Lose weight with the Law of Attraction

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Does the law of attraction work to lose weight too? How can you use the law of attraction to attract your perfect weight. I have created a group of discussio…


tamsinthai says:

How about just eating less. How about that?

Skansar Uddin says:

Hello, have you heard about “BellyFatTack”? Just search Google and you will
spot bellyfattack.com There you will discover a practical free video
presentation by an experienced physician teaching on how to eliminate fat.
This made it possible for Andre to get rid of his belly fat. Just give it
a shot. Hopefully it works for you too.

Yesy Guardado says:

i really appreciate this. i have always felt strong about the law of
attraction but i guess not to the point where i truly believe it works on
me. will try it out and let you know how it went. ps. im trying to lose
weight for a guy! haha. two weeks is all i have

marshalmother1 says:

No it isn’t. It’s been working like magic in my life. You just need to know
how to apply it.

Baronessplum says:

this is about losing weight – these comments are rediculously negative and
irrelavent to this lovely womans good vibes and helpful video…go to an
appropriate site please.

MrGchiasson says:

When you perceive yourself as fat & lifelsee, you tend to eat without
thinking. mindlessly shoveling food in your face without intention.
However, when you see yourself as becoming healthier, leaner, stronger..it
is amazing how easy it is to stay focused on eating properly. Look around
and observe the people you work with. Are they fat? They may be promoting
your problem eating… Commit to your own life. See the difference. Yes..
it’s called selfish. So what… Do what’s best for you.

wingituk says:

@barbara5956 I’ve yet to meet a Burmese with a weight problem. ANY Burmese.

Baronessplum says:

Hi! What a great person. I have read The Secret, The Law of Attraction &
The Power. Wonderful. But Listening to your video really really helped me
to have clarity on how to apply the secret to weight loss, so when you said
that one should ‘allow’ it to happen that really resonated to me and thanks
so much because that is what I am now going to concentrate on. V

Scalone326 says:

I LOVE all of your videos! They are so inspiring thank you! 🙂

necronominate says:

you’re a very pretty woman

Zed137 says:

you are all creepy.. seriously you nutters stop your crap

alyszz says:

you seem to be a very nice person and it’s a pleasant to listen to you : )
thanks for inspiring!

davidtibble7 says:

No……….Words are everything…it is only YOUR words that manifest YOUR
life…”WORDS” peace

Jackie RappHammonds says:

I don’t believe in the word diet. I started a life style change in
January… I’ve lost 55 pounds. It’s been a slow process but a healthy one!
Just thinking healthy is not going to work… you have to change the way
you eat, the way you think about food and the key… MOVE!!! Your body
needs exercise. I can’t tell myself that I can’t have something, if I do
that it makes me want it even more.

HotToGetThinIn2010 says:

helpful and concise

Tana C says:

Iif you speak something in your life,that thing may happen, but when we
speak something subconsciously it affects our bodies physically & mentally.
Kinda like when someone puts you down & you may feel bad because you
believe it & may not perform an action as well. It is like when you watch
someone who has lots of potential but is hard on themselves with something
& deep down they think they cant do it vs the person with confidence who
tells themselves they can do it & they do it

VirtualEvolution says:

@medcsu- i am agree that be with someone is positive, but it is not all in
life. one can be active, eat rigth, have a healthy lifestyle even have a
healthy sex life as a lonely person.

Grant Candy says:

at first i thought u said your name was pingu O_O

Christina Bloodletter says:

you are beautiful!

cyberdaemon says:

How about grow back your missing arm with law of attraction or something,
not some weight loss crap?

cabaretstar12 says:

try to find Overeater’s Anonymous meetings and go to meetings and find a
sponsor. It works!

JSantana319 says:

I don’t believe that anything that you eat could harm you unless you eat it
in moderation. Anything in moderation is healthy. What’s harmful and toxic
it’s eating excessively and filling yourself up. Thanks for posting this
video; I love the law of attraction:-)

kangdoni says:

It would be a shame for you not to melt fat when other normal people do it
so easily with Fat Blast Blueprint (Look it up on google).

Chaz Partain says:

what eating six meals a day does is higher your metabolism =3

jesuscaveful says:


TheGirLibra says:

You people are soooo negative- not to mention rude..not your fault- you’ve
basically been programmed that way- i was one of you. Open your mind and
good things will come to you almost immediately. Trust me, i’m living
proof. Just BELIEVE 🙂

wingituk says:

@hurcules4444 wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wowwwwww … yawn

Jason Rotman says:

very cool. thanks for your channel!! with best regards… From, Jason & Pia
(of the Welovesuperfoods website)

Lilou Mace says:

non Francaise.

rorygilmore222 says:

ok cool! congrats!

littlebit19801 says:

I want to know if the Law of Attraction REALLY works, if there are any REAL
LIFE people who have used it and seen results PLEASE get in touch with me
and tell me about your experiences, again I want to hear from REAL everyday
people, NOT just someone trying to sell their book or plug someone elses.
Thanks. It seems the only real people I hear of this working of are HOT
girls.. OF COURSE if you’re a hot girl you’re gonna get what you want!

Divsroxxx says:

I have read dis book ‘THE SECRET’ I even have the movie But the book has
much more details den d movie so i would reccomend reading ITS VER

Mason Overstreet says:

Pseudoscience FTW!

2242bzo says:

@omgyouranub Glad you liked that.

Almodovare says:

@Deutsche22. Ich auch ich bin Fransoze wie lilou. Und du? Bist du Deutsche
oder Oesterreicher? Ich glaube du bist Deutsch!

Lilou Mace says:

funny how shy i was back then!!! Check out the video “new version of this
video” that i have posted as reply to this one. 5:17

Napoleon Hill & Abraham says:

there is a whole section on this in the abraham hicks book i believe: the
astonishing power of emotions you do not have a choice at this moment to be
fat or thin…but you do have a choice to feel a little better or a little
worse and that is enough to lead you to the desires you want?

areyuwithme says:

Thanks for sharing this video. I’m applying the “law of attraction” to some
things in my life right now. One just happens to be to lose a few pounds.
I’ve purchased a book entitled: ” The Law of Attraction” by Diane
Ahlquist…..great book! I’ll work harder with attracting the “weight loss”
thru LOA.

wwwdangvideoscom says:


dinorocky says:

poor sound quality !

Masud Parvez says:

Hello there, have you heard about ” BellyFATtack ” yet? Simply search on
Google. On there you will discover a useful free video by an established
licensed dietitian talking on how to lose weight. It made it easier for
John to burn his stomach fat. I will probably give it a try. I hope it will
work for you also…

Joel Norgren says:

well i don’t believe that you simply can wish your extra weight away but
the law of attraction probably will put you in a position where you can
start change the way you are living.

Liming Yu says:

Thank you so much!!!!!! It absolutely works~ I can eat whatever I want and
still be in my perfect weight

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