Law of Attraction subliminal messages

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Check out The audio is from Bob Doyle and you can click the previous link for more info on him and LOA. I…


OoLoveo0 says:

That was great . Thank you 🙂

tiolucas73 says:

I love your video, thank you so much for taking the time to post it.

troy lund says:

Thank you changeagent101. I have been watching many of these to try to
reprogram my subconcious. This one feels like the most powerful one I have
seen yet. Nice of you to post it. I wish you the best. Troy

ryan79912 says:

dude! the bible is a myth this is for intelectual people not for you
shouldn’t you be preparing for the rapture or something?

Idolcruisefix says:

yes i watched it and i think it’s good, but this new fad with this “The
Secret” movie is ment to be a gateway ideology and i’m sure the followers
and teachers of it don’t see this. It is different then the knowledge known
for thousands of years. it fails to convey the neccessary knowledge to
understand that “thought-crime” if real, comes with intentions, and not
protest, speach or thoughts themselves. telling this one part and not the
other of the “secret” is potentially dangerous

changeagent101 says:

The key is to take the mental state of “i want to earn” and see you already
attaining it and get into the feeling of it. How will you feel when you
achieve this? Get into that feeling and be very grateful that you will
attain it! The longer you can hold this vision/feeling the more success you
will have. Also, make sure to always look for the opportunity in your

patriotfox says:

the spelling errors increased the attention given to the product–genius

RemixN007 says:

In the video, you have “I succeed”, should it be “I succeeded” as in past

CassidyForester1 says:

Joe Vitale is also amazing, i found his free video collection at
money2freedom(.com) These people are the true leaders of this planet, I
learned the law of attraction and it changed my life forever.

changeagent101 says:

yes, that is what I was going four : ) j/k


Changeagent 101- you had a remix of your laws. It was hot, helpful and fun
too watch. What happened to it?

changeagent101 says:

yes but you must also allow yourself to receive and many times negative
thoughts can prevent people from receiving or moving forward and taking the
proper action that will allow them to receive.

Derek Starpass says:

@Godsraptor You are telling me that the global elite, who have more money
than they will ever need proves that money is not the root of all evil?
Give your head a shake and look at the world the elite are giving us. They
are the most evil people on the planet and the power that money gave them
is being used to bilk us out of all of our money. Live simple; live with
your heart; not your brain. The global elite hate us. Their agenda is to
drop the world population by 80 to 90%.

changeagent101 says:

Wow, Seththeone99, thanks for the inspiring words.

changeagent101 says:

WOW, all I can say is you are totally missing the intention of this video.

SmokeyBastard says:

@Godsraptor for lack of money to occur , money must exist and valued ,
hence the root.. of all evil. Deduct money and most discussions cease

changeagent101 says:

I think there is a difference between worry and caring about something.
Worry could be considered a sin because it is a helpless emotion that can
take control of you when it consumes you. Worry could also be considered
the opposite of faith. Now worry can be a good indicator that something is
wrong and then take the proper action. However, worry leads to stress and
is very harmful to your mind and body and can lead to a negative attitude.

Barry Gibson says:

thanks for sharing, that was brilliant!

Mickeydoll95 says:

@TheCarriebean, By saying, “I SO want this to work!” you are sending a
message that expresses lack. Instead, think from the end and believe what
you desire is already yours. By doing this, you’re thoughts are saying, “It
works! Thank you!” and then you’ll begin getting more and more what you
think about which is, “It works!”

flammabletofu says:

It says “I climb the “latter” to success” It’s LADDER, other than that,
it’s good.

changeagent101 says:

There is a video response with a video that is similar and longer. Thanks
for the comment.

rodman332 says:

Great Job on the vid. I like the subliminal messages! 5/5

Riyan Syed says:

God should be replaced with universe coz it’s free energy and the ” cross”
oh oh trying to promote what ?

majicjhonson says:

all good except theres nothing spiritual about money, it all comes from the
federal reserve and i dont think theyre on the same vibrating chord as the
rest of us. Theres nothing subliminal about this video, you know from the
outset what its intention is, and you can see every message and hear every
word, and its not sub-liminal if youre conciously aware of it.

chavitanoguez says:

@changeagent101 oh I get it… very clever lol very good.

Nouri Noor says:

@Godsraptor Well thats only because society told people they need money,
what about where money doesnt exist? and people live and work and make
things for themselves like in an aboriginal culture

Idolcruisefix says:

oops sorry, is that spam, to repeat a comment? even if dirrected at
simmilar topics. your video also fails to describe the difference between
thoughts without power v/s thoughts with power, our intent and not the
tinker-toys of subject matter is what manifests gods plan. god is in the
tinker toys of thought as atoms are of god, but they are usless without an
observer to bring intentions onto the observed. it is possable to not make
an impact. This would be a non-intention state.

changeagent101 says:

It’s all positive and nothing to be scared of, however most people fear the
unknown and some fear success so I can see where you’re coming from. Dont
let fear rule your life or you can get stuck in the same habitual patterns
of thought and actions that will limit your potential.

PixelPwner says:

thank you so much my brother/sister,i Love you,

changeagent101 says:

The title of the video is “The Master Key System, Law of Attraction, The
Secret Remix”

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