Life Vest Inside – Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”

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Watch as the camera tracks an act of kindness as its passed from one individual to the next and manages to boomerang back to the person who set it into motio…


Hiccup choony says:

welcome to my life style ^_^

Dhev Darshan says:

They made an already beautiful song have true meaning!! Well done life
vest! Amazing video!!

Adil El Kanabi says:

i really really love the idea of passing cards, but i keep teeling myself
that for you it’s a just busniess, if you really cared you would have just
make a donation system, i don’t need cards to be kind. Thanks anyway

Tushar Daniel says:

Can’t Seem Ro Get Enough of the Song….!
Just Awesome….!
Very Inspiring…& Touching..!

Evidence That Kindness Exists in Today’s World…!
Just The Best Song Ever….

Video Also Rocks…!
Video Is Also An Important Part Of The Video…!

Just Wanna Say That This Song Is One Of The Best Songs Ever….!

Noah Green says:

Ah, how awesome would life be if it was like this.

kary lala says:

I love how you reply to all the comments! Love this song, it shows how if
you give kindness, it eventually comes to you. AMAZING song, I keep
replaying it

Владимир Щолюпенко says:

Who is performer of a soundtrack?

Grace Ramirez Donner says:


Dee Westcott says:

Kindness Boomerang – “One Day”

Endrit Pakashtica says:

who song this song ? send me a link please :$

Mikel Baquero says:

esto hice hoy, la vida es bella

Trung Tran Hoang says:

Helping people is gifts of life.

Adu Alex says:

A big salute to +LifeVestInside and Matisyahu for making such a amazing ,
Inspirational and motivating Video .. really .. the song also is wonderfull
.. took me a to a whole new level .. I am a kind person but there are some
people in the world ( Bad ones ) which force me not to be a kind person [
even though I am ] . I hope you understand What I mean .
PS : I love what you guys do ! guys like you are the rare good bits of
humanity .
Kindness ! <3

DannYx19x says:


Fred Bloggs says:

a beautifull way to live for sure

ruru avinio says:

this song’s matishyau-one day

Jose Valdez says:

LifeVestInside i love the way y’all put together this video and i think
everyone should act this way

Simen Uhlving Røreng says:

Awesome!!! This video allways makes me fell happy…

Gianna Williams says:

love it


This video just makes you wanna do something good every time you watch it
we were all inspired to the max

bijaybazashrestha says:

one word -> THANKS!!!

Juss Me says:

I love videos like this!

לידור אביטן says:

You open the circle of giving” and at the end you earn from it as
Every one is giving you just have to find it!
School held a ceremony at the ceremony of giving and taught other people to
give of themselves!

D Giddens says:

This always brings tears to my eyes….Wish there was a “love” button
because like doesn’t seem strong enough here.

Danna Cásarez says:

I love it <3 <3 <3 <3

Garima Gupta says:

This is so beautiful ! Brought tears of happiness to my eyes . Will show
this to my kids so they understand what u do comes back to you !!!! Thanks
for making this :)

Joshua8490 says:

Nice song

RileyChase Fox says:

Did anyone else noticed those three girls on the skateboards were in almost
every shot when it switched to a different person who was helping someone.

timmothy green says:

my teacher brought me here

sagar goswami says:

Seriously helping someone by however you can gives a sense of relief and
happyness which cant be explained in words…..
Even after watching this video many times still leaves me with happy tears
and smile when in the end construction worker drinks the glass of water and

Chago Olivares says:

The world will be like this some day in life and the war will end in our
world but we must keep going on in life and do good not bad in life. 

Macho Dragneel says:

Truly awesome video! Really inspirational! Love the song! We can make the
diference! :)

nelly nelsen says:

My best video of 2014 !!!! Million thanks to life vest for this amazing,
life changing and soul searching video. Let’s all spread love and not hate.

michael geithmann says:

Inspiring. Almost cried watching this, but do not know why. Everything that
was said in this song, meant so much, and the people who disliked this
video. Something’s wrong with them. They are blinded by all of the trashy
music that is being produced at this very second. The closest thing to
inspiration and a movement was john lennon. Now its MGK and I guess we can
add LifeVest to the list to. Make another song please LifeVest, I don’t
think these haters understand…..

InTruePreneur says:

Kindness Boomerang via +LifeVestInside 

Mina Safwat says:

Happiness is……. helping people :D

Anoop .T says:

Really a nice theme,may god bless you. Actually u did a great job because
through this song you inspired all the viewers in helping others. Really
heart touching song keep it up

uma nagaraj says:

can I download the song?

Ai Ling Yau says:

Thank you for this splendid video. The lyrics have touched me and I loved
it immediately upon listening and watching this video for the first time.

Roosterdawgg woof says:

Great theme, great song/lyrics. I was truly inspired by the seemingly
selfless effort it took to make this “universal love” music video until I
clicked on the popup link at the end and realized it’s just another
advertising ploy to sell a pack of 25 cards for $10. Seriously? I give
you props tho, it’s more ingenuitous than a “get out of hell free” card for
$10. Social media is the devil’s playground. If I am wrong, I challenge
LifeVestInside to respond!!! P.S. I am agnostic, and still seize daily
opportunities to brighten the lives of strangers for FREE!

alexander3143 says:

video never fails to cheer me up

bio418 says:

in less than a block so many lives were touched by a lil kindness

siva sarath says:

saw this song again after an year. soo beautiful video it is and in a
single take. and the replies for each comment from +LifeVestInside to
inspire people is awesome.this restored my faith in humanity. thank you :)

Tuyen Dao says:

rat co y nghia

Jackson chapman says:

Every time I come back home from a rough day at school this is the song
that makes me feel relaxed and happy.

Daniel Benkeser says:

There was no car in front of that parking meter

Joah Ali says:

Wow, ale piękne! :D

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