Money Mastery: EFT Affirmations Tap-a-long

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Money Mastery: EFT Affirmations Tap-a-long – Free Clip


Nishandx De Zoysa says:

Dear David, can you please tell me what is the subtle background music that
goes on. Or where can I get or buy them? I am a great fan of you and
practice EFT daily

Sarah Johnston-Knight says:

A great way to start the day :0) #EFT

mark chew lin choo says:

must i repeat or can i remain quiet ?

Admita Lorenzi says:

I loved your affirmations. Thanks for sharing with the public.

Jay Diamond says:

what a fantastic gift. thankyou!

cszig says:

thank you:)

Fiona Dilston says:

Great video, using it again and recommending it to patients too

Avelle34 says:

David, your positively abundant message is the genie. Thank you

Kitarii Knight says:

Wow this actually made me feel better 🙂

143elise says:

the possibility to anything that which is conceivable, is endless, just
like the universe,, if tapping is one of the ways to claim my birthright of
endless supply of free money,, then I am tapping,,, day in day out….

godfreychi says:

Hey David. I just discovered you a few weeks ago. I’ve seen a lot of other
people’s videos on line but for some reason I think you might be the real
deal. It’s tough to know which person to choose from. There are so many
phonies out there. So, I’m sticking with you for a while. Haha. wish me
good luck.

Ashley Beck says:

Thank you David! Your videos are AWESOME! I feel more positive and happy
even after just one… Thank you, thank you for sharing!

Mrseggami says:

Brilliant! i am going to make money and buy the dvd

Arch Stanton says:

q for all: when your doing this tapping for a problem, do you actually have
to do it whilst thinking about the problem WHILE tapping? if so then do you
have to think of the problem going away?! pls someone explain thx.

Ive GotthePower says:

Yes, I sent 50,000 you are Welcome.

rufus miller says:


malarichierich says:

Sending you big hug from Indonesia !

Johnny-Lee Leslie says:

yeah, use it for life and see what difference it makes to your financial
position… none I’m afraid This will only distract you from true
understanding of your money problems and what you can REALLY do to change
it. A person who thinks they already have the solution will stop searching

KiLovely says:

Beautiful! I feel soooo good right now!!!

apples4now says:

great clip. however, is there a special way to tapping it? i have been
tapping for few months now, so far, it is yet to come….i soooo want to
have money fall into my lap now. btw, can you please tell me if there is
any tapping i can use for a perfect eyesight (20/20 vision). i am tired of
contact lenses and glasses. i want normal back…pls help!

K ROSS says:

Thank You for this video David I guess i be using this for life We all born
since we were Babies With Negative We had this Gift of Tapping and our
other power suppressed That the Galaxy gave us that man the media our So
called leaders Religon our Forefathers And other laws forces Suppressed us.
David if you made a cd set ready i want to buy it no matter what the cost
It will pay me back more Thanks Kevin

mainilesus09 says:

If i am from a different country does that mean that i have to do this in
my language or is it the sami in english?

walter7294 says:

Oh David I love your tap alongs however this one was hard to do because no
one ows me money,to forgive just the opposite I seem to owe everyone else
money! “Bo”

David Childerley says:

@Stevelinguist Thanks for letting me of your great progress and keep
believing in yourself 😀

alisonspearl says:

David, a plus to you for your positive response.

KiLovely says:

Thank you for sharing David!

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@meralodem David Childerlye’s video’s are wonderful, I enjoy them very
much. Until he makes the tidy and clean video you’ve asked for, consider
looking into Glenn Harrold’s hypnosis mp3’s. One of which is directly
geared toward procrastination. In the meanwhile that may help. Check him
out her eon youtube :).

Frank Chan says:

This way can increase the power of mind for the hope and daily
activeties.Thanks for sharing .

Preet Dhindsa says:

cool video

Johnny-Lee Leslie says:

Hahaha!!! WTF is this?!!! LMFAO I bet you spend hours everyday deleting
comments like mine….. I cant believe anybody would actually think this
beneficial. It should be titled ” How to turn yourself completely
psychotic” You obviously have no real comprehension of what money is….

Grace3753 says:

I came across David’s videos a while ago and it all makes perfect sense to
me but I get too involved in ‘how’ it all works and don’t get round to
DOING the exercises. Then I forget all about EFT. I’ve recently come across
the videos again and have started doing the tapping while I’m in the
shower. I’m hoping that will give remind me to actually DO the tappings. Am
taking the advice given by Denise above – JUST DO IT.

missrose0077 says:

Thank you! : )

bear0134 says:

I used this and it gave me a head ache…I think I was tapping myself to
hard…now I know how my girl feels when I am tapping her arse…

Jacqueline Purcell says:

LOL……i so love your response. How very responsible of you. Good Karma
coming your way 🙂

subroto81 says:

@aguynamedy Look up something called tapas, and do it for 2 minutes
non-stop thinking about your internal conflict area, then come and do this.
It makes this so much more effective atleast it did for me and makes me
much more receptive to the affirmations or else my internal voices keep
contradicting my affirmations, with this u can put them to rest..David even
said to listen to some relaxing music before doing this, relaxing music
doesn’t relax everyone, try it. Good luck.

Kumhara says:

Thank you : )

Grace3753 says:

@subroto81 – can you give more info on these ‘tapas’ please? When I Google
it all I’m getting are recipes for Spanish appetizers!!! 🙂

krishnadas4x says:

Hi my friend David can you send me 5000 euros pleace.Thanks.

David Childerley says:

Just practice a few videos on youtube with the intention of moving forward
financially and letting go of judgement towards money. See it as neutral
and tune into it and attract more of what you want and less of what you
don’t want! Only get the DVD’s or downloads when your confidence builds and
you can see some results for yourself. Worry less wonder more… good luck
to you!

Grace3753 says:

I love and accept the wonderful energy of money! I love and adore the
energy of money! I love and accept the energy of money! Oh yes I do!!! I
did my tapping at bedtime just before falling asleep and again this morning
when I woke up. I found myself making up a few of my own as I tapped. All
the tapping points feel fine but I really noticed that the under arm points
are really, tender when I tap them. Any ideas what this can mean in terms
of blocks I’m holding in that particular area?

Cecy Marin says:

Great video!

donnaw8590 says:

I started doing these tappings and I am totally amazed at what has happened
. Four listings that have been sitting for months all went under agreement
within 3 days of each other and within one week of the process. Thank
Dave…I think the most important thing is loving and believing you are
worth having abundance!

tiolucas73 says:

Too fast, please slow down, I can’t follow you!!!!!!!!

Jann Spallina says:

Good come back, David! And sooo true!

pt560 says:

To “themiamitiger69” the only idiot is the one who does not try EFT

Ross Aicrag says:


Simon Geiger says:

So let directly invest something to me for higher progression.

media261 says:

David is the real deal. My brother recommended D two months ago and I’m
tapping every day several times a day! David has a geniune arua and there
is an immediate soothing of all difficulties. I am learning to “allow” at

Anchal Kumar says:

I use this video all the time…it clears everything..Can you please also
do a video on Clearing negativity and negative thoughts plzzz…thank you 🙂

crystalsRcool1 says:

Thank you, and I will keep sharing!

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