louise hay – affirmations and power thoughts

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mybootstrapchronicles says:

Powerful, Beautiful…Thanks

Fatmata Dabo says:

Thank you so much for this as it really helps a sensitive person like me.

Joy Herring says:

Day 2 of listening to this message. I had to return and start my day off
with this again, because yesterday was such a great day. Thank you very
much for sharing this. 

Mema Mitchell says:

Thank you for hitting all of my spots that needed to be healed and so it

PowerThoughts Meditation Club says:

Thank you ❤︎❤︎❤︎

Victor Adaramola says:

This one of my Mentor Louise Hay, amazing inspirational Teacher.

yvan mcgregor says:

Excellence pure

Georgina Galindo says:

i just feel that no matter how much i try poverty follows me and i feel
there is not space for me to live, as if there were no space for me and my
family in this earth.

nadiaharley300 says:

Louise Hay! You are changing my life! Now can you call my mom? ha ha just

Márta Turi says:

Could someone please tell me what the music in the background is?

MamaJ-evenementen says:

wow..beautiful perfect words. I am gonna look for the book. Did not know
till now.
My name is Joy(ce)
Together Pleasure Makes Strong.
First start by yourself..love! I was born at 14 februari Valentine day…I
always think about others..but you have indeed first love your own space
I didnt hear all yet,,but already want to say Danki thank you
I read beauty respons, positive and negative from the people who watched
this video..thats live.
By accident i am writing about this..but at the moment in dutch.
Greetings from MamaJ
Always look forward. Positve thinking

charleysuper1 says:
Teresa Solis says:

I love this. I say the affirmation everyday. thank you

Helennah Mrs. says:

I just don’t like the music 🙁
This is transforming 🙂 I have the books but this is also very powerful

Callum Williams says:

Thankyou this changed my entire life….

Brenda Magallanes says:

Mchrjdisisijiiiiijjjjkgv n. Nnnnnjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjnnjjjjjjjjjjjjnjjj.
Bbbhhhhhbhh v. Bbbbbbnbbbhhgfgfhh

hearts24cherry5fun says:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this!

Val Lukens says:

Louise thank you so much it is amazing how much better I feel after I
listen to you video’s.

alpha omega says:

Thank you. This makes me feel so good. 

Isabella Solaire says:

Beautiful! thank you :)

Brooklyn Health Coach Jon Fischer says:

Thanks for sharing! This might be one of the few youtube comment threads
I’ve seen that’s entirely positive. Life is good!

Chanel Renae says:
yvan mcgregor says:


Salvador Zavala says:

I love this. Thank you

French Monik says:

The music might be a bit too loud (and fast) and I have difficulty
listening to the actual words.

Lela Triantafyllou says:

Thank you 

Georgina Galindo says:

I listen today for the first time and my tears kept flowing all along non
stoping and didnt know why i just knew that I did want to really do all
those changes in my life.

natasha dimitrovska says:
Emily McMurtrey says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

susan b says:

i love u Louise 

Darlene Robbins says:

Louise Hay healing path is one worth discovering

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