Maha Lakshmi Mantra: Eastern Law of attraction to Attract Money (Sankalpa Siddhi)

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To Purchase World Famous Mantras on Money, Prosperity and Wealth Creation Law of attraction to Attract Money. Att…


John Read says:

dose it matter if you don’t understand the what they are saying.being

E Devaraj Devaraj says:


Adam White says:

I want to use full power of the law of attraction…

NovaScotiaChick says:

Please can you tell me the names of the artists? I’m hoping to find more
music by them.

Da Les says:

Money money money; all else is scummy, in a Hindu world. Aha, all the
people I could screw(over); if I just had more more money; it’s a Hindu’s
world. Millionaire, billionaire, trillionaire; I just to be a zillionaire;
and despise all others to.
Hang on, after all the philosophy, I may just have defined religion.

Triveni satyanarayana says:

awesome mantra!

i like narayana!

i am rightnow using “LOA” app by hanumappa in my smartphone to ask ,
believe and receive money

Myrna S. says:


sanjeevi s Godishala says:

powerful ,try it once

Madhu Mn says:

voice is touching… feel very nice 🙂 thanks for sharing ….

rupeshkan says:

You can chortle at money problems — if you Go Google Morsch Money Secret.

kirankumar pillath says:

who is this ageless prajna.what the hell r u spreading of

Padmavathy A says:

amazing !!!!

Ahimsa Porter Sumchai MD says:

Want money to run after you…try this. It will make the Dow jump 13,000

NovaScotiaChick says:

Oooh is this EVER beautiful!

Vanamamalai Ravinder says:

very nice it is so heartily welcome i like ohm namo narayanaya chant always
24/7 myself

Gangadai Jokhan says:

Its beautiful, peace is enough, with money comes also suffering. Wealth in
terms of peace of mind, contentment, and being able not to worry but just
to live a great wealth.

Tracy Wessel says:


Светлана Дубовка says:

Благодарю Вас…..

Chand Basha says:


Nishant Bhardwaj says:

may maa lakshmi bless us all with prosperity and wealth…

musiclover6721 says:

soothing…… 🙂

Surf Life Saving Mauritius says:


Dwijesh Sheth says:

This is regarding what “swasti8” said.

SriRanjani Vaidyanathan says:

Watch from 2:30 min.

kanna kanna says:

yes ……goood n nice music

Girish Kumar Kaitholil says:

Joke of the year

silvereen mongru says:

if this was true then lndia should have been the richest in the world

Anaclara Pérez says:

what is the correct full translation of this mantra, please?

H Mannan says:

Enjoy listening to this Mantra daily.Thanks for uploading.God Bless

Dharmesh Desai says:

Can you please send me downloadableaudio copy at

Jk Mahatam says:

Beautifully sung, thank you

Raghvandra Bajpayee says:

how to download video clip from you tube.

Sanjay Singh says:


guitarsolli says:

Great music en singing, great mantra, beautifull pictures! Tnx for this
upload! Namaste

Wlliam Hernandez says:

quit worshipping fake gods

Aditya Reddy says:

And you are another pathetic cock sucker fucking negro pathetic ugly piece
of black shit

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