Lego City Undercover [Part 16] – Billionaire Chauffeurs and Bunny Stress Management!

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Glaciercano takes to the streets of Lego City to fight crime the only way he knows how: ripping the city apart brick by brick! In this episode, I continue to…


George Hawcock says:

2:01 you missed a golden brick

Conn Mann says:

The police siren doesn’t make anyone stop. And the color things are for
the color gun after you unlock it to change the color the gun shoots. The
fastest car in the game is the Dragster, or Wrath.

Leivy Reyes says:

Love legos

Julian Skoczypiec says:

marineland is in niagara falls

biggiesmack says:

What Blackwell said is a hint to the ending a long trip

김금희 says:


David Singh says:

i like the undercover police its awsome

Lucas Bridge says:

i watch hockey if that makes you feel better

cdog eatssquid says:

I think you need some bunny therapist issues

cdog eatssquid says:

I love legos.

Sypkijak says:

Canada Eh?

Glaciercano says:

They might have marine world in the US too, but I have no clue…. I just
see the random commercials 😛

Craigievar88 says:


RyGuyGinger says:

The guy you were talking about and describing is one of the many
minifigures that are the collecters sets and are sold individually

RyGuyGinger says:

The guy you bumped into at near one of those Chinese places wearing a hat.
They sell those as just the minifigs here in the U.S.

awsomecoolandbeast says:

From a child…. With a limp im sorry but i found that funny

alex ziko says:

its called a sole patch the beard you was talking about

Glaciercano says:

It would make sense I would guess… I haven’t seen many of the newer sets
nowadays ever since I stopped receiving those Lego magazines for some
reason 🙁

Glaciercano says:

Are you from that area then? Because the Bruins are one of the most hated
teams of the original six (for the most part)… Well other than Don Cherry
loves them of course, since he coached there before and so on.

Walshie622 says:

sorry about not replying I don’t check my inbox much, but my favorite team
is the Boston Bruins.

Glaciercano says:

So apparently the theme of “What Child is This?” is actually used for other
songs too, but I still like to think that song works well for ice cream
trucks either way here 😛

Walshie622 says:

Yeah I’m from the area

Glaciercano says:

It’s good to see some enthusiasm for the Lego City series 😀

Glaciercano says:

That’s good to know that some other people still care about the sport 😛
What is your favourite team?

Walshie622 says:

I watch hockey and so does most of most family

Glaciercano says:

No, it is definitely a chinstrap beard…. A soul patch is what Howie
Mandel has 😛

Glaciercano says:

The sunglasses beard guy or Chan Chuang? Because I think that they need to
have more Lego sets based off of this game 😀

alex ziko says:

first comment again hmmmmm i think i’m being watched

Glaciercano says:

Lego City Undercover is in general 😀

Glaciercano says:

Yeah, I thought that would make the most sense, lol.

菊地直美 says:

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