Law of Attraction v/s Law of Love by Sandeep Maheshwari (in Hindi)

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This session by Sandeep Maheshwari puts all debate and confusion at rest. Catapulting life beyond the 3 steps of Ask, Believe and Receive, this session bring…


CuteCapKids says:


Harmanpreet Sharma says:

not satisfied , i think sandeep should do more research about this topic,
then do another thansuu session again….

Harmanpreet Sharma says:

Law of attraction is very simple..”what we give that we receive” if we give
negative thoughts and talks negative things we receive and attracts the
same and if we talk about positive things we receive and attract positive
things and circumstances in our life..every successful person talks more
about positive things than negative and unsuccessful person do the
opposite..take example of sandeep maheswari he talks more positive things
than negative things that’s why he is successful in his life and
continuously receiving good and positive things in his life.

Mahmudul Huq says:

Hello there! Have you tried – learn attraction laws fast? (google learn
attraction laws fast) Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got
excellent results with it. 

EmperorLOL says:

I learned so much from Sandeep, the guy explains his ideas very eloquently
and to his right audiences; which will be the youth of India.
Anything worthwhile in life needs alot of pain to create something great,
the session reminded me of the conception of human birth. That is the
process of bringing a baby into this world which requires the woman to go
through alot of pain, risking her life in the process. It is a situation
when anything could happen and the women bravely accepts her fate in life.
We can all learn something from our mothers !

Vaibhav Kumar says:

great video…love you Mr.Sandeep Maheshwari.

Aditya Joshi says:

Again a mind-blowing stuff by you Sir, I was also a blind-follower of “The
But that ‘The Secret’ video is again “WHAT PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR!”
I believed that whatever I am achieving is because of “Law of
attraction”,by knowing how to use the “Secret”!
But the truth is, I achieved the things because I “DESERVE” to achieve!
We should not think much of the Luck factor or the result!
Just have to accept! & move on!!!
‘The Secret’ creates a ‘Superstitious positivity’ which actually make you
feel good, but makes you greedy! You will never feel satisfy even if you
get what you want!
The motive of this video is honest & great. It will be eye-opener for the
‘Blind Followers’ if they choose to challenge their beliefs!
No more research is needed!
I think, those who are saying that “more research was needed”, they must
challenge their ‘Beliefs’!
Hats off to the purpose of this video, keep inspiring Sir. Thanks a lot!

Apurva Gupta says:

Good One!!!

kapil sharma says:

Mai atak gaya…

saurabh gawande says:

Sandeep sir i have problem of some supertitious.I touch or do same things
4/5 times .Because I have fear that I would not succeed in future or I
would not succeed in my goals or desires.Sir please reply me.I just watched
your ‘COLOURFUL INTERACTION VIDEO’.It was awesome.Thank you Sir.

rockguys says:

i think sandeep sir ko thoda aur reserch ki zarurat hai….is topic ko

mahesh bavaliya says:

Sir You are Right .. Rule Game is Low of Probability

Aditya Nain says:

You shouldn’t have made more videos other than the first one…
with more and more videos you are complicating the things….

Jack Korbin says:

M not a Blind Follower like Others,., but i loved the “CEO part” 🙂
Nice video 8|

suraj pandey says:

how to meditate?

nishant gera says:

Sir,in one of your videos you have said that if your belief is strong you
can do anything i.e you can even fly and in this video you have said that
belief comes from experience and knowledge.So,can you explain it in more
easier way.

om shankar Sah says:

experience means getting knowledge

kheman singh says:

Hello Sandeep sir i can,t understand what you want to say it i think you
have to do one more session on this topic it is confusing. 

sahil pahwa says:

Sandeeep Sir,

I have been watching your seminars from your first life changing seminar
and many questions are being answered but one which is am searching but not
able to get answer ,you say do what is best for you . problem is i know
what is best /right for me i start it but not able to continue doing it so
long and then i drop it , for eg i started meditating /yoga etc done for
some days then dropped can i do on continuously without dropping .pls
this must be questions of many ..


Prachi Kalra says:

This is the state of Blisss!!
Experienced this state many times & want this feeling to be always present
with both good & bad feelings, this is what written in geeta too……Never
get affected by your emotion…..Always be thankful for whatever u
get…..Success or Failure……
Whatever you explain is more or less the same thoughts & proverbs which
humans know from a decade but nobody explains the things in a comic manner,
the way you explain….A very few ppl give their 100% & you are one of
them……way to go……. 🙂 🙂 :)

Anuj Jindal says:

My CEO gives promotion who does buttering than

SAVAN S PATEL stevan mark says:

Finally aasaan hai

hemant trivedi says:

I like this session because it is true and. Currecat

Sharad Choudhary says:

I believe Law of Attraction is valid. However, to be successful it’s not
the only thing that you need. Law of Attraction is necessary but not

Bhrugu Desai says:

Hi Sandeep Maheshwari, I have a question, ‘THE HEALING actually works
irrespective of distance / time’. we can heal ourselves and others in such
states of mind @physiological level /@mind level /@physical level. in such
states of ours,

we are asking, but still its kind of magic and its happening and it surely
works.[because it worked here and not in casino~the game explained by you].
healing is also kind of ‘asking’ stuff.

pls elaborate this very very small but a huge difference of state of mind
between asking and healing.

Aditya Varma says:


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