Louise Hay – the power of affirmations

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supergenkilife says:

You know, I first stumbled upon this particular string of affirmations in
May. I couldn’t even listen to them without feeling self-conscious and even
a little bashful. I am happy to repeat along with Ms. Hay now. What a
difference five months makes. Thank you, Paul, for sharing this uplifting
collection. And, of course, my gratitude to Ms. Hay and to the
universe/life/what is. All is well. And so it is. =)

Julius Fawcett says:

Louise Hay is a living saint, a truly enlightened being. I wish you all
peace, love and harmony. I love you xxx

YFamilyVideos says:

The first time I tried these I laughed and had fun with them. If my
neighbors heard me, I’m sure they thought I was crazy. But you know what? I
had one of the best days EVER after that! Now I find it interesting which
affirmations are easy for me and which feel forced. Thank you for sharing
them. :)

Alan Thiercelin says:

I have discovered Louise Hay about 1 month ago on youtube.
That was at a time when religious believes almost destroyed me.
I realize now that the Bible is far from being perfect.
God is not outside but inside.
I love when Louise says that religions manipulate people by guilts.
I listen to her tachings at least 2 hours a day.
I have already made great progress.
Thanks Paul. 

Andrea Moore says:

I feel so grateful that I have found out about positive affirmations! They
just make sense! For my whole life all I have done is say negative things
about myself, others and life! But since I have been using positive
affirmations daily, it has greatly helped me. Negative thoughts still creep
in, but I can diffuse them more easily by using positive affirmations.

LovelyFlower43 says:

Louise Hay is a blessed soul, thank you Mr. Miller for posting.

Joyproject says:

HI Folks,

how many affirmations should I have at one time? I seem to get more and
more affirmations…I think affirmations only do change things in our life
if they also FEEL good when saying them, otherwise we send no energy out
to the universe and its empty words. And when i use the same affirmation
frequently, it seem to loose the frequency it had at the beginning, so I
start to use different ones for the same topic to get the energy
going….what do you think about that?

victor Stewart says:

You are the best thank YOU FOR SHARING

sab1910 says:

Can someone please explain the “you” statements? Are we supposed to repeat
them or listen to them? TIA!:) 

Savonn Champelle says:

Your Word is Your Wand! Afirmations are a powerful way to manifest that
which you desire!

Aksana Dana says:

Thank you for sharing

Free Your Mind says:

Louise Hay should submit an entry to The Truth Contest.
If you don’t know this website yet, google it then open the current first
entry (The Present) and read what it says.

Liz Sinna says:

Can you tell me why do we say :You and then the I statements.


kim mathews says:


Matt76Chicago says:

I love this so much. Louise Hay is an angel! I am so thankful to have
been introduced to her by a dear friend. Since then my life has only
changed for the better. 

Irina-Kalina Goudeva says:

I love Louise Hey ,for me she is one of the very powerful healers and
teachers on the planet . Her voice is very beautiful and goes deeply to the
soul .
Therefore I take the liberty to say that one does not need this type of
music as accompaniment – it does not fit at all rhythmically ,
stylistically , spiritually and even disturbs. I am professional musician
and would love to propose , or write another music for this purpose… I
say this with love and respect. 

moonstruck00766 says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Carmen Soto says:


kristy brown says:

Louise thank you so much for your affirmations 🙂 they are extremely
helpful, you help me get my life back on track, Thank you 3

mama86861 says:

Thank you, Paul. This is like a gift from stranger -and a perfect gift at
that. I wish you joy and contentment.

Tuhin Chowdhury says:

You are not less important than my mother …..you are the simple and you
are the best….in this planet ……

Teresa Solis says:

I love this affirmations. I love myself background music is fantastic

earth angel says:

Wahoo 😀 

Lee M says:

we love you too Mrs Hay.

peaches57ify says:

thank you so much Paul Miller for sharing, Louise Hay is a true Blessing to
us all.
much Love to all Eva

jocelyn r,m says:

i trust myself

fi kazi says:

Thank you so much for uploading this

janet Orcutt says:

I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Hay!

Canon Girl says:

I love these affirmations, just a shame about the background super market

sai maoharn says:

It help my life…Thanks

Ask Mama Marcelle says:

the more we practice these thoughts the more we believe and live them!

mstechnologyNolimits says:

Great steps to self acceptance, love, and joy. 

Priti Arora says:

I love you!!…Blessed :)

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