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Alomgir Khan says:

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look on google ) Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friends got
great results after implementing it.

Tania Fields Bedford says:

These are great, I love it!

fog0death says:

@ThePsychoticScyth396 Misspelling is the product of inadequate education. –

raij123 says:


payit4ward says:

Superb… very inspirational : ) Nice to meet you 2headedguy. JavaDude sent
me. Billy….

Mertileen Mahabeer says:

I love this video, it inspires me. I love to watch this video before I pray
because it is very soothing. Please check out my prayers on youtube search

TheDonBarracuda says:

“Have no way as way, have no limitation as limitation” – Bruce Lee

bitttersweeet238 says:

awwh lol same ere.. dis videoz exactli wah i was looking for thxxx

Amin Rahim says:

never stop thinking..

barry30312 says:

Waden Rittenberry is cool! Like Unicorns are cool!

happymedinas says:


NewOrleansWoman says:

words to remember, for sure

chawk111 says:

Henry Ford and Walt Disney were horrible people.

1234ferfer says:

“The most important thing that i have learned… is to not learn at
all….. learn without learning…. do without doing…. see without
seeing” – Bruce Lee

DigBreamer . says:

Great…5 Star

Adamdowson says:

Wow this is a really great video. Very very inspirational, I always find it
hard to keep motivated but I know this will work.

patientspride says:

I love this! Sheila Shaw has many different chronic illnesses and teaches
others how to reclaim their life in spite of living with chronic illness.
Whether we need the will and strength to get through the day or just need
to be a better employee, employer, sales person, parent, etc., this is a
great empowering video to help with that! Thank you!

LesMis05 says:

Beautiful and peaceful XxX

splitspades1 says:

name of the song?

chawk111 says:

You call antisemitism and (In Ford’s case) supporting Hitler breaking the

Arthur Tubman says:

Thanks for compiling these great, motivational quotes!


thats really good man…i need something like that for my mentees…where’d
you get the background music from???

fog0death says:

I’m going to be a cyborg mercenary when I grow up. But I’ll go by Abraham
Lincoln’s quote and be a good one. Instead of serving the evil thieving
Americans I shall sell my services to North Korea!

Erin Parker says:

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by step process in earning more money at Proper Income Dot Com. You should
check it out!

whereami07 says:

I got one, kinda made it up myself, let me know what you think: “If the sun
sees clouds does it run and hide? NO! it shines through regardless of
what’s in it’s way, so whenever you feel like you can’t shine, just make
like the sun and shine through YOUR clouds, no matter what!

InspirationalVideos1 says:

Nice Video – I have some good ones too

xXtripletroubleXx says:

Thanks for a good video. If you or anyone else needs motivation tell them
to check out user xXtriplettroubleXx. Once you got to his channel go to the
video heart. It is motivational!

Fisher663 says:

NOT your usual motivational video : watch?v=dpS_cJP5nzs Believe me you will
be amazed…If you liked it pls subscribe

cgar04 says:

Work is not not work, its exercise for the mind and body…. C. Gardea Jr.

Steve Rechel says:

Motivational Force is something we all have it’s just that only a small
percentage ever sort out the complexities of their brain to be able to go
one step beyond the average person out there. I want to be very clear right
here right now. I am not a physiologist or a person that studies human
behaviors. I just remember how great a feeling I had when I first unleashed
the power of Motivational Force at a point in my life.

DC180 says:

alot of these quotes are from some seriously nasty people… think.

TheFreeAdviceMan says:

Interesting QUOTES. FOR MORE QUOTATIONS visit my channel.

Lai829 says:

Man i need this rite now thanks for posting

nicole9texas says:

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re GOING to do. -Henry Ford

Benita Rose says:


quiqsand says:

yeah im coming bb ! bill gates watch your ass

Pradip Limbu says:

My obese cousin managed to make the most beautiful stripper there is in my
town fall in love with him as he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). I
wish I became happy for him but I dream an amazing individual would fall
for me like that. I’m incredibly jealous. Does that mean I’m a bad human

Kayla A says:

what songs playing in the background??

Santiago H says:

A great pleasure in life is doing things others say you can’t.

mystoryandsystem says:

Thanks for the inspiration. check out the video response

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