Meeting OPRAH WINFREY: applying the law of Attraction to manifest Oprah!!!

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How I met Oprah winfrey and got ticket for the Oprah winfrey show in season 3 of the 100 day challenge. love you Oprah. You have inspired me to live a bigger…


Karine Renaud says:

Amazing! I fully believe in the law of attraction and believe anything is
possible! This is a great example, thanks for sharing Lilou!!

michelmoutinhofr1 says:

I’m applying the law of attraction to get to meet you. I watch all your
videos and I love your energy! Our picture together will happen soon. :)

Vanessa Padilla says:

I got goosebumps as I was watching your video. Your experience was amazing.

ringbolt9 says:

you are good looking are you single

David Ekstrom says:

religion as a WHOLE is destructive, I’m not saying every single one is, but
at one point they all were, it was called the crusades. It’s like if you
owned a weapon and you only used it for target practice, while others blew
peoples heads off, obviously weapons are a problem and the world would be
better off without them, even if you were responsible about it, you see
what I’m saying? there’s nothing wrong with being spiritual, and not being
a part of something (AS A WHOLE) that is destructive.

Nomez77 says:

Woweeee i have always believed in law of attraction…your energy and words
are refreshing thank you…..continue with your energy and youll be

David Ekstrom says:

what religion are you? rossdaboss1959

Wade MacDonald says:

2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine;
but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having
itching ears; The Secret is a LIE>>>RUN FROM IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SuperFirefly1111 says:

Hi Lilou you are an inspiration…thankyou for describing this..xx

sadol11 says:

Lol you met Oprah such a great experience a celebrety!!!!!!! you must be

YourDarkAccomplice says:

@megalostafili – even if she was retarded, your taking pleasure off of an
attempt to torment them only shows how miserable you must be in your own
life. I’m sorry your mother didn’t show you enough love and understanding
growing up as a child. :'( There. Feel better? Now do something productive
with your life. x3

mycreativefreedom says:

Amazing story! 🙂 I experienced something similar. My favorite rock star
lives in California. I live in South Carolina. I’ve always wanted to meet
him just to delve into his mindset because I wanted to know how a
successful person thinks. Well one day when I met this nice couple, that I
wanted to have do my photography, I found out they were personal friends
with my favorite rock star. Now I’m having the opportunity to meet him. I’m
glad I went with my gut and invested with the photographers.

periwinklemooose says:

@cspace1234nz So no one deserves anything because it’s egotistical? Well
thats what they taught me in Catholic school and its bullshit. If no one
deserves anything then lets just let African children die of starvation and
malaria and Indonesian children make Barbie until their hands get cut off
in machine accidents. They deserve it right? The more satisfied you are
with your life, the more you can give and care. The Law of Attraction does
that. I would suggest educating yourself a bit more.

John lasted says:

@YouDonteverhavetodie Haha! So now anyone who says anything negative about
you is projecting and needs conventional therapy? I see you’re another
“tool” of the system trying to convince others (and yourself) otherwise. “,
idiot. You haven’t got the slightest idea what i went thru or who i am, so
” This sounds like a 14 year old girl. I don’t mean this as an insult, I
just mean that whining about such things is characteristic of that phase in
someone’s life, especially with estrogen involved.

Almodovare says:

Me too I’ve met many personalities like Jacques Atali (french economist &
writer), Pierre Assouline (producer and novelist from tunisian origin),
Marie-Pierre Banquart (poet and novelist), Harlem Desir (Founder of SOS
Racism), etc… and i didn’t practice the law of attraction at this time. I
precise am french so maybe you’ve never heard these persons above
mentioned… anyway what i’m saying is that sometimes u can meet prominent
persons without manifesting the law of attraction.

Yvette Martinez says:

you look so happy in your pictures haha i love it haha

periwinklemooose says:

@cspace1234nz absolutely not. Learning to manifest what you want and
believe in is about creating a life for yourself that you think you
deserve. You have to take care of yourself before you can help anyone else
and this is the best way to get it done.

bluewren R says:

periwinklemoose;You are quite right re the teaching in the Catholic Church
that wanting stuff for oneself is egotistical……usually taught by
religious who thought they gave up every thing inorder to gain the ultimate
prize Heaven and eternal life it also made them real sacrificial lambs to
be exploited by the church.) However human nature will out!

Blynkwth says:


Iwonderess says:

Excuse me One4TheTruth. um, if you know it, of course Oprah is a role
model. She is one of the most powerful women in America and has been
serving America and the world for years and years by teaching us about the
world we live in and also by providing suggestions on a better standard of
living. Of course she is a role model in this world. Perhaps your on some
other planet or something.

HolisticHealersAcad says:

@cspace1234nz I was stating that you are fine the way you are because so
many people were upset with your responses. I’m not upset by your
responses, I offered exactly what has happened with me, and will move on
now so you can post some more to others. Enjoy…

HolisticHealersAcad says:

@cspace1234nz Each has his / her own truth… No need for you to try out to
see if law of attraction works or not. Its already at work. The point is,
are you aware, or not? And again, no need for you to be aware when you are
enjoying your slumber… There’s no race, there’s only complete and utter
joy when you tap into what all these other folks have awakened to. Enjoy
sleep as long as you wish…

JillStrif says:

I’ll pray for you 😀

RobinSpence100 says:

@thinkinawink1 I was just warning Liloumace as a real friend would. I had
only done T.V. a few times past for the money but I can say the last was
just that. And due a sneaky ass preditor producer creep! Hey if Liloumace
owns the joint she can fire guys like this and keep her smiling.

JillStrif says:

“yours is drinking God’s invisible blood,” what the hell are you talking

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