Mirror of the Mind – manifestation technique

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Meditative Hypnosis guided meditation for manifesting your dreams. Tool for creating your future and bringing into reality what you wish for. Based on the La…


Zane Zee says:

thank you ;)

brandy bradford says:

what will happen if i don’t put my feet flat on the floor

wilfriede thin says:

Thank you for your video. I found it relaxing and was able to visualize a
wonderful place to be, really feel what I wanted. I’ve been to hypnotists
before and had a hard time relaxing..this was good and I will use it again.

toonyloons2006 says:

Am very new to meditating, i think i saw this image or something like it
while i was meditating, i felt like the where things or some presence
moving around, but i just could not see them, that image or something like
it was the only thing i saw but it went away is seconds

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures Hey at least if you don’t believe in manifestation, just
take it as a relaxation tool.

subbtopp says:

thank you

homeworkpictures says:

@agormanvideos For example: If you meet someone who has no idea what a car
is,which is a literal concept, you explain nothing by saying that it is
beautiful. No, you put it in literal terms. Like: It is made of metal. It
has an internal combustion engine, and so on.

Kevin Lopez says:

This is amazing . Thank you so much

ReptiliansAmongUs says:

thank you, truly. Light, Peace, Love.

irichpak says:

i would like to recomend it to for those who want to get rich or want to
attract a women or a car or a house it will work i am also using the same
but mr dawn use it in a perfect manner it is really great for pros and
beginers . pure success every time for all purposes God Bless you ! Best of
Luck :H

Gregory Festo says:

Indeed, vivid dreams are a likely result of relaxing and opening your
consciousness. This allows a deeper connection and awareness of your
unconscious mind, which reveals itself frequently through dreams. Thanks
for the comment! Peace, Love, Light, and Truth! Thunder Dawnbringer

weishauptogram says:

Thunder bollocks more like.

subbtopp says:

one of my favourite bits is ‘ give thanks for the gifts this dream had
brought you’ sublime thank you

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures As you progress in a spiritual path, you’ll realize many
of what you thought impossible is actually possible. There are actually few
limits. The physical plane is the toughest of all for manifestation, since
it’s related to element earth. So the same thing you can manifest instantly
in the astral, may take, with the same method, years to appear here. And
the thing doesn’t appear instantly, but someone gives it to you, etc. But
it’s also a Maya/Matrix.

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures Let me give you a lesson in magick… try astral
projecting to your room and once in the astral say 3 times “a 400 oz gold
ingot on my desk now” and the ingot will appear instantly. Suggested
technique: Repeat mantra RAOM GAOM 4 times to remember the experience then
repeat the mantra FARAON as you fall asleep. If you find hostile entities,
repeat “I am light” 9 times and they’ll go away. Mind you, this experiment
is VERY hard to accomplish, it will take time.

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures (cont.) That’s one of the reasons why we were born here;
to master this tough plane. Once we’re illuminated enough to manipulate
this level we won’t need to reincarnate again in physical reality. “Game
over” LOL! Anyway, complete illumination is not only realizing this is
Maya, but also freeing the wisdom and compassion of your true being.

Gregory Festo says:

@adstewartadstewart That sounds like a wonderful technique… This is the
Mirror of the Mind technique as I was taught it, so it is for me the Mirror
of the Mind technique. There are many paths to the mountain top…. which
one will you choose? Peace, Love, Light, and Truth! Blessings, ThunderBow

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures All right, now you tell me what experiment would convince
a scientist the astral plane is real and that the Universe has multiple
levels. And that instant materialization at least in other planes, is

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures Besides, you stay in your argument, but you don’t say
you’re willing to perform the astral projection experiment I told you
about. Why? It doesn’t take a laboratory and millions of US$, just some
will force and relaxation.

Gregory Festo says:

Yes! That’s perfect. I used it to get into our new house too. Took some
time to manifest, but the place is ideal for us.

possitiveattitude says:

I do this meditation at least once a week. I gives me great sensations of
peace, love and wisdom. Thank you

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures But sooner or later you find out whether it’s a burglar
or not right? And don’t find out by personal experience? LOL, I can’t
believe you are SO afraid of trying what I suggest.

Gregory Festo says:

@althearose81 What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your vision with us.
Good luck in your great new job!

sirasy says:

it sounds like the instructions on the plane!!!

atillawith says:

@supersonic060 You don’t have to use manifestation meditations for material
objects. In fact they were originally created by the yogis to manifest
spiritual goals such as states of samadhi and enlightenment. Also for
phsyical health too. You can’t reach enlightenment if your sick all the
time. You can also just use it put put in a good mood. The benefits don’t
have to be material. It can also be used for your physical, mental and
spiritual well being too.

