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The MGM CHARADES were formed with a different line-up when the original 1950/60’s Doo-wop group, who had planned a comeback, were reluctant to sign a new con…


colin elias says:

Love this song, love the vid, koko…..Colin

souladele says:

hi, love the vid, on it is some footage from a nighter in leeds that was
shown on the telly as part of a doc about northern an phil dick , where did
you find this ive been looking for ages for it

sandfordway says:

Great track and video

jameycruz says:

Awesome 1965.Can music get any better than 65-66? Music’s two greatest

vorsprung1 says:

absolute peach of a tune got it on compilation , nice post man , ktf


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting.

marrbill says:

been after this for years Rob, went above my price range for a while, has
now came back down in price a bit but still very hard to get anyone to part
with it, one of my fav’s, true Northern Soul at its best.

jameycruz says:

Still marvelous.Great soul just gets greater.1966 what a year.Awesome.

demodiscs says:

Top tune – thanks for posting

zantepete says:

once again thanks to you tube memories come flooding back,great sound and
thanks for posting. pete from hemel ktf

arabrab50 says:

Best track ever

englishknight55 says:

Great sound, and a great video, not one I’ve seen before KTF

Mangomn2003 says:

Absolutely Ace!

soulchosen says:

Class with a capital C! Love it. ktf

drwhatson says:

If this ain’t rare, can you sell me one cheap? Thanks. (I’m serious!)


Thanks for your enthusiastic comment!


Nice find! ®

hyro924 says:

Hi! Hoping to see some postings of some songs I grew up with. Soul Drippin’
by The Mauds. Shake Your Head by Barbara Carr. Do It To It by The
Flamingos. And Feed Me by The Kingsmen. Would love to hear these again.

vanislesoul says:

The epitome, KTF 🙂

Tony64walkin says:

great dancer top drawer ,great vid ..thanks for sharing.

primo pitino says:

Allright fuck it, I’m knocking off the liquor store and picking up the next
one of these I can find. What an amazing record. NICE video by the way,
usually not into the montages and what not but this vid really works with
the track, thanks alot

pbp1958 says:

TOP TUNE in my top ten ktf


No problem – glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your comments.


Thanks for your comment. Two great sides. Not really a rare record on this
major label. However, some collectors do not want to part with it. ®

drwhatson says:

Another mid-73 gem of a side from the Catacombs, Va-va, Mecca etc.
Timeless, quality side.

dundee520 says:

what a brill dancer ktf


No problem -thanks for commenting.

djdeitch says:

Top MGM sound,fantastic Northern classic,ktf.

bobmonkhouse50 says:

I absolutely love this, it just gets better with every note, brilliant
dancer, Northern Soul at its very best!!

chess1458 says:

Here In The States In My Hometown Of Baltimore,This Was A Common Record,My
Uncle Was A DJ In Washington D.C In The 60’s,And He Gave Me All Of His DJ
Copy 45’s,And This Was One Of Them,Great Post!!!!!

Brian Cannon says:

Macc Lads T Shirt!!!!!!!!

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