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Close work with this powerful tool and you will see dramatic results in your financial picture.


Adrian Webb says:

Law of Attraction wealth and money manifestation video…

Helps you attract abundance. Very inspirational 3 mins!

Achieve Your Destiny says:

Law of Attraction wealth and money manifestation video – [helps with visualization]

Adrian Webb says:

Law of Attraction wealth and money manifestation video – [helps with visualization]

Erica Pickens says:

@professional76 Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell
the difference. ~

Stephen Richards says:

Enjoy wealth sensibly. Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys
it. Be Cosmic …

timquinn66 says:

well …..i do agree with the quote @ 1:45

Carolyn F. says:

@5rrt445 We’re both wasting our time.

JaoDoGais says:

@sleuth008 thats it dude….you said a word that i usually use, gratitude…

Carolyn F. says:

@5rrt445 Last thing…if your’e so happy thinking money is the root of all
evil…why are you watching a video on money manifestation. Hypocrite
springs to mind:-) I’m not interested in hearing your excuses of how you
ended up on this site. You’re not fooling anyone..maybe just yourself.

Erica Pickens says:

only focus on positive energy

marsha smith says:

i believe that each time i watch videos such as this one i am an increasing
my alignment to prosperity on all its forms. i am blessed to be surrounded
by so much prosperity. today i align myself with my spirit any my
prosperity. blessings and love to all.

Elias5Barnes says:

I love the visuals in this video! I will watch this often. Thanks for

Carolyn F. says:

@5rrt445 Tell that to all the people I’ve helped. I, nor they, had ANY of
the resources you’re assuming we had. I knew NO ONE. I made my way using
the techniques you are so quick to dismiss. I didn’t dismiss them. Success
comes from trying…not by complaining or being negative. All inspirational
stories comes from those who have faith, believe and TRY. Not those sitting
on the sidelines having a pity party. Ignorance may serve you well.You
don’t have to change. I’m not even suggesting you do.

5rrt445 says:

@cmf4321 Of course you’re not interested, I can tell you’re not into
education. I’ll tell you anyway, those people in debt look on these vids
for “help”, hopefully they’ll find the link to the vid I posted and find a
true reason for the system failing them and educate themselves.

mftmcse says:

Thanks for this video That helps alot on the condition You take the LOW OF
ATTRACTION serious and be thankful to GOD for your prosperities. GOOD

Ta Jo says:

1:45 ” I place ‘postive’ energy into my work?” lol

Michael Degner says:

@5rrt445 That’s hardly so , wealth and abundance is reality , it is the non
resourceful or broke person who seeks money for the sake of having money ,
money simply represents an exchange of energy.

Enrique Rivero says:

I before e, except after c, or when sounded like a, as in neighbor and

skhyler says:

thank you for your creation! appreciated with love!

darkonn100 says:

If I may be so bold, I posted a small review of the movie on my blog a week
or 2 ago so. You can read it by visiting:

NErivercat says:

Thank you for this awesome video.

Snap It Baby says:

I have a different mantra. It’s “I’m wealthy because I earned a good
education, worked smart, lived below my means, became financially literate
and invested wisely”. No, it’s not near as groovy as the new age
psycho-babble in this video but I’m the one sitting here on Saturday night
who never has to work again. Still, it’s nice that super successful wealth
peddlers like this feel compelled to share their wisdom.

Carolyn F. says:

@5rrt445 The “truth” to you is SO negative. Let me tell you the “truth” as
I know it. I used these principles to earn $175,300 in one month, ended up
in NY Magazine, watched my nephew get straight A’s & get the girlfriend of
his dreams after teaching it to him, watched my sister get married using
these teachings, etc. They work 100% of the time. But some people are too
larthargic or negative to even try. But you’re right, I don’t want to waste
anymore time. Wasted effort. Good bye & good luck:-)

Erica Pickens says:

@5rrt445 exactly.

5rrt445 says:

@cmf4321 and where do you think poverty comes from ?.. you obviously
haven’t thought about it, or watch the video I linked. It ISN’T “money”
that is improving the quality of life for /some/ people, it’s technology.
Money can ONLY be created out of debt, every penny you have is owed back
into the system by someone on the planet (usually those that are already
suffering the most)…. but hey, whatever clears your conscious.

777mirza777 says:

but what about the people who starve and the people who are poor they think
about money and food every second of the day and they still dont get it 🙁

5rrt445 says:

@professional76 You’re preaching to the wrong person, I do not believe in
-your- “God”. That said, watch the video on the link I posted, Thanks.

cjgs400 says:

@MrLawofAttraction How do I become part of your company? I sort mail!

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