Manifest 3 Wishes Meditation | Law of Attraction

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Close my raw chocolate site. ~~~~~~~ : ~~~~~~~ : ~~~~~~~~ : ~~~~~~~~ : ~~~~~~~~ If you have 3 dreams you would like to manifest into…


Catherine J says:

This is truly great Video!

I was almost poor and in debts and my family was pissed off with my
failures in life!
Somehow, i got to know about Secret, Law of Attraction and after that there
is no looking back!

I am now roughly earning 175$/day and it is unbelievable now!

I used “LOA” mobile app by lokesh to manifest my desires as it motivated me
to keep doing this!

Regards you!

Judy Schumann says:

Thank you

Caroline Yvette says:

So simple, yet so powerful at the same time. Thank-you :-)

l willatt says:

Love this !! How often should we do this ? Or is it a one off thing ? 

Scottie W says:

I Believe!
Thanks for the Share!

Natasha Lee says:

Good imagery! 

YoursTrulyLael says:

@greatguy546 bcz you are a physical being and you live in a physical realm.
Once you enter the spiritual realm you are able to do things like that,
furthermore if you have enough faith in something you can do it. You can
literally move a mountain with your mind, but you can’t have the slightest
bit of doubt even subconsciously .

mrskathy66 says:

wot a beautiful meditation thank you soooooo much… may all the love and
happiness be with you and once again thank you truly wonderful mwah

Jasmine Singh says:

Meditation helps to clear your mind and to become more focused.

pitbullwinkle says:

You have a very lovely and soothing voice… Thank you for this vid. 🙂

rick dylan says:


rozlynr says:

This was a lovely experience and I had an easy time visualizing thanks to
the waves :). Would I be over doing it, if I repeated the process like
three times in a row with the same wishes?…

WellnessExperiment says:

@tiggergyrl15 Wow, bet that was powerful. the inspiration for this
meditation came to me when i was sat by the shore, I recorded the sea
whilst i was there too.

subbtopp says:

how many wishes can you have??

Bluepainkiller says:

That felt wonderful thank you!

Danica Dujakovic says:

This is beautiful. I enjoy doing this whenever I get a chance… Relaxing
and exhilarating…Thank you 🙂

WellnessExperiment says:

the key to manifesting your dreams is to ask and then let go, let go of all
thoughts of having that dream however have a strong knowing that it is
yours. ;o)

uciuser13 says:

This is very nice and after doing this for the first time i am feeling fine
. My question is how many time we have to do this and how long will it take
for the wishes to come true . ANd once we have done this meditation we just
need to believe that it will come true .Right? Do reply . Stay blessed.

Bernadette Ewing says:

Fabulous! Thank-you!

absfab1 says:

Insteaf.of having pepples tossing in the sea how about writing all three
dreams or desires in a letter form and mail it to yourself…all it is, is
wanting these dreams to come to you so mailing it to yourself should be the
same concept!? I will be doing this.. This is good idea…..


Beautiful and helpful thank you

Vince31511 says:

Excellent……Thank you !

WellnessExperiment says:

Yes our thoughts create our reality, however we are lucky in that there’s a
buffer of time to hone our desire before our desire comes to us. Re walking
through walls, I believe that one day we will be able to because our bodies
won’t be as dense as they are now, we are all energy and we are constantly
evolving and the planetary shift that is happening right now is that we are
becoming more light, once we are pure light we can be and do anything we
desire. Intention is the key to a smooth ride.<3

Emrick Garam says:

wonderful visualization! one of the best I heard. May all your dreams come
true. Blessings of Happiness and Abundance to You!

yb15 says:

that was lovely, thank you.

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