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“Michael Phelps – Setting Goals” webisode from SwimRoom.com The see the entire webisode go to SwimRoom.com www.swimroom.com.


aquarianbabe says:

Are you going for distance or speed?

futuremillionaire725 says:

michael phelps isn’t part dolphin dolphins are part michael phelps

aquarianbabe says:

HA HA – you’re silly. I don’t think they’d let people watch that during
primetime though

worldssmallestfan says:

i did not know that, now he has done everything

bowserman007 says:

Okay hold it right there! ONE Ian thorpe is in no way the best swimmer.
Michael Phelps is the best swimmer. He trained harder than thorpe harder
than anyone else! So he deserves to be crowned Aqua man or Poseidon or
something cuz he was just perfect nothing of his was flawed in anyway. And
even if you came up with a valid argument that Phelps does all same style
events Thorpe certainly isn’t better than Spitz so already he is third in
greatest swimmers. his career died fast Phelps has bested him

James Campbell says:

My goal is to smoke a blunt everyday

KXrhyder547 says:

Michael Phelps dose not swim, he beats the shit out of the water until it
takes him where he wants to go.

leafvale says:

ugg!! hes is sooooooo hott!! i love him!!

raderss says:

he is very ugly xD

Christina Danos says:

why is everyone getting so pissed b/c some people don’t like michael phelps
and his dumbo ears? oh my gosh people get a life!

CulturePeaceForever says:

I hope he gets into the France Olympics.He’s been through a lot!

randomqueen1234 says:

He’s only 23

oki521014 says:


texasrules98 says:

why are you all complaining besides Twinkiest is a mommas boy

BlackStalion116 says:

what do you think happens when people build thins in this country? how
about the people that don’t have or lost their homes in the first place?
you have this all wrong my friend. China will do whatever the fuck China
wants, the UN and US told them that their human/women rights record sucks.
they don’t listen, so we will have to wait for diplomacy

milk4cookie says:

so fucking gorgous

transbay08 says:

He is not ugly. There is something about him though. He is beautiful under
water. By not being such a hunk, he will do better in
endorsements/commercials/etc.. I doubt any Hollywood starlet
(Paris,Lindsay,etc.) will be interested in him and that’s good. For once we
will have a great guy not being seduced by fame.

leafvale says:

i didnt type that that was my sister on my fucking account again i hate
michael phelps and all he stands for he blows cock

emzmurcko says:

Omigosh! He has like, a 12-pack and a total athlete’s body and a cute face.
I think he’s so hot! How do you guys think he’s ugly?? I have a total crush
on that kid! (Plus he’s just an inspirational guy- 8 golds!)

brett frommer says:

@luanswan2002 how often is that “once” out of a bong 😉

mennek1432 says:

What about his ADHD ???

SXCBabyGurle says:

PHWOAR, i’d do him 😉 he’s got the most amazing body. makes me want to lick
him 😛 shut up haters, your just jealous he manages to get alot of girls
and you DON’T.

br0k3nt03 says:

the miley cyrus selena gomez thing just gave away that your a 13 year old
fan girl and completely destroyed the validity in your opinion

Andinho2 says:

What did he say at 0:53-0:54? I really want to want one? I couldnt catch it.

peeenisss says:

Phuck Phaggot Phelps. he’s a dick-eatin’ lunatic. he tried to touch my
penis so i slapped his hand away and he started crying like a little bitch.
fuck that little faggot cunt. i hope his medals turn out to be doo doo
wrapped in foil.

DevinNegreteFilms says:

he rules

jonell1315 says:

Michael Phelps is hot…

MakWasayne says:

durr mikul felpz is liek scuh a good swimmer guise loll!!!1! sumtimez i
cnat even blieve it omg i guess hes like a fsih or smoethngi? lol! By the
way, that’s my university in the background he’s spoiling with his ego. >:(

laxgirl595 says:

i have been to the pool he grew up going to and i know what niehborhood he
grew up in cause i live REALLY close to it and i know like two of his old

BlackStalion116 says:

i hope you didn’t just find out about this. That is the reality of the
world. Ad guess what? we are also supporting terrorism by buying gasoline
form the middle east. Find a country America does business with and then
find something really bad that country does. we are supporting it. I hope
you sense the sarcasm in my comment. We don’t support that just because we
doe business with other people. How do we know all the details of what
people do with their money?

ytpiano9 says:

You probably don’t have kids.

blkakim3 says:

His Mom says Michael has this talent. Yeah, once he inhales he can hold it
for a really long time before he has to exhale…..

luanswan2002 says:

I dunno what’s more scary for his competitors to see – a great white or him
in the pool.

emzmurcko says:

Umm, how about look at a picture of him. ABS! And have you SEEN how much he
eats? It’s insane! And since when is a swimmer not an athlete?

DeterminedGoat says:

@carebol You’re so right. The next time I set a goal I’ll be sure to ignore
the media hype surrounding me.

DavyMacaroni says:

Phelps must have been a Dolphin in one of his previous life, because he’s a
real beast!

whatismynamelmfao says:

omg hes hott!

sublimerasta says:

Times are based by sensors embedded into the pools wall. They are
strenuously tested for situations like this one, but at even faster speeds.
One test was taken at 1/1000 of a second and it passed without a hick up.
If that isn’t enough for you, just look at the still frame images taken
from under the pool.


your catching on

dirtyklingon says:


AllieLOVESya says:

Michael Phelps is an amazing dude with talent. Stop hating him because he’s
super awesome and has a great body lol

Robert Hume says:

The next Summer Olympics are in 2012 in London, England.

어디가 says:

o.O i dont get it.

Christina Danos says:

if your getting SO obset over this then you obviously have no life.

br0k3nt03 says:

lol its spelled upset and no im not upset 🙂

oki521014 says:

Have you seen this guy’s built? Have you seen how much he eat’s. What a
freakshow. Id pay to see him in a carnival show.

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