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This soundtrack uses the Holosync sound technology to induce a theta brain wave state, opening the unconscious mind and creating a state of receptivity. The …


Chrysa Bella says:

“Frequency range Name Usually associated with:
> 40 Hz Gamma waves – Higher mental activity, including perception, problem
solving, fear, and consciousness
13–39 Hz Beta waves – Active, busy or anxious thinking and active
concentration, arousal, cognition, and or paranoia
7–13 Hz Alpha waves – Relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake
drowsiness, REM sleep, Dreams
8–12 Hz Mu waves0 Mu rhythm, Sensorimotor rhythm
4–7 Hz Theta waves- Deep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep
< 4 Hz Delta waves -Deep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness " Wikipedia * How can deep meditation help me get thinner ? Shouldn't be a higher frequency that helps body burn energy ? This proves me that this video is no good,like many others out there.

shedforbread says:

Glad to hear it. :)

55dbau says:

Could you post the affirmations being used in this video ?
Just like to know what I am infusing my brain with.

onomato poeia says:

This says to sit upright. I usually listen to this before I go to sleep,
while in my bed. Will it not be effective at all?

Almegedus M says:

I have lost 40 pounds through meditation alone. have faith in this. it

55dbau says:

I thought affirmations needed to be slightly audible in order to be

L.S. Moodie says:

All the techniques are effective. It’s just that the audible, but
undecipherable ones, are the most effective. Basically, it comes down to
whatever method works for each person.

moor chand says:

Has it had any effect on somebody..If Yes how much did you lose?In how many

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