Motivation Hypnosis (For change in your life)

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This is a 20 minute long professionally recorded relaxing hypnotic induction followed by positive stories and metaphor that gently awaken and nudge the uncon…


Emma Line Hansen says:

I have it so great now, can’t belive it!!!!:-D

Ted cox says:

The perfect voice for a relaxing journey. I was floating about and feeling
really relaxed. I’ll be back tomorrow for another. great job.

Sean Shaw says:

This is a very good introduction to hypnosis but,sessions and treatments
need step one two three four. I would like for you to make some more audio.
We are all so go go go that our self awareness and subconscious is not
stimulated.If your a hyper or fidgety person or lack concentration I cant
see this working for you. 

lesley cripps says:

so relaxing Thank you :)

hum tum says:

thx…can you post some more please…focused on how to get rid of
addictions plz

Peggy Murray says:

Great! Thanks! Where can I find more??? 

Noe Berengena says:

With the new Youtube, people are posting ads instead of commenting on the
And how do we get rid of those now, with no rating system or flagging?
This is NOT an improvement! 

Jacqueline Armitage says:

Cont.. It was like u knew all along I was basically alone here on my quest
that’s prob the reason for the bump anyway I feel like that you said okay
it’s time for me to step in… I know kinda crayzie huh??? I have never
ever had any person in my life ever have a talk or tell me any stories
where I just listened I was so captivated I listened 3 xs in a row

lorraine davey says:

this is good,who are you?Where are you?Will you be doing any more?

Eglė Pačėsaitė says:

Thank you 🙂 I was literally crying. I guess I’ve never been truly relaxed
like that. I’m gonna continue to listen to this every day :)

Mango9969 says:

That was exactly what I was hoping for. Beautifully done. Thank you so much
for sharing it .

what? says:

I quite liked it but then with the headphones how the voice changes ears it
distracted me, then I was confused then I giggled then it started to freak
me out a little.

jaydmardell says:

Amazing thank you thank you thank you another step in the rght direction
bring my self back together again piece by piece and this vid just played
the most rewarding part best one all year 🙂 

Sissy Valsam says:

Very nice feeling.
You are good with this and I think that you should do more videos.
Thank you

Sunita Damani says:

It is very relaxing , it took me out of my gloominess to look forward to
sunshine tons of thanks

Samuel Barbosa says:

Motivation Hypnosis (For change in your life)

This hypnosis video helped me relax and stay calm. I enjoy life at lot
more now since I first started listening to this video.

Hope this helps you as it helped me! 😀 

Lela Strika says:

like videos with nice voice 🙂

Wale Adebogun says:


Ondesdevie says:

Very nice, your soothing, calm and pleasant voice makes the difference.
Thank you

Stephen Carroll says:

What a magnificent audio! Thank, you, thank you, thank you for the great
blessing of giving me access to this. How foundational and life-changing it
is. It’s just what I have been looking for, praying for. May God bless you
deeply and richly for sharing this!

nickguitarfreak17 says:

why would someone want you to worship the devil? it’s not like they get
anything out of it lol

Halfdantheblack says:

Wow. Good job. Some unique approaches in there. I like it. Two thumbs way

Nerdmoshimonster AJTV says:

how can i relax when my back hurts?

55dbau says:

Great session, just wish it would be longer

Bibbi Reidun Lassen says:

Thank you , very useful, I feel the cange already. Glad I found this one !!
Thanks again !

Wade Harrell says:

4 sure!!! Thanks. This is the best hypnosis audio on youtube!

EvangeliumDiSilenti says:

Does anyone know who this guy is?? I’d like to hear more of this guys stuff
if it exists, cuz this was a really good and motivating video!

ioana tomsa says:

happened the same to me too. I also remember I started dreaming/having some
inner dialogue, but I really can’t remember any sucess talk. I just had the
best nap afterwards…:)

Hendricana says:


abigscreen says:

This is by far one of my favorites. I have never heard the last 5 minutes
of the recording b/c I can’t stay awake. I listen to this recording every
night now

SunshineRisez says:

I will gladly pay to support your efforts. I’m particularly keen on voices,
a tough critic, & patiently awaiting future videos. I hope you will include
sleep videos that will allow me to stay in the relaxed state & be able to
sleep. I’ve subscribed & hope our comments encourage you to provide more
videos, longer videos? I’m yearn for more :”)

sophie smith says:

I think its more like making u sleep

bjaminstaples says:

Lol so true so true

Ken Maready says:


diana Afandi says:

lovely voice, I wish he had more guided meditations; long ones too

King Henry says:

Dude i fell asleep with this on

Money Bandi says:

U can translite the voise in arabic

mlsrob4 says:

Perfect, thank you.

joseph bennett says:

man im nervous to put this much trust in someone over YouTube you never
know they could be telling you to worship the devil or something

Siyestrietza says:

If you use firefox, there is an add-on that allows you to convert youtube
videos to mp3 and download them.

FLUDDzone says:

Just used a Youtube MP3 converter

nickguitarfreak17 says:

and besides, you won’t do anything under hypnosis that you wouldn’t want to
do (i.e. you would never kill yourself or hurt another person under
hypnosis if you understood those actions as bad).

Jordan Hoskins says:

Thank you so much (: you have really helped me and possibly saved my life.
I’m very grateful that I stumbled upon this video.

nickguitarfreak17 says:

i wouldn’t think people would care to convert people to satanism (at least
in my experience), just maybe to trick them into getting money from them

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