Nick Ortner on how to rewire the brain with EFT – Tapping World Summit 2012

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chinewmarie says:

Can anyone please tell me where tapping originates from. Is it an ancient
form of meditating to reach ones higher conscious self? I noticed in the
video on the stage there was a statue of Buddha and mention of yoga? Just
wanted to know if someone can please help me understand this as I am not
into eastern meditation or rituals.

MrReekwind says:

Well… any kind of health therapy that states “Perfect relationship” as a
viable effect of treatment is deemed shady at best by me.

Dwane Johnson says:

If your boss sent you an email and you got a rush of cortisol, wouldn’t
that mean you were doing something wrong? I mean, you probably wouldn’t
get a rush of cortisol if your boss was sending you an email saying,
“congratulations! You’ve made the company a ton of money and you’re getting

subbtopp says:

he’s so cute

Jones Reginald says:
shankar chilukuri says:


MsAmericanbunker says:

Great info. Thanks.

Nicole Waters says:

Tapping is amazing and if you feel ….and I mean truly feeeel it in your
body, then it is your sign to tune in and do something constructive about
it…take a moment to love and care for yourself today….!_____!

VelvetEmerald says:

So I am intrigued by this process and used it on a pain in my back, it went
away completely and has not returned. I am 66 and I have an injured knee
from an accident when I was 27, I have tried iron my knee and it helps for
the moment, how often should I do this treatment for my knee and will it
help this?

sonia bellani says:

Nick Ortner on how to rewire the brain with EFT – Tapping World Summit 2012

Hannah Kim says:

Nick Ortner on How to Rewire the Brain with EFT … Recently discovered
#tapping and it’s been a miracle! Check it out! #EFT #meditation

Diane Viadero says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Marcia Moore says:

Hi, why do I always yawn when I tap. It happens without fail every time.

originow says:

Great stuff! I appreciate this!

John Peterson says:

I think it’s more rewiring the nervous system than rewiring the brain. EFT
can’t change the makeup of the brain.

Xen DuB says:

actually you may keep wondering your brains need a good workout have a nice
day. PS avoid over analyzing anything humans do they are very simple
creatures relax and breath through your nose it will come too you just wait
for it

ronina22456 says:

Thank you so much, this video helped me greatly, IT REALLY WORKS!!

Thubten Sherab Gyatsho says:

I was about to eat, feeling nervous. Started at 10, first round got down to
5, second round went to 3. Even though ( no, no, not the EFT ‘even though’
😀 ) I have done EFT before, I didn’t trust it would help me this time, but
it did. Then it just popped into my mind that this nervousness actually
came from rejection of my current situation, not really related to food.

AaronAlso says:

Anxiety! welcome to the human race.

fraqtalreality says:

this is incredible and really does work. i am very grateful for it!

Taylor Frands says:

This is amazing!

1HumanKind says:

I wonder what motivated You to write a dictionary description of placebo.
Do You find it interesting that the description contradicts itself? the map
is not the territory Friend. Perhaps it may serve if I acknowledge that a
placebo and the “placebo effect” refer to the object and the subject
respectively and that they are not the same “things”. It would have been
denotatively clearer had I used “placebo effect” rather than “placebo” in
my first mention of it. Is that better for You?

ColorsinMelodies says:

I decided to try this today for cramping and after one round the pain went
from a 7 to a 2! I was impressed! Still I didn’t really feel like it could
be the tapping I just did so I tried doing eft for the pain in my feet from
work. The pain went away as well! It did come back a bit later so I did
another round. Again the pain went away! This is definitely something I
will continue to experiment with and use. Thanks so much!

creativevirgo12 says:

his vocal style is clean and uplifting btw….no umming, uh-ing nor vocal
gasping between pauses, does not have the post-op stupor voice. …lovely

Heartforce says:

Perfect timing.

Norman Zurich says:

Nice guy. Thanks to him for sharing this video 🙂

Miriam Castellon says:

I love it Miriam Castellon

Revvell says:

Why not?

eddiecat says:

Nick, you are as brilliant as you are handsome! Saw you on Dr. Oz yesterday
and was stunned at how well this technique works!

sojubeer says:

the mam says is scientifically proven (albeit short of hard data). why
would you call it placebo. of youre gonna be so anal about it go read some
conspiracy theory book or something cuz those are the only things that’ll
make logical ‘sense’ to you.

Zodwa Hlatshwayo says:

Amazing!experienced a shift in my emotion. Great work, thank you.

GohModley says:

Placebo effect is a hell of a drug

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