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I use this everyday to attract MONEY! It works as a great visualization tool for the Law of Attraction. All you have to do is ASK, BELIEVE and RECEIVE! Watch…


Gabriel Gonzales says:


Lillian Fioretzi says:

It is NOT right to say ” WANT”!!!! The LOA does not work if you keep saying
” want “. I agree with Tim M that you suppose to believe you already have
it 🙂 Blessings to you !

Ryan Charlson says:

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mamafaker50 says:

Thank you! Very help full! I love it!

rebar33 says:

Corey, I understand but keep thinking. Imagine it like its in your hand

wealthyfunone says:

~I don’t believe in the get rich quick schemes.I always check with Better
Business Bureau.If you are accredited,I will trust your website.Everybody
do this.

MrSteviesax says:

Has this video helped manifest money?

Marisa Sobeski says:

Thanks! and I haven’t even watched it yet…

123thebasics says:

Sensitive keyboard …”Don’t change your “your hair for me”. I’m going to
play every day and suggest it to my business partners to play daily. Thank
you . 🙂

Joseph Jackson says:

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SpacedTime says:

@ThePowerWithinMe I was just about to type those exact words! Great minds
think alike. All the best to you.

dilightfuldee greatness says:

I loved this thank you

The Channel says:

I want = Never Get.

Erin Parker says:

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nature10879 says:

Money is the root of generosity, very creative there. This universe is
abundant, everywhere I go, I see people full of abundant. You drive
anywhere in town, go to the mall or anywhere in shopping places, people
have things that any of us can have. This universe is abundant, they got
theirs and you or me can get our too. Use emotions and feelings to attract
what u want after you have written down what is that you want, the universe
already knows -ve & +ve things u want,reason to identify +ve ones

nicktesla45 says:

@emta3z Well , I see somebody knows what the Real secret is! (smile) . You
are on the road to real Wisdon. Now you need to learn the diffrence between
being just wealthy and living a truly Rich Life and it’s NOT always about
money . God bless you too Sweety .

OnlineJobs99 says:

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123thebasics says:

I LOOOOOOOVE THIS jus the way it is….”don’t change your “hair”9

Jerry White says:

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nature10879 says:

@Teeshots You have a wonderful video for attracting money. I really like it
however the words you used are kinda desperate, I don’t know if you
understand me. Not all of them though, like you used the word debt! When
visualizing or saying confirmations, it is advisable not to appear
desperate or used negative words. Money grow on trees,
actually gonna get a t shirt with that affirmation. Keep it up, good job,,I
am having a wonderful time here

BiraddaliTV says:


Gisel Lino says:

Love it!

123thebasics says:

May I print some of your photos for my personal dream board ? Thank you
again…OMG it’s 4am I should be getting up in 30 min. Thanh

Ming Zhu says:


Tim M says:

Stop saying “Want” Your supposed to believe you already have it. If you
keep wanting, your always gonna be ” Wanting”. Thank you and have a
wonderful day! Remember God loves you because of who he is, not because of
anything you did or didn’t do. So relax, it’s all GOOD!

vekialeks says:

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Durugan Doss says:

i love money money loves me.

Cynthia24111 says:

I just need to know, what meaning does the skull have?

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