Maybe, the most inspirational video ever . . .

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John Von Achen says:

I want to thank nahid hamza for sharing this: “Really amazing !!! 3
minutes in another world !! No comment !!!
All what I want to say is “BRAVO” for you !!” Maybe, the most inspirational
video ever . . .

John Von Achen says:

I want to #thank AngelJenaful for sharing this: “So what I needed to see
today 🙂 I so powerful and uplifting to change our beliefs and go after the
future that we deserve — such a big lesson for me at the moment to not
give up and reach my goals :)” Maybe, the most inspirational video ever . .

John Von Achen says:

I want to #thank hamner555for sharing this: “i have had a dream to play
professional baseball for years and now i am playing for the high school
and was nearly giving up but this video has given me hope to succeed in my
dream and passion for baseball i will do whatever it takes and NOT GIVE
UP!! thank you so much for this video! :)” Maybe, the most inspirational
video ever . . .

John Von Achen says:

I want to #thank Arshitip for sharing this: “Thank you so much…I used to
win everything in my life..But I failed 2 times consecutively in 5
years..No matter what.. I will win again” Maybe, the most inspirational
video ever . . .

sugar love says:

Stay positive always!!! Thats the way!!!

Sunny Skyz says:

Love this video, please watch..get inspired!

Tanner P says:

I love how the last line is the catch phrase to Naruto

calcifur isle says:

in all actuality there are far far more choices, and far many more than
that that you don’t even have the choice to make. just surviving isn’t a
choice, it’s only what someone prefers, and succeeding is a choice but
there are too many ways to do it than to just call it a choice in itself.
you can’t choose to succeed. there’s something called chance, and you can’t
surpass it.

No Google+ says:

Holy shit! The generic things every inspirational speaker has ever said
rolled into one sappy PowerPoint-esque video. I’ve had bowel movements more
inspiring than this.

Jose Palomino says:

Maybe, the most inspirational video ever 

Mark Forquer says:

Thank you for this video. I have been a “nobody” my whole life and am 52
yrs old and still a nobody. I am a teacher and I don’t make much of a
difference in anyone’s life but after seeing this video, I WANT to change.

georgios labadiaris says:


John Von Achen says:

I want to #thank determined1482 for sharing this: “Great video. I’ve had
social anxiety for my whole life and sometimes it can be hell. Nearly
everyday I feel like giving up, a lot of the times it just feels impossible
that things will ever change. This is a #great video and well made. I’ve
been just surviving my whole life and in the past year I’ve decided to
change. It’s 1000s of times harder than just surviving but it’ll be worth
the effort in the end. Great video and keep up the good work.” Maybe, the
most inspirational video ever . . .

gitgirl24 says:

Beautifully done. Beautiful.
THAT’S how you inspire folks…. 

Jean Marc MOLLIE says:

We have liberty to choose one of the two directions

Will Smith says:

Want real inspiration? ~~> *Learning the Truth about Life* will really
inspire you…

“The Present” is a free book that explains the true nature of life, why is
it free? Because *Everyone deserves the right to this knowledge*, It will
change the world

*Google TruthContest* *whenever you are ready to evolve once again*

Firstname Lastname says:

I’m inspired to say that this was the most amazing video of my life. thnka

Oudamseth Samin says:

Your video make me to become who I am and not someone else.


Do you choose to succeed or survive in 2014?

IAmTheGaminPug says:

i dont get it .-.

Silvia Heimann says:


Y GM says:

Good video! Everyone needs reminders- it’s human nature. Success is a
choice. And no matter what you think, whether it’s you can or you can’t,
You’re inevitably right.

Asfakul Islam Pial says:


D' Meylia says:
Nhi Nguyen says:

avoid the negative. i need to do that 🙂 . but i think that i can ^^- your
video is useful :)

Ehab Latif says:

As you get ready for 2014, watch this…

S Kumaran says:

If you choose to succeed, anything is possible.

Today, I am sharing one of the BEST Motivational Videos I’ve ever seen!
Enjoy the video. Share and Like.

Kay Li Tan says:

thank you so much !

Thomas Bradley says:

Wow, Thank you! (: 

Maria Cebreco says:

Thank you! I really found your video inspiring. Can I share the link in the
hope of inspiring others? 

Michael Tkaczuk says:

Hello John can I the inspirational video into my web site
Thank you

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