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MilkyDischarge says:

God damn this bitch is better at putting than I am

201husky says:

I laughed at the part where he was playing golf. But I guess most people
laugh at weird, strange things that they’re not used to. This guy has a lot
of positive energy, and I bet his purpose in life, is to spread that
energy. To make others feel better, and grateful. My point being is, being
as positive as this is, is quite unusual itself, and he could make others
feel great no matter what. < No matter what. :)

رادیو ژن says:

I’ve got nothing but admiration for him.

World Class Events says:

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, or worn. It is the
spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.”
– Denis Waitley

The Extensive Internet Atheist Entity says:

Nick kinda is a cripple.

Emma Pook says:

He is so inspiring. I always say I can’t do this and I can’t do that, but
this man has proved nothing is impossible and I respect him for that, he is
so kind, caring and loving, he is an inspiration. :’)

KevinSODMG says:


MilkyDischarge says:

I wonder how he wanks

Ash Leigh says:

Chicken drumstick!! HAHAHA LOVE IT

KayKlute Makara says:

Theyre are people who think their life is ending because of a breakup. Then
heres Nick. He is saying that you dont need this and that to live and to be
happy with yourself. We may have functional body parts, some of us, but for
those who do, we are emotionaly broken. We decide to hate on something not
worth hating on. This is why im sick of us, we are mobid. We take, laugh at
people, make fun of people, not care for people, and only care about
ourself. Oh wow, he looks different, im better. No youre not. To claim
youre better makes you sink into scum. Everyone was designed in some way,
but we each are equally dysfunctioned. One might be poor but happy, the
other might be rich and upset. One fault only adds equal amount of ability,
though we dont believe it enough to see it. And this is everyone, not just
a specific race or age or gender. Everyone in general. 

Brandon Cliburn says:

I looked in the mirror after this and I gotta say, I LOOK BEUTIFUL!

Brandon says:

Why does it even matter if the guy is gay? He’s an inspiration still O_o
jeez, people these days with such negative and unbelievable thoughts. 

Nathan Manabat says:

Born with no limbs, yet still took on life like a boulder to a train. Just
amazing and inspirational. And to those heartless asswipes in the comments,
what if it was you who was like this man? Would you like it if I called you
a sack with no limbs?

BakingSweets says:

true inspiration 

Bill Douglas says:

Nick, my son introduced me to your beautiful videos. I am the Founder of
World Tai Chi Day.

I would like to invite you to participate in World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
2014, being held in 80 nations each year. Tai Chi and Qigong are a
celebration of our beingness, and if you have 100 people in a room doing
Tai Chi, you have 100 different beautiful people doing Tai Chi.


I think you are from Australia. There are World Tai Chi Day events all over
Australia on the last Saturday of April each year. If you are in Perth,
Australia, Bev Abella organizes the event there. You can contact her
through Tai Chi @ The Beach in Perth, or email us at the World Tai Chi Day
official website and we’ll connect you to Bev. I know she’d love to have
you at her event and to teach you some Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a powerful health practice for both mind and body health. World
Tai Chi & Qigong Day brings people together across 80 nations to celebrate
personal and global health & healing. Our event’s motto is “One World …
One Breath.”

anthony ghiga says:

pas de pied pas de begniet

jasmine hicks says:

That broke my heart listening to that story

Djzfire shawne says:

he is so inspiring

Tee Jai says:

Inspiring, admiration ,…yes,…but also so so handsome,… ☺

lea white says:

Ah I saw this at school I love him so much 

MasterKittythemotherfucka says:

ohh, so nick the nasty fuck who raped my child, let’s being this limbless
piece of shit to justice

let rat says:

now thats ‘hakuna matata’ right there

Tatyana palmer says:


Remix Lionx says:

he is so kind and nice and he never gives up. I man look at him
swimming,playing soccer,playing golf. He just never gives up he was put on
the world for a resean god put him hear for a resen. NEVER GIVE UP gods
favorite rule. :’)

MacVirus says:

🙁 ALLAH yerhamo

BC Lohani says:

Hey man, I wish to hug you
Lohani B C

vpieper says:

Very inspiring. Made my day in just 4 minutes..

mike jones says:

Can you come to birch elementary in Idaho can you take to forth grage

amy marie says:

You’re living proof that positivity can be achieved through adversity 🙂
Thank You for sharing

Maria Zeroual says:


minecraftdude217 says:

That is one epic limbless dude.

Nicole Gourley says:

Bless him

Alees Elshiek says:

So strong

Rupak Pudasaini says:

i don’t know what to say. This guy is incredible. Words don’t suffice to
describe him.

Guruge Ajith Priyantha says:


RawrsterThelly says:

But, how does he swim? I have limbs and I don’t know how. I guess I am just
an indoors person. D:

Paulina Misztal says:

how can i discuss?

Mohamed Abdi says:

But, Why Wud Anyone Dislike des.

Reza Ghirizadeh says:

wowww like u be all time good and happy

Shailendra Mishra says:


online learning says:

heart touching

Shannon TheCookieMonster says:

So after watching this I looked in the mirror and I said “guurl u r

Cory Blue says:

God bless you nick i luv your videos

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