Louise L Hay Affirmation Meditation

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I am willing to change affirmation 3 times with music from Lousie L Hay’s Movie, You can heal your life. Many Blessings – Lisa B Lisa C. Beachy Spiritual Int…


G.B. Ausmeier (Aussie) says:

No fear…very dangerous suggestion indeed. Mice are afraid of cats and
rightly so.
People who hate have no fear. Killers kill. Good luck with loving a killer!
Good luck with loving deceivers!
Good luck with falling into the traps of slaves of money in form of
Fear the enemy (including and especially the enemy within) and love the
first and love another person as you love thyself, not more and not less.

Moonenlita Wilkins says:

mikeisradasfuck says:

This is such a powerful video.

Kerri Ryan says:

When it seems like you are willing to change and ready to let go, there is
often the question of how to do that. I don’t know that there is an answer
to that, so I just give it my intention and trust in the power of spirit.

Lisa Beachy says:

@camelot886 In this life, there are only fear and love based emotions. Even
though the person did something to justify the feelings, I am sure. Hate =
Fear. By forgiving them, you eventually, bringing you peace over the whole
situation. Forgiveness is love. Love replaces fear 🙂 So I would use the
affirmation, ” I forgive {name}” . It will take time but fake it til you
make it as they say. 🙂 Eventually this is how you release the hate.

starboy31 says:

I love LOUISE HAY!!! I bless you Louise!

Eva Wright says:

I love Louise Hay! Thanks for sharing!

MrNananaaaa says:

@camelot886 If I may… On a piece of paper, write the things you don’t
like about that person or write what the person did to you. If the person
did something to you, try to think… why did he/she do that? It is
probably because the human’s parents didn’t know any better, so he/she
didn’t know any better either. Besides, the person did all that he could to
live life the best way he knew how. It was a huge mistake of the person’s
part, but she or she is still capable to love.

Zahra Ossareh says:


JaneyfromKorea says:

thank you so much, i replayed and replayed and replayed we love you louise

camelot886 says:

@MeditationsforMoms I have another question for you. I have about 20
affirmations I would like to use. Do I now have to say them all 10 times
each day, or only when a particular problem arises? And do I have to say
them every day for the rest of my life? 😛 I have to admit it makes me a
little bit tired to say all of these affirmations every day, but I want
success. 🙂 Greetings

turningthetabless says:

I started to change my life 10 years ago through this book. It’s been my
Bible since then.

mp3hipnozy says:

@camelot886 the best way I know to realese this negative emotions is some
affirmations and short vizualization. Technic from Stuart Wilde. I offer
you my compasion I offer you my foggivnes I offer you my respect I offer
you my love I offer you my …. You can choose some that make you feel
better. Than some short vizualiztion. Breath out white light towards this
person. Whole process takes few minutes. Of course is good to repeat this
many times.

ladyelenore says:

@MeditationsforMoms Well said.

marilynnblock says:

Our thoughts create our future! Thoughts of prosperity and abundance can

MrNananaaaa says:

@camelot886 So a good affirmation would be: “I willingly forgive. I breathe
life into my vision and see with compassion and understanding.” If you have
dry eyes, thiaffirmation will help with that too. Dry eyes are angry eyes
that refuse to see with love.

mp3hipnozy says:

@camelot886 two things can happen. This person will disapear from you your
life, negative feelings disapear as well or you will chang your attitiude
towards this person and realions will improve. You won`t feel this negative
emotions anymore.

camelot886 says:

can anybody tell me what the affirmation would be if i hate a person?
please don’t tell me that its “i love person x”, because that would be
self-deceit and i cant believe that this would be healthy. thanks for the

petrahartt says:

@MeditationsforMoms great!! righ ton, also: i am good, i have a good self

Moonica22 says:

@camelot886 When I have problems with some people I say these words and it
really ease my soul: Oh Lord that You have prayed for Your killers, that
You protect our souls and You asked Your followers to pray for their
enemies please FORGIVE those who hate and hurt (harm) us. Make them loose
the evil thoughts and show them the way toward love and good deeds. For
them I pray to save their soul… Is best to ignore them and turn the other
cheek (like Jesus).

delivermefromallevil says:

My angel manifest yourself tooo me..hugz!

allforu85 says:

Hi lisa i added this video to the Positive affirmation group i created on
CCOR. Thank you

camelot886 says:

@MeditationsforMoms thank you for your answer, i will give it a try. 😉

lifeinmusictv says:

thank you so much for posting this

Grateful Chics Grateful Gifts says:

Several years ago I found Louise Hay through one of her certified Heal Your
Life Teachers, Sandra Filer. This has been a big part of my healing and
becoming JOY!

Dawn Renee says:

Well, look who I found! Totally by accident! I heard the voice and knew
right away it was an angel.

dancingoncars says:

@camelot886 I would say “I am willing to learn to forgive X” if saying you
forgive them right away is too difficult and “X did the best they could
with what they knew at the time” These are things I learnt from Louise Hay

China Moore says:

a very good idea. I love this book. The movie is nice too.

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