Learn how to manifest with the Silva Method

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Lita Rene says:

I was shopping with an aunt and they were giving away a necklace with the
October birthstone in it. I wanted to win it because my mother’s birthday
is in October. I told myself and my aunt that I was going to win. Over and
over I kept sayings to myself and believing that I would win…And I did.
My number was called. I collected my prize and gave my mother a nice gift.
I still remember that moment. 

Tim Tierney says:

like this…

Bharti Patel says:

I was away on leave in Edinburgh with some friends. I decided the weather
was going to be fantastic. We met up with some friends and they said they
had not had weather like this before. It was so cool.
So if you believe then you can manifest this too.

A More says:

I remember the day, it was in the winter time and my (then) husband and I
were invited to a company casino party…all expenses paid and they even
gave every employee along with their spouses a $25 dollar casino chip to
gamble with. Anyway, I was at a slot machine when my (then) husband
walked over to me (having lost his money that he was given), sat down and
started watching me play. I don’t like it when people watch me while I’m
playing any casino games, so I told him that as long as he sits there
watching me, I will never win. As soon as he got up to walk away, I hit the
jackpot for that slot machine…$2500.00 on a quarter slot machine using
the same money the company gave us, so no loss there! I was just as shocked
as he was but I somehow knew that if he did leave my side, I would win. It
was awesome!

Yuma Dayz says:

One unforgettable moment in my childhood was when my mother told me, “If
you believe in something, know that it can happen, and expect it.” I was
about 11 years old at that time. I decided to try this positive thinking
at the October Fall festival at school. There was a cake walk that I used
my tickets for and I felt the excitement of knowing the outcome at the end.
SO, I won the cake walk! Not only once, but FIVE times in a row! I
brought FIVE cakes home! As a child you just think that if you’re told a
method of winning will work, then it should work. It worked and I felt
like a WINNER that night. 

Christine Roo Suits says:

I won my first opera competitions after doing this excersize! Everything
was so easy and relaxed. I showed up JUST on time and delivered without

Marc Bellucci says:

I finally finished my Masters degree 4 years ago.

Rita Danko says:

I remember the day I realised that I no longer needed glasses to see. It
was absolutely euphoric to have achieved something that everyone said would
be impossible. I practiced the Bates Method and I absolutely believed that
it is possible to see clearly without glasses. Twenty years later I still
see perfectly without glasses or contacts. I. believe action together with
absolute belief is the foundation to success.

Jose Disla says:

in 2010 my two friends and I decided that we wanted to go to the world cup
in Brasil. It has always been a dream of mine to visit Brasil. I kept
repeating to myself for about 1 year that i would be there. (I had no idea
about the law of attraction at this time in my life) I would envision
myself in Rio with two other friends, never really focusing on the faces of
my 2 companions, just the feeling of being in Copacabana. Eventually i
stopped thinking about it and forgot about the whole thing. A friend from
college was going backpacking through South America this summer and I asked
if i could go he said yes. I spent the world cup final in Rio de Janeiro on
Copacabana with two people who weren’t the people I originally thought i
would go with. It ended up being two individuals who I never even knew at
the time! Life is beautiful! 

unjusthustla says:

I remember winning the big money playing blackjack and how easy it was and
how fun it was. I celebrated with a nice Heineken. Great feeling.

alexa aldana says:

for years I have wanted to visit Italy.
aafter years of trying I found myself peddling a bycicle on the streets of
Milan…I was living in the mist expensive district of the city, eating the
best food, drinking the best wine, meeting people from the art world,,,
on the weekend I lived in a vineyard and found more than one extremely
handsome and charming man to court…

tlrichards19 says:

One of my greatest desires was to stop working so I could come home to
raise and educate my children. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 14 years
now and I still am amazed at how we’re able to accomplish it on one income
while living a better lifestyle than when we had two incomes. 

