Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee – Inspirational Video Movie

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Life Is Like A Cup of Coffee – Inspirational Video Movie


LaughLightLove says:

Lol at this crazy message. We can have it all. Asking for more is what life
is about. 

Alicia Washington says:

Lea Cantú says:

Watch this… that is all. 🙂 It’s such the truth about life… even though
I don’t like coffee I agree with the message!


This message is so sorely needed in today’s materialistic world.

Edely Valencia says:

So true.

Ewan Ho says:

Who can tell me the name of the backing music please!!!!!!!

Rollin McCarty says:

Life is like a cup of coffee inspirational video 

Hannah Dror says:


Viruch Jamjang says:

I like.

Mort Schubert says:

YouTube wisdom!

Nicole Blomgren says:

one of my all time favorite videos I came across years ago

Carmens Gifts says:

Joy Claro says:

inspirational message about life…

Arti Sahai says:


Asifa Nadeem says:


Wisephat Witty says:

What is the meaning of living? 

Benjawan Ruamnikom says:

I like very much and Romantic 

Ikram Benaicha says:

So true!

Shanta Kumar Pradhan says:

Awesome. It’s a great views.

Cynthia cox-thurman says:


windycity88 says:

what is the name of this piece of music ?

Pat Beatty says:

Thank you!!

Gigi Sukanya Oprin says:
Fatimah Sahari says:

Yes is true….. but we did not realize ….

Sam L says:

i can’t believe there’s such an inspirational video i’ve ever watched, and
the music is really fit the video !! 

Hope Fresnido says:

Inspiring :)

Jamunaa Enclysha Rose says:

a bit of inspiration

Rayek Yousef says:

anyone knows whats the name of the song/music ? 

Bryan Mangahas says:

Very inspirational..

Elsie Lopez says:

Is not about what you have or how you get about how you live and
give to others…Amen!

wjwizard says:

Since it’s the coffee that matters, the answer is to take the biggest cup
and get more coffee. Right? Heheheh.

Jonas A. says:

If the society was a tool. Then shouldn’t we need those tools to carry out
our lives?

Grizaldy Rumias says:

inspirational video

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