Gregory Festo says:

Wow, your comment makes me feel pretty good! Thanks!

KittyTempleton says:

Thanks I am doing this daily. Do you get vivid dreams while doing this?
Since I started meditating and now doing this, I am having intense dreams!

jdickerson23 says:

I wonder if homeworkpictures has figured out there is a correlation between
their limited thinking, their need to be right, and their apparent

supersonic060 says:

so even tho this is meditation, hunt for material possessions is the goal?
this is somehow counter productive.. self discovery through willfully
manifesting material possessions? peace and love guys, manifest that
please^^ love you all!

homeworkpictures says:

@agormanvideos I did not. I’ve just explained why your proposed experiment
will not work. The reason is that your premise is unfalsifiable. That’s
because your premise is not properly formulated. There are some things you
should take into consideration. First: If you want to explore anything that
interferes with literal reality, you should describe the phenomenon in
literal terms.

GDIMakeMoneyFast says:

I’ve used attraction and visualisation and found this great program, it’s
litteraly changed my life and it might do the same for you!, check my chnnl
for more info.

CORNP00 says:

what is the mind’s mirrors?

brokenandfallin says:

i want to say thank you for this vid i really need to have more things in
my life that make me feel this good i gave you a 5 out of 5 cuz this did
help, thanks again!

adstewartadstewart says:

This is not the mirror of the mind technique by the way.The mirror of the
mind technique consists of 2 mirrors each with an image a bright one with
what you would like to change and a small foggy one with the final results
and having that wish come to life than you swish it and make the reality be
smaller foggy push it to the left and bring the final outcome to the right
and make it bigger brighter put colors in it.

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures You could repeat the experiment many times, with a high
number, maybe 6 figures.

lilaugie69 says:

very nice. 🙂

Rose Calderon says:

This is AWESOME~Make secret sauce is launged and Bethehhy & her team with
Dr Wayne Dyer’s help…(= love this~

Gregory Festo says:

My pleasure. It’s impossible for us humans to know what the best and
highest good from any situation is. At the least though, if we don’t get
the results we desire, this application of the technique should help
relieve stress and make us feel better about the situation, regardless of
the results. And being in a positive frame of mind will help us deal with
all of life’s challenges. Life is not about what happens to us, life is
about how we DEAL WITH what happens to us. Stay positive!

Icyhot1995 says:

THIS is AMAZING I cant wait to do this again, I get so much better at
visualizing, and feeling whatever it is I am imagining everytime! It may
seem really hard, and like a waste of time at first guys, but trust me.
Every single time you visualize and actaully imagine on purpose, you get
better every single time! It becomes so real!

keepstressing says:

OMG I feel joyful, light like a feather and self assured! Thank you for
doing this amazing guided video!

I, Adaora says:

Going to be doing this everyday. I look forward to manifesting today, now,
and forever. 🙂

Denise McCall says:

I love, love, LOVE this meditation! Thank you so much for your soothing
voice Thunderbow. It enabled me to create some beautiful imagery. Blessed

aethir86 says:

thank you, I loved it… very pleasant technique, too. Silva stuff is very
cool, of course I think you’re really good at guided meditations 🙂 – like
I said, I really enjoyed it mmmh 🙂 🙂 feeling really relaxed and happy

agormanvideos says:

@homeworkpictures OK I’m not an expert in physics, anyway, I can say your
mind is the biggest variable in your life and you can test it anytime. And
I’m not the first one who says it. Buddha said “We are what we think. All
that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.”

homeworkpictures says:

@agormanvideos Of course you can view it that way. The problem is it makes
people believe in the impossible, no matter how tempting it is.

ash e says:


homeworkpictures says:

@agormanvideos The problem with your proposal is that the human brain tends
to experience false positives. We experience it every day. For example: If
you hear strange noises at night coming from your living room the first
thing that pops into your mind is that it is a burglar only later to find
out that you forgot to turn off the TV.

Gregory Festo says:

@possitiveattitude I’m honored to know that and thrilled that it’s
benefiting you!

Gregory Festo says:

Let me see what I can find out and I’ll let you know ASAP. And thanks!
Blessings, ThunderBow Dawnbringer Peace, Love, Light, and Truth!

cooldude15k says:

trololololololol youtube arguments are so cool!

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