Brian O'Connor says:

My entire life I wanted a career that not only gave me financial freedom
and wealth, but fulfillment and the opportunity to do what I love most,
help people. And for years I wondered what it could possibly be, but was
always present, and didn’t stress much on when it would come about/what it
would be. And then by a course of events, I was introduced to what that
career was. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but I knew to jump on it
and get started. And it wasn’t until after I realized the work I was doing
was in complete harmony with EVERYthing I desired for so long. Incredibly
funny how perfect the universe works, hope you keep faith in your desire’s
manifestation today!

Michael Messano says:

why do you hate truth and justice?

SonyXLR says:

Not trying to be a creeper, but dang, the ladies in the videos are total

ken griffith says:

i had to get a new car .i had been without one for some time . i found all
kinds of cars 4 sale but none were quite right. then one day someone told
me about a green buick on the other side of town. so in between jobs i stop
to look at it. it was the right price i could afford n nice n had low
mileage. i bought it two weeks later. many people commented how i waited
til i found the right one n i am driving it today . two years later .

Dorys Perdomo says:

I took the method in 1987 and it changed my life for the better and better
for ever!

nimish shah says:


Dewi Bone says:

I had a brain injury and never really recovered from it, but kept on asking
for something that would help me over the edge. In 2012 someone gave me a
herbal formula that regenerated my own adult stemcells and I could
literally feel my brain cells make new connections. My energy came back, a
longstanding problem with eczema that stopped me from being able to sleep
started to clear up within 10 days. Now I am back to normal again. Years
ago I had the Silva Method, but never really did something with it. Now the
Silva Method has come back into my life and feels the right time to do the
work and join the community. Thank you Silva family for making it all
available :-)

quickgirl80 says:

When I was younger, a really nice honda civic would drive passed my house
every day. As soon as I saw it coming I would stop what I was doing & just
stare at it driving by. When I got older my mom bought me the same model
white civic.

That is only the beginning…

subbtopp says:

so why didn’t her dad imagine a healthy heart so he wouldn’t need valve
replacements and pace makers in the first place…hmmm

chumgypsy says:

I was about to get beat up in elementary school. I was very scared but i
rebuked the attacker in Jesus name and another student whom i never met
came and defended me. I went to thank him afterwards but he looked at me
crazy wondering why i was even talking to him, lol

alonso aguayo says:

once upon a time i found THE home i wanted to get… i had no idea how to
get it, but i stepped forward and started negotiating with the owner…
this was a tough cookie to bite, but after much negotiation and creative
problem solving i finally got the call that he had decided to give me the
home of my dreams.
once upon a time i entered into a job interview knowing that i was going to
put the interviewer into my pocket… an hour later i felt great getting
down the elevator and off the building with a concise job offer in my hands.
once upon a time i went to request a salary increase to my boss… i
negotiated like a pro and got exactly what i requested.

Noel Behailu says:

The time I sang my last studio performance, I blacked out mentally, but was
told that everyone was surprised how well I did.

There is a Solution says:

I remember passing the lac exam. It was such an exhilarating feeling. I
felt so liberated; my life had drastically changed for the better. After 5
years of study I could now work at what I truly loved…helping people.

Sofía Riveros Cortés says:

I set some goals of the way my internship should be and when I went to the
interview I liked the vibe of the place and said “I really want to work
here”. In terms of two weeks they called me and told me i was chosen. 

Diana Hooper says:

Mirror of the mind sounds so awesome!

Thing says:

Tis witchcraft I tell thee !!! No seriously its science but not as we know
it and really it should be looked into more seriously as it could really
help the world but sadly most people including scientists would not take it
seriously …such a loss for the world

Jeffrey Quinn says:

I focused on the lottery machine and felt a warmth come over me. The next
day I won $5. For the past month I have been focusing on losing weight.
Picturing myself as stronger more fit, more of a superhero figure. Last
week I weighed myself before an interview I have lost a total of 15 lbs and
5% body fat. From XXL to XL shirt. My pants for my suit will not fit and
they are at a point where I cannot alter them any more. I have to buy new
pants. I should find out soon if I have the job or not. 

