Mindfulness Stress Reduction And Healing

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Google Tech Talks March 8, 2007 ABSTRACT Jon will describe the revolution in medicine that has occurred over the past 30 years that has integrated the mind b…


SuccessandWealthCoaching.com says:

I have to agrre stress is a killer

Mindullfuless ness helps day to day

Talk to an Online Therapist via Skype says:

Thanks for your video. There are so many people who struggle with emotional
stress every day. My mission is to try and spread the word about how
helpful Mindfulness Therapy can be for learning how to overcome stress.
Visit my channel to learn more.

francisco ortega says:


Simona Markovic says:


88JcJas says:

Why is that ‘Buddhist’ at the end bothered about other people meditating
for non Buddhist reasons.


This is wonderful. I’ve done an online #spirituallifebydaveyjustice
simplify live your life and change negative into positive using the soul
(spiritual), heart (moments of life) and the mind (psychology). 

Amparo Cabal says:

*Mindfulness Stress Reduction And Healing* by Jon Kabat-Zinn

Loke San says:


Paul Revans says:

#meditation #stress #healing 

abd.malik Sulong says:

the place to go

AnneSarah100 says:

really looking forward to this

Dina379 says:

Thank you very much, I wish I were there, brilliant speaker! Loved it!!!

lamrim eater says:

@mikeyo1234 im afraid that you may not have a complete understanding of how
Buddhism works. Especially Tibetan Buddhism… unfortunately it has gotten
lost with the New Age propaganda promising the fruits of wisdom… Buddhism
is not that. in fact Pema Chodren talks about abandoning hope of fruition.
which is becoming an essential too to my own self awareness.. but if you
do and you just reject it thats your own beliefs and thats fine. honestly.

verdegumby says:

People need to know that stress will run your body down, cause you to
become ill and can eventually kill you.Minimizing stress and dealing with
it is very important.Having a daily stress reduction program would greatly

Emile Dingemans says:

@johnnychau01 Can you explain ‘the task’ in point 5. And what kind of
decision is made in point 6? Thank you

leandro pagano says:


Ca- Blaze says:

i cant understand how to practice mindfullness i still cant get it

Kamal G says:

@snpmurray not all children greet people at the door laughing…. often
children don’t laugh when they see someone they dont know…

Tin Grin says:

Google for President!

oiaisso says:

any chance we could see the graph of matthieu ricard meditating at 48:21?

HolisticDNA Steve Meyer says:

Higgs Boson / “God Particle” -2012 Science news is actually a 150+ year old
discovery by a different name ………………Infinite Intelligence….Steve
Meyer / New Thought Movement / HolisticDNA The Sixth Sense Activation
Sequence – GROUNDBREAKING New Book in 2012! “New Thought promotes the ideas
that “Infinite Intelligence” or “God” is ubiquitous,, and “right thinking”
has a healing effect…” Wikipedia Steve Meyer HolisticDNA@Gmail.com

misterjimminyman says:

Haha true 🙂

Jack Troughton says:

People invested their emotions in a frankly unhealthy media image that he
represented to them, and they discovered he did not synchronize with their
expectations. A lot of people let themselves down.

snpmurray says:

35:38 “Thats advanced practice”…. Actually not, all children do this. It
is fundament not advancement.

looluve says:

thank U John !

pgodart says:

But you carefully look at the slide, the p value is above >0,05 meaning
hazard could be an explanation

L Hornborg says:

I had the good fortune to sit with Jon and colleague Saki in 2006.
Remarkable teaching with a lasting influence. This talk at Google is
excellent! /Lars.

lamrim eater says:

@mikeyo1234 But the very fact that you said Fail and assume that i cling to
ego thought my spiritual practice and objects is something you should
probably reflect upon. especially in the nature of Spiritual Materialism.
unfortunately u tube doesnt let me express everything in words due to char
limis. i dont know your beliefs, but to automatically discredit others b/c
u feel you’ve found what works is the very nature of Ego. you are in fact
catering to it right now with your comments.

raggatata says:

thank you mister Jon Kabal-Zinn, i’m now reading your book (bought
yesterday in Amsterdam ‘where ever you go there you are) loving it! my
first steps on mindfullness.. love, Marijke (Holland)

Dina379 says:

Thanks a million, this is what I needed to hear!!! This man is brilliant!!!

Redsparrowe123 says:

@smrndoff It’s always delusion. It may, when corresponding to a certain
action, be backed up by talent. But if you look at your ego, or your mind
(thoughts), or your desires/ desire to control anything uncontrollable,
philosophically, it’s clear that these things are insane. Or at the very
least, without any real consequence. We are all so self important until we
face our own mortality, which can happen at any time, then our castles in
the sand just wash away like they never existed.

mikeyo1234 says:

@lamrimeater I am not trying to be unkind. I am merely confused about
people who talk of not being attached and non-materialistic being attached
and materialistic. It seems a little odd to me. I meditate and I’m an
atheist. I don’t need all the supernatural beliefs, and I don’t need to
believe in mythology or have a need for physical objects to acquire success
as meditation. Buddha didn’t need these things either, so why do you? Maybe
that would be something to reflect on?

MaBu888 says:

I am rright hhere, in this vvery mmoment and whereever I end up being there
I am. I see all of thought and emotion as waves that my feet are aware of,
my feet are my mind, in that way. Awareness…

1PostPoMoMaN1 says:


Mary Witruk says:

Mindfulness = presence of the heart/mind in the moment. Take time to
inhabit the present moment ~ it is the only moment that we live in.

malsifoa says:

Mindfulness, presence, consciousness. Many words to describe our true
nature. Being present is the only thing there is. If you seek truth you
will find it. Write truth contest on google, click on the first link and
read The Present. It’s all truth you can check.

BerbereLibre says:

great vid ,thanx for sharing.

meeru meera says:

I get headache at the back of my head when i do this (stress headache – i
am suffering from depression now). It has been only two days. Is this
normal ?

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