Motivational video “Change your mind in just 2.50 mins”

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Motivational video for success


Additi Kumar says:
Afrodidiac says:

Lol this aint motivating for shit!

Sheref Ashraf says:


Video Inspiration says:

Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be
wrong, Peter T Mcintyer 

Maryam Davodi says:

Good one

Naresh Chandra says:

Very 2 good, and beautiful video..

Sri Flora says:


Wake Up!

create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once….
whether u read or not put this plan into action..

enjoy this video clip and think about this!

Laily Dzatinnuha says:

Just like what I need. Thanks for the video. I need to break the fear!

Aruna Kumari says:
Video Inspiration says:

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but
resonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.
Norman Vincent Peale 

sk alangh says:
Peter Mulder says:

Motivational video for success.When you feel depressed,failed ,Change your
mind in 2.50 mins

Ashish Ramesh Bhave says:

Inspire yourself !

Priya Priya says:

My Inspiration

A V W Cortes says:

Patience, persistence and perspiration!!!!

Jazevox Jazevox says:

*Great Motivational Video … Failure Is A Stepping Step To Success*
#motivation #success #successtips #video #entrepreneurship 

Mr Hassan says:

Something everybody need!

Tamara Medina says:

2.50 min motivational video

Joe Ramos says:

Senthil B Kumaran says:

The one Motivational Video… Must Watch it

Thufa Tharick says:

i changed,now its time for you, change your mind also.

Tyson Moody says:

what background instrumental is this…awesome

Heather Bond says:

Good morning. Have an amazing week! Monday motivation…
Motivational video “Change your mind in just 2.50 mins”

Swetha Kondubhatla says:

must watch..!!!

Tzarul Nicolai says:

This is for you, never forget who you are :)

SWAMI P says:


Ashni Shah says:

good one !!

Anuradha Dhar says:
ash eash says:

My mum is losing her legs as she can’t walk and now on a wheelchair my dad
had cancer and his nose and mouth is pretty deformed we just have enough
money I don’t get what I ask for therefore I swear on my life I will
succeed and help my family

Dom Octaviano Cavaleiro da Verdade says:

Fuck you. What about the people who can’t even get a job because they are
mentally ill or autistic. It’s their fault? They deserve to be abused and
humiliated? Would you hire an ex-convict? A smelly homeless person? No. So
don’t be hypocritical.

Elliot Sherrow says:

a minute has 60 seconds in it, not a hundred. so it’s not 2.5 minutes, it’s
2. 82

Matthijs Bachaus says:

this is shit :D

sarbjeet khosa says:

you can do.

Sara Bainter says:


Pankaj Singh says:


srujan Gowda says:

Really it’s an amazing video…,

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