Magic Mantra-reverse negative to positive – Ek Ong Kar Satgur Pras (Lightness of Being)

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Magic Mantra-reverse negative to positive – Ek Ong Kar Satgur Pras (Lightness of Being) – by SatKirin Kaur Khalsa.


Naresh Chandra says:

Very 2 special Mahamantra !!!

Sania Anand says:

Namasté! Today’s mantra is a very special mantra and a very powerful mantra
as well. This mantra comes from the Sikh Gurmukhi scripture known as the
Sri Guru Granth Sahib. “Ek Onkar Sat Guru Prasad, Sat Guru Prasad Ek
This mantra was first recited by the first Sikh Guru- Guru Nanak Ji , who
passed this mantra on to his son. This mantra carries the essence of the
entire Guru Granth Sahib. “Ek Onkar”, means one creator, “Sat” means the
Truth, “Guru Prasad” means the Guru’s Grace. Therefore Ek Onkar Sat Guru
Prasad, Sat Guru Prasad Ek Onkar” means , The one Creator created this
creation, with the true Guru’s Grace, with the true Guru’s Grace one
created this creation.
By chanting this mantra for every thought that comes into the consciousness
comes out as a pure positive thought. This mantra is also known as “The
Magic mantra”, reversing negative energy into positive energy and that is
why the mantra is chanted in reverse.
“Ek Onkar Sat Guru Prasad, Sat Guru Prasad Ek Onkar.”

Please feel free to share your experience with this mantra!
Blessings to all!
Love. Peace. Harmony!

Naiara Poliseli Ramos says:

Magic Mantra-reverse negative to positive – Ek Ong Kar Satgur Pras
(Lightness of Being)

Prasad Kumaria says:

Namaskar Sab Log. Thank you for this beautiful rendition. 

Samurai Squid says:

All respects to Guru Nanak

Binta Makina says:

Namasté so powerfull mantra !

mariag. ptt says:

Namaskar Sab Log.

chinfinginner says:

I would love if someone could send me the worded phrase that is this
marvelous being of my conscious perception.

Apsara Vachali says:

Thank so much for sharing this devotional meditation

Parvez Jamasji says:

EXCELLENT ADD for a change

IsabellaMaria Bordoni says:

thank you. lightens my heart every time when listening to it.

Matias Japaz says:

Yesterday I ear this mantra before I sleep… And today I wake up feeling
Can somebody tell me something please!

qwerty199827 says:

Love it. Calms me down instantly 

Alan Miceli says:


Thamyrez Aguiar says:


Paul Gacina says:


Miles ofSmiles says:

Blissful mantra thank you.Namaste <3 

Anastazia Stieglitz says:

out of all mantras, chants and prayers this one fixes my soul , brain,
energy in to most balanced, solidly positive strain of vibration, GOD
BLESS. uhm, would it fix our reality ….if let say to install speakers
across globe, positioning it on to the energy grid points and then to play
that mantra for an hour about? just thought…:-) 

Parvez Jamasji says:


junk wah says:

I read it like this : “Eka Ongkara Satgura Prasa”

Astra Mccracken says:

thank you

Marek Šafarik says:

This is exactly what I need right now 🙂 

Jensen Lee says:

First time I have ever heard anything like this and it is beautiful and
very good for cleansing also it’s putting tears in my eyes

Brittany Budnarine says:

Is this a hindu or sikh mantra?

senthildurai76 says:

Very, nice …soulful mantra & music ….Thanks for the posting

Tara Kite says:

this mantra always helps me feel better:)

Gayle Eaton says:

What does this translate to in English?



jazraag says:

will anyone speak against this sick Dempsters Bread Advertisement that
comes on all you tube videos. 

Jose E Leon says:

I love this song. namaste

Taimaa Toto says:

very pleasant song. It makes me relax 

smg ka says:

This is indeed magical!!!! it drastically changed my mood! Thanks to you
for sharing! so positive! Wow!

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