Navy SEAL Training – Self Confidence – Froglogic Motivational Training

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Former Navy SEAL, and top motivational speaker David B. Rutherford explains his motivational training program. The Froglogic Concept is a two part program to…


Joseph Scott says:

PT is the answer…always carried me through tough times, times of
uncertainty, and good times too.
PT for the body, every day.
PT for the mind, every day.

…and no way am I ever going to forget, Mssn. 8! Have Fun! Have laughter
in this life.

Now, that sounds like a plan I can get behind, and understand. Thanks

Jahn Laster says:

LOL..gettin up on time..or…going thru SEAL Training…big difference
there!! :)

Ivanskis says:

Good Stuff

Tony Kinsey says:

If every person on the planet lived like this, we would no more have war.

Joe Nodrag says:

Good shit Mate!

Jan Debeljak says:


enjoythewildUSA says:

A really epic piece of information. Loved it. Thanks for the


talking to the girl you like with out chickening out im motivated hooooyah.

Isaac Rubin says:

One of the greatest soldiers in the world now turning into one of the
greatest motivators. Thanks David, you’re an inspiration.

cmclaybird214 says:

i wanna stop smoking pot now. i would much rather graduate college right
now then smoke with the so called friends i have. 

krishna srivastava says:

Wow, this works guys, I tried it for a week, and I have study anxiety. 

chandra carleton says:

Laugh your ass off at least once a day 🙂 

liliana fuentes says:

i have some social anxiety im 15 and was thinking of joining a branch of
military do u think that would be bad having social anxiety

Neil Cox says:

Say it again!

heydudewhatsup says:

this is good stuff man. a lot of people could benefit from living their
life this way

jared noneya says:

Love it David! I use this everyday and I feel amazing everyday
Thank you! 


Great Speech! Want some great reflection on your self, smoke DMT

Drew Cody says:

I enjoyed. thanks

B525shot says:

It’s very basic stuff, you say, but its exactly what 99% of people don’t
understand! Thanks for this video. I shared it on my facebook channel!

tippy195 says:

This guys B O S S

Jeremy Parish says:

Yours is the first channel I’ve ever subscribed to. So thanks for the

Eric Inscoe says:

Good stuff

Emmanuel Manolakakis says:

Well said… straight, concise, practical and real advise.

Navy SEAL Training – Self Confidence – Froglogic Motivational Training

Walter Mitty says:

There’s someone that I KNOW needs this! Don’t know who… You don’t have to
thank me! Just do it!

MMA Striking Coach Association says:
Paul Chekal says:

Great simple messages! 

David Ledbetter says:


Grieta Danosa says:

chad farley says:

stop. watch this.

Charles Wanke says:

Food for thought.

danieldoobs says:

I cant wait til buds!

wearesupreme says:

whos doing lines in the background? lol

Mark Bartlett says:

Isaac Rubin says:

One of the greatest soldiers in the world is now one of the greatest
motivators. I absolutely loved this video. 8 Simple but hard steps that
will change your life for the better!!

Mark Bartlett says:

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