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Instant control, enlightenment and belief brings wealth. Instant money! You’ll be amazed how money comes to you the very next day. JUST WATCH VIDEO FIRST THI…


Heather Wade says:

Amazing it


The global financial system is inherently evil and satanic and usually only
benefits those that are willing to cross moral boundaries (and often at the
expense of others). That’s just the course of this world. Hint: Be not
conformed to the course of this world. A word to the wise is sufficient.

Cookie Turner says:

Who use money these days? I haven’t touch more than ten dollars in years, I
use my debt and credit cards, money is becoming nothing but numbers, soon
there won’t even be debt or credit cards, we will be barcoded and or
chipped so that they can have complete control over our finances and
can wipe us out with a push of a button, so looking at money does nothing
for me anymore, maybe I should just look at numbers with dollar signs in
front of them. God help us.

George Jackson says:

Tha muzic waz suurious! !!

Khurram Aziz says:

Can’t stand the rap soundtrack sorry!

Noneofur Buss says:

Its not what you look at that matters its what you see… Because…
Nothing external has any power over you 

Lola Jones says:

Thank you for taking the time to make this video. The music made me not
finish watching though, as it disturbed my peace of mind. If anyone had
noisy neighbours who they wanted revenge on – I would think that this piece
would do the trick however, and I do, so may use it for those purposes, so
another thanks! 

lakhiya martin says:

I am money 

Maria Consuelo Vargas Castaño says:


AllieMagicFingers Benton says:

Unfortunately the music drowned out the message.

Triveni satyanarayana says:

gr8 Video!

i have attracted 175$/day using
1) motivational videos like this
2) “LOA” app by lokesh in my smartphone

Lisa Roberts says:

The more I listen to this the more I hear in it very nice affirmations!
Thanks so much and God Bless.

kumar magar says:

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Astra Mccracken says:

instant money the best and right now, what I am looking for!

AliasEight says:

this might be a great video if the music didn’t suck balls!- why not try it
with some Erick Rigler- the Uilleann Bagpipe player heard in in the movie
BRAVE-HEART- and then see how much better this will work- “gangster rap” is
stupidity music and will not ever be a good vehicle for this kind of
manifestation video- no offense bragh, just sayin! Namaste’

Bogdan Medvedev says:

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BE First says:

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meg dona says:

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Martin Agre says:

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Maria Zamora says:

It really works, i made $90 the following day, i dont work so that money
was unexpected, thanks!!!!

mike castaneda says:

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franky nelwan says:

thankyou for this powerful video….I decide to believe in every word you
say here…:)

MrSpadeofAce says:

money flows to me

Omar Bilal says:


teresa vaccarino says:
Gabriela Louisse Oproiu says:

profanatio says:

If I download this and put it in my “photo booth” app on my iMac so that I
can insert my self into the video will it have quicker results? Seems that
watching me kicking back amongst all of that money would help manifest it

TdotPickup says:

anyone actually manifested with this ..É

will says:

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Thank you.

Gabriel Gonzales says:

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Sunil T Prannandu says:

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Victoria Bryan says:

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morgan crum says:

I cant here a freaking thing

Shunsui Uchida says:

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jony7845698 says:

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Nayeem Ahmed says:

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