SuperGamer5402 says:


joshmg25 says:

The one that came to mind was when I built my bank account back up to $15K.
I’m already headed in that direction, I hope this exercise will make it
happen sooner.

Maria N. Angelova says:

At 18 I started my dream career against all odds. I was admitted and
graduated a university I dreamed of for a long time. I had my first child,
my second, then my third child, even though I was told by doctors that I
can not have children.

Jessica Fuchs says:

I achieve my long time goal of graduating college. 

SuperGamer5402 says:
jaglinuxmint says:

It was 14 years ago and i just finished the pre-college and had to
discontinue my studies because my father passed away. I am a hindu and i
had read something about creative visualization from Deepak Chopra and
prayed to Lord Ganesha, (I didn’t know much about silva at that time) that
i need a job and i set my criteria. it should be 2000 INR per month and
they should not ask me to wear shoes (as i really didn’t have a shoe and my
slippers were also old). I went to an interview after looking at the
classified section (the ad just popped right before my eyes, i didn’t even
begin to look at the paper, and also the ad was also printed in ordinary
small letters). I passed the numerical test and got a job and my boss told
me my salary, it was 2000 INR per month (1700 + 300 incentive). And no
matter what kind of brand shoes you wear maybe Nike, adidas, Puma etc you
have to remove it before you enter the workplace, just as i had asked Lord
Ganesha that they should not ask me to wear a shoe. The place i got a job
was ISKCON, Lord Krishna temple (and you are not allowed to wear footwear
while working) and i worked there for 1 year as a counter salesperson,
office boy and in sales accounts division. This is just one instance (but a
powerful one in my life). Now i am in my own business all because of the
grace of Lord Ganesha & Lord Krishna.

Now i am practising the centering exercise of Silva method and its amazing
how easily you reach the alpha level.

Creative visualization coupled with a talking prayer to God (just
submissively ask what you want, just like you ask from your parent) will
give you your heart’s desire. Just make sure that you end your talking
prayer (you need not talk loudly but just enough for you to hear, but do it
with full mind) with a gratitude and say “Let this happen if its good for
me and for others”. it doesn’t matter which religion you are following. 

gotgliss says:

opening the door to my first business and feeling a RUSH of JOY! Like have
a passle of happy puppies running to greet me! :)

ezmagic4u says:

I was involved in a car accident that left me scared about driving to the
point I surrendered my tag. The insurance company send me a check with
enough $ to get treatment, go to school and start over again. But the best
part was I felt heard and taken care of! :)

mahmoud gasama says:

I remember when I closed on a real estate transaction and walked away with
a check for $29k. It was a dream fulfilled. I am doing more of that this

Darrell Frieze says:

I was out of work for over a year. I tried many times to get hired to a
local retail store. I finally visualized acing an interview and getting a
job. I had an interview and was told that I did great. I got my choice of
the openings available, but all were temporary. I then wrote a letter to
myself to open six months later. I stated that within six months I would
be hired on full time and get a raise in pay. By then end of five months I
got the new job with a 40 percent raise in pay. I had also stated that six
months after that I would move into a management position. Four months
after that I got the manager job. I have now had the job for about 3
months and plan to move up again within a year. I have had many other
successes this last year and I owe all of them to visualization and
specificity in what I want.

Llawen Gweddw says:

The manifestation which came to mind was a recent one, I was trying to
connect with a close male friend, by texting a photo he had liked. It kept
failing. I decided to wait till later, walked away from my phone and
received a text message. It was him, he hadn’t texted for months, and
hadn’t received my message! He was down the street from my house and we
managed to physically connect for five minutes before his work took him to
the next job. Amazing experience! He lives about fifty miles from me.

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