Meditation (Zen Music)

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dayw santana says:

What’s the name of the first song?

Michael Nguyen says:

This is a really nice song, not just to meditate but to listen to for

Nina Sardat says:

The only thing to draw anime to.

Leila Chebbah says:

oh incredible music i like it too much 

Richard Schreck says:

I feel like its important to meditate, to feel sunyata- because if you
don’t you will remember the self, and you will feel cut off from all

blackmetallum says:

very good

Robert Gafencu says:

Hello! What is the name of the second song? It’s my favourite!

Salisa Angjiarakoopt says:

cool and peaceful…..Thanks

Alex Elsner says:

the first song sounds like its from elder scrolls

Merle Langlois says:

This reminds me of music from an RPG. Maybe the music of a nice rural town
or somewhere on the world map.

Qteness M says:

Soo like can someone gimme the name of the melody at 39:40 min pretty

Sueli Raquel says:


Teresa Pyrek says:

deep calm and relaxing :)

christine schmidt says:

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one corrupted fuck more smashed or not who cares anyhow jorge alvarez…..

Alize Piou says:

J’adore !!

Saurabh Banerjee says:

That violin ( or similar instrument) is making me sad, don’t know why….
otherwise its a great music.

Annette Partridge says:

very relaxing

Phan Nguyen says:

relax :)

christian agius says:

very calm and relaxing

Stormbladeforever says:

Love it !

ZiboChannel says:

It’s been one week since I started meditating. At first I was just curious,
I though that meditation was useless and nonsense, and I asked myself many
times why do some people meditate. In these seven days I discovered that I
feel better, in general. I can’t explain it very well, but I just feel…
fine. It’s not that before I was feeling bad, but now I feel “different”,
somehow. If you’re reading and haven’t ever meditated in your life, I
suggest you to try. I learned that even in the strangest things you can
find some food for thought.

Pablo Cantal Castro says:
Arun Kumar says:

what a music…………. I forgot myself

A Barta says:


büşra nirvana says:

smilee smilee smilee 

Bro goma says:

I remember this had like 100k views for a long time, and then 1 mil but now
10? Holy shit, people finally appreciate this kinda music! 

Irena Veljkovic says:

i like it :)

Jimmy Gregory says:

Reminds me of an episode of Kung Fu..! Very nice Music…!

Djellas Ali says:

My Love Maria Menendez 

dilara karatas says:

really really greatfull for this, I’m a student and school is verry
stressfull and this makes me really free and relax, best thing I ever
heard, really thanks a lot! :))

Sianjink Edan says:

game theme song LOL

Jimmy Rae says:

Sounds like a chinese swap shop horrible sorry

TG GrinD says:

i had so called entities or spirits come in my room on hallucinogenics and
without, they felt neither good nor bad but i didnt enjoy the presence so i
told them to leave, i now feel like i can listen to this again :)

Eszter Tariska says:

This relaxing music is the best. I enjoy it very much! Thanks.

Tuba Bilici says:

I love this music….I want to see the Far East <3

Nathan Smith says:

It always puts me to sle…zzzzzz

Feng Shui House says:

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