Manifest Anything You Want – The Secret Law Of Attraction (Mind Movie)

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My mind movie with positive affirmations using the law of attraction and subliminal messages. Watch it daily and starts to see the positive changes in your l…


Dan Kent says:

Thank you for sharing!

Shani Harris says:

Hey I’m Shani, I’m looking for some positive business partners who believe
in the law of attraction. Anyone looking to start a home based business
working with major retailers like Walmart and Target. Message me. 

Br. James-Aidan Ketler, FOCD says:

Great if you are a materialist!

Zegik Niet says:

Lol wtf, straight bs

Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st says:

The Law Of Attraction is a pseudoscientific metaphor extracted from quantum
mechanics and legitimized as a form of scientific truth, not based on
inferences but on pseudo anecdotal empiricism. The success of these
anecdotal appeals are contingent on two factors: the appeal to authority
and the compartmentalization of personal biases.
Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

daz redican says:

everything is just so right in this video it makes me get goose bumps 

Monica Leo says:

Thank you! 🙂
I love it ! ~
God bless you and your family.

Matina Garbotz says:

go for IT

canndy rain says:

You say it doesn’t work but have you kept your vibration up??? Cause I have
and I am speaking things into my life on a regular. Things just happen and
I go forward.

Monica Leo says:

Thank you! 🙂
I love it ! ~
God bless you and your family.

Tony Boyle says:

How far along ARE you, Mr P? Let us know when your mind opens enough to let
intellectual idiocies out, and enlightenment in. Until then, please keep
your “mole” tendencies under some control. (Please reference the “bobbit
effect”.), which means that substantial penalties my result from “early

Antonya Mcclodden says:
Somalicious says:

Thank you. This is my favourite video. Always uplifts me and the music is a
perfect accompaniment x

openureyes929 says:

I want my foreskin back. Or does it only work for superficial shit? 

evelyn duncan says:

Thank you for sending me this beautiful message of what is in store for me.
I expect it and I accept it!

Edna White says:

tis is my favorite mind movie, the music is right and takes me emotionally
where I need to be to maifest!! thank you its part of my daily routine
xoxoxo <3

Phari Speiginer says:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video <3

imonmeown says:

sorry this does not work , i bought the book ten years ago ,, im in a
state finacialy ,, so it does not work ,,shame on you 

Astrologer Vivekananda Sastri says:

Manifest Anything You Want – The Secret Law Of Attraction (Mind Movie)

Listen every body. 

the assassin's creed says:

thank you it really works

Larry Peirce says:

Thank you, I like this, it is a very well done mind movie. Would you please
tell me what software was used to create it.

Chris D George says:

The Law of attraction is not something mysterious as some people would have
us believe; but is relative to our ways of thinking- I have studied the
subject for six years now and know it well. Watch this space in the next
two months-anyone who wants to know more about my philosophy will be able
to read it in an ebook.

advaitanr2 says:

This is the same homework prof, Dumbledoor made me do, at hogswarth.pfff

Kirill Girko says:


Steve Chafin says:

Nice video. Here is something your viewers might like.

Flor Rivera says:

I love this song

Astrologer Vivekananda Sastri says:

listen 1 time 

Robert Parr says:

That isn’t robert it’s me Kyle his little brother

Jad Khames says:

It is good short movie for the secret .. But why the phrases are so fast
coming and going ?!! I need to focus on em or smthn ! 😛 

Paul Paradis says:

It’s not power, money or greed that brings what you require for life!

Robert Parr says:

Hi Everyone this good mediation 

Gisel Lino says:

Love love this, it makes me happy. I play it over and over 🙂 Thank you!!!

FIRSTconcentrate says:

Over 30,000 reads. The secret of secrets on one page:

hansen smith says:

Great video.This works.

ejimpuls says:

The Secret Law of Attraction.

Lucia Dobre says:
Kalpana Karpe says:
Werlindo Serencio says:
Diyana Petkova says:
Andrew Lynn Westover says:
Pablo Martin says:
WolfgangLute says:

OMG I feel awsome watching this!!!!
1 – Name of the song please?
2 – How does the sequence of images work on our brains?

Abel Mastermind says:

Love…accel at your own pace :)

Paola Royal says:

We all got the same wishes and dreams, only our doupts keep us away from
achieving this.

Victor Adaramola says:
Angel sanchez says:


colleen fischer says:

I believe that we can ask for anything. Ask and it shall be given – this
is a biblical scripture. If you perceive things to be bad then they are. We
make up our own reality. Abundance comes in many various ways as the video
describes. I feel we all need to be more heart centered and just accept
love and abundance in our lives.

Rasikapraba says:

Superb video. I stumbled upon this coz my good friend came to be a
lady-magnet – and he’s obese He started getting chicks magically. I found
myself stunned. He acted like it was natural for a little bit. He finally
admitted it on Friday. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction
Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He’s dating a beauty…

StreltsyTovarish says:

Yet, people around the globe are born every day with awful diseases like
blindness, Autism, ADD, and sometimes even without certain body parts like
an arm for instance, and you are sitting there trying to tell me that we
create our own reality by manifesting everything… Okay, did those
starving children in Africa and North Korea “manifest” that kind of life
for themselves???!!! Come on. This is false propaganda giving false hope to
desperate people.

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