Law Of Attraction Positive Affirmations for Success & Abundance, Live A Prosperous Life

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MP3 package now available here: Inspired By Wayne Dyer’s Positive Intention book, Here are some l…


Jason Stephenson says:

+Zaria Moon Thank you for your feedback. I will certainly begin to look at
this. Do you mean that my voice is too booming for the music? That I should
turn my voice down a little? I appreciate this feedback is this is only
what I have to go off. Blessings to you for 2105 and thanks for taking the
time to write me.

Jason Stephenson says:

+Annaliese Bronz It is due to the isochronic tones within the music. More
about this here

Jason Stephenson says:

Here are some awesome positive affirmations with uplifting music. These
affirmations are focused on success and abundance.

The music has been embedded with Gamma Isochronic tones to help uplift and
inspire you (you may hear a higher tone in some parts of the music)

The video is filled with over 100 affirmations for 45 minutes. We recommend
that you listen to this positive law of attraction video twice daily for
maximum results. Please listen to each affirmation first, and then if you
can, repeat out loud with as much passion as you can. It’s the passion and
emotion that will help draw your intention to you.

Forget about your past, for it has passed you by, don’t be concerned about
your future, for it is yet to come. Live now, in the present moment with
the intention that all you need and desire, is already awaiting for you.
You simply need to connect with it, believe in it, and most importantly,
KNOW that it is yours for the taking.

Many Blessings to you and may you find your dreams…. They are already
there, awaiting you. May these positive affirmations for success and
abundance help you reach beyond all limitations you’ve previously set for

The Cexercize Trinity says:

great affirmations! 

Lynn Harrison says:

Thank you for this powerful resource Jason! I wandered on your website
hoping to purchase this for download to my mp3; however, I couldn’t find
it. Do you have the Law of Attraction Positive Affirmations available for
purchase somewhere? Thanks again for sharing your gifts!

TwiztedTProductions says:

i love this video bro, it sounds so good with the music. 

Jon Edenvale says:

I found the affirmations excellent and the duration. is about right. My
only feedback would be that the music is a bit too busy at times to relax
completely. Maybe you could create a version with a more relaxing backing
track while keeping this version and it would be good to have both.

theareall1 says:

Is the video “energy” charged?

Angie Craven says:

This was amazing. I was using this during my afternoon nap. 25 min in
something amazing happened. My brother in law shows up at ky door. Hes been
mad at us for over a year. He even stayed and talked and resolved some
issues. Thank you! I know its for success. I find this was successful in
helping to bring my family back together

stefanie bender says:

+Jason Stephenson let you voice like it is. it sounds realy intensiv, but
important for the law of attraction. positive affirmations must be very
powerfull spoken. again, you do a great work. thanx, lots of positive
thought and love, steffi

iPinoyMarketplace - Find Post Free Classified Ads Philippines says:

I love this video! I have watched it countless times already! Thank you!

Chip Davis says:

Jason, this is wonderful! I love your voice, this is perfect for starting
my day. Keep up the good work!!

djseriousbizness says:

Australians have such cool accents. I love the way my man says Today I
claim my share and how he says the word Abundance. Good stuff my guy. Its
definitely got my third eye on focus.

Tracy Dyson says:

Woke feeling awful then listened to your inspiring voice and uplifting
music and changed my state to a more positive one. Thankyou 

Jeannette Rodriguez says:

After using this once a day for two weeks, I got a promotion and a raise! A
day later I was named employeeel of the month and given a bonus also!
Definitely recommend trying it, thanks for making this :)

Silvio Burlusconi says:

It is like Psytrance but without all the good bits but with “all the good

Dianna Diatz says:

This is a wonderful tape to listen to first thing in the morning! Do you
have the affirmations written down to repeat and look at during the day?
Would make a wonderful deck of cards to have!

Thank you for another wonderful tape! Glad so many people are listening to

God bless you.

Shanika Mccorey says:

Thank you Jason ! Great way to start my day !

Ashtart Ala Lend Aza Tähtedelt says:

Don’t listen if you have seizures of any kind? I’ve never seen this on a
video like this. I do not but I wonder why?

Viking12 says:

This is wonderful. Thank you for posting. 

Renould P says:

Great Affirmations to Listen to in the Morning or on your Free Time! You
are what you think about yourself everyday, speak your Life in reality!

Clayton Kissinger says:

i love you and the world around me this is a great thing thank you from my
god to yours love this thank you so

Successful Personal Growth says:

Law Of Attraction Positive Affirmations for Success & Abundance, Live A
Prosperous Life:

Selestite says:

Nice. I also like “How to Create Reality by Al Smith”. Powerful ideas.
Thank you

Michael Castaneda says:

I listen to this track often, all day everyday. Uplifting, hopeful, and
inspiring! Thank you…

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