My ‘Daily Affirmation’ Video

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I put this together as my daily affirmations video. I watch it every morning and every night, and whenever else I have the chance to watch it. When you say t…


Diane Owens says:

Strong affirmations work way beyond what we think, they are able to change
the universe and bring us to success.

build your confidence says:

Please check out my new book 101 “I AM” Power Affirmations. My book
contains brand new affirmations that are designed to address the major
areas of your life.

Sony Crystal says:
flamethrowerlove322 says:

This is a lovely concept. I think I would have found it more inspiring if
all the statements were written in the positive. A lot of them are actually
negations, not affirmations.

Rachel McDaniels says:

Affirmations always let me to feel much better, I wish to change my life
and reach great results.

Béatrice de Laat says:

My ‘Daily Affirmation’ Video (My ‘Daily Affirmation’ Video

Jillian Smith says:

Stunningly beautiful. I was moved to tears. Thank you so much for posting
this, I use it every day.

Ryan Brueske says:

Part of life and growing up is failing at things. Telling yourself that you
are always the best you can be and that you did great even if you didn’t
rank well will only create a lack of desire to better oneself. Real rewards
come from actually doing better, especially after you’ve failed before and
then you finally conquer a challenge. Sometimes you need to learn from a
defeat and then take that experience with you into your future.

Jangelica Martinez says:

Love it

1957enila says:

I really appreciate the effort, the music and the beautiful pictures. My
only recommendation is to change some affirmations to the present tense.
Use the word “NOW” instead of “I will” and watch the real magic happening
because “I will” never comes, it’s always in the future. 🙂

Derrick Hines says:

Say it enough times, with conviction, and it is done over and over…

free116955 says:

One-derful, I love it , thank you , many blessings….

colm cahill says:

n .s .a .you need to do this video again and please leave at least time for
one good breath in between each affirmation.this is a problem in our day
and age everybody is rushing around trying to do everything at the same
time.slow down for a few momments.become part of the solution and not the
problem.rushing through the town,work and chores is one thing ,but rushing
your special times……….mmmmmm……….not good………..

1inspiredlife says:

love this video. It is now my daily affirmation as well. Farimath &
Fairman1952 – great comment!

Gary Copus says:

Perfect, BROVO….. I love it…. Thank You….

thesfmnetwork says:


sseos says:

does anybody know this music? fantastic!

naneanahoa says:

does anyone know exactly what, who, the music is from?

SeanPhuket says:

thank you! 🙂

Martin Jackson says:

Great words, music & video. Just what I needed to hear. Its true that
things do come to you when you need them.

satash8 says:

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you and Peace to you.

Zemljakbrate says:

thank you/hvala

concrusher72 says:

@prodigy3663 i was thinking the same thing. sounded too much like the
televangelists claiming that you’ll become wealthy if you donate money to
them. but other than that, video was great.

Deliberate11 says:

This is beautiful and powerful. You inspire me to create my own for me. I
really appreciate the boost!!

synik1979 says:

Why do affirmations always have to have references to “God”? How bout
making an affirmation video for everybody, not just a select few. You
shouldn’t have to be religious to be successful. I know plenty of rich &
famous people who are atheists and proud of it 🙂

fourniturev says:

Beautiful music! Who is the composer? What is the title of the song?

loreanashli says:

Smart and life changing idea! 😀

Mike Proko says:

That which is simple is very rarely understood. Things are as complicated
as we make them.Thanks for the post. Good job.

Tha4thLetterr says:

real cool video.. i know it takes quite awhile to make these.. i think we
all appreciate it

priscilla bennett says:

OK I am going to add this one too to the daily awakening. :~) MAGNIFICENT!
Thank you.

Afi Wampar says:

Thanks for sharing.. This is beautiful

Betruetothelight says:

Lovely my dear!!!! :-)).Thank you for uploading it!!!!

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