoon doodl…:

Pavlo Sorokin says:

One-step-at-a-time – goal achieving cartoon doodle video

Mi Ran Hopper says:

thank you for the simple and inspiring video. i am sharing it and think it
is just wonderful!

Negar Hossein says:
Nus Jurgens says:

Hokus spokus keep the focus

BRIE5518 says:

partager sur google thank you

SpiritofSix says:

I’m glad there are videos like this–charming and full of good energy and

I’m not by any means an expert at the theories of goal achievement, but I
can tell you from first-hand experience that if a goal is possible.. all
that matters is that you desire to achieve it.

I even tried and to explain this in a video, if you happen to be interested
your opinions help me grow and become a better person. That is all, no more
no less

Catherine J says:

Great Talk! Thanks for sharing!

I was moving around in life cluelessly and all of them very pissed off with

my colleague introduced me to this “justgoals” mobile app which helped me
to set short/mid/long term goals.

now, i have a purpose and i am moving focused in my life.

I am like a magnetic force to people around me!

Wessam Abraham says:

GREAT Job ! Thumbs Up !

Kadeem Daniels says:

ahh such a lovely, motivating cartoon doodle :)

Actusappraisal says:

HI there
do you do cartoons for other people?

Tanja Morris says:

Tanja Morris
week 4 blog 1
#goals #smart goals #setting goals

Early in our childhood we taught to walk, eat, bathe, dress ourselves and
much more before we become adults. Going to school and learning to get a
better education is a plus for all of us. Next best thing to becoming an
adult is goals and making sure we that we complete them.

Peter J McAdam says:

what is the song on this video ?

Shree Saini says:

Hi to Evelyn’s AVID class! <3 Shree

Glen Wolstoncroft says:

Goals are necessary for Success…………….

Yuri Malacara says:
wizMotions Whiteboard & Animation Videos says:

Nice video.

Ru Nis says:

#’Worth while for all as we sail through #2014

Glen Wolstoncroft says:

Goals are necessary for Success…………….

Adomic Bomb says:

really motivating

Dave Pereira says:

Breaking down large numbers are easier to swallow. Everyday can take you
one step closer to your goals. This is a nicely illustrated cartoon.

Jacob Howell says:

I like it

Ericia Williams says:
Gloria Dinkins says:
Lillian Peterson says:

I thought this was an awesome presentation. May I have your permission to
use it in a powerpoint presentation for a class I am taking? I can ensure
that will cite you in my reference list. Again, very creative and well

Ericia Williams says:
william Barker says:

Great stuff…….

Gloria Dinkins says:
Guillermo José Burgos Castro says:

Great stuff…….

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