Law of Attraction Explained

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This is a view of the law of attraction I haven’t seen expressed…


priya katke says:

ey ,if anyone else wants to uncover
best law of attraction books try *Awsomic Attraction* (do a google
search)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my mate got cool
results with it.

Mannypacquia0 says:

@grownman455 well law of attraction is just really intuning your mind into
a positive mind set and really wanting it in a good positive fashion, i was
really anixious to get looking good and ready for that dance, and i did

VVGrules says:

This is not BS! Think about all the people you know who have alot of money.
What is their attitude?Where are their thoughts? Many Super Rich have their
thoughts on wealth all the time…aka. Donald Trump! He has a lot of money.
Now think of someone you know who is really in a lot of trouble, possibly
even in prison for a crime. Where were their thoughts? Obviously not on
anything Good. Your thoughts create your reality.

fibbsabaddy says:

@jazzyjmay85 So when the moon is in line and I think of what I want then I
will get it? Where is the scientific paper that validates your arguments

GoldenSpark75 says:

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mely rose Salvador says:

great testimonial through attraction law nice to work out your webpage.

Galit Faraon says:

The law of attraction is a very powerful tool and if you don’t use it then
I am sorry to tell you, you are missing big time on a huge opportunity in
life. If it was revealed to all of us it is because we can have everything
we want. Why not try it? nWhat do you have to lose really?

VVGrules says:

adamlewis7609 in answer to your question. The LOA works even if you don’t
believe in it. Keeping one’s thoughts focused on what you want in life
rather than what you don’t want…works. Maher and Jilette obviously had
the right attitude along with their thoughts in the right place.

Thaibunwong says:

I completely understand what you are saying because a month ago, I was
thinking just like you. Angry at the world, angry that children and animals
are suffering. But then I learnt LOA and it completely changed my thoughts
and feelings. Before worrying about humanity, start to worry about
yourself. If you want humanity to change, you have to change. Realise why
you are angry, let it go and get on the positive path. More positivity will
then be drawn to you and your perspective will then change.

MrProbsnot says:

@DaddyUnderground323 I could not agree with you more than i do.

fibbsabaddy says:

@grownman455 Where does coincidence come into play then? I mean if you took
actions to get what you want then it is hardly surprising that you got it
is it. If you thoght it and foccussed in it then that will help you get it
as it motivates you. What about all the successful people who never knew
about the secret? I mean things of physical nature come towards you if you
think about them…….it aint working with my mrs getting me a cup of tea
but just you wait till I ask. Lol

Friday Weekend says:

There is more than enough, planet earth provides every day more than we
need…….We all have to visualize that we start SHARING all the goodies
this Earth give us every day. There is more than enough to feed us

Mannypacquia0 says:

@grownman455 law of attraction definitly noticed the power of that when i
was at a dance, and everything was just amazing and fun, the aura was
amazing, everything was working for me even dancing with chicks and having
a fun ass time,

Tony Vega says:

@javierchaconm I have a feeling the little kids in Africa visualize it more
often than people who can afford food.

and then i said says:

@999Thip nope, you will go ahead and convince yourself that i have a
million dollars in the trunk of my car, once you are right, i’ll get back
to you and i’ll re-research what i’ve already found to be moronicly false.
work your magic baby, let’s get rich.

RebelQueen7 says:

@UnderManiac too bad you don’t get that LOA is only the half. You must act
on your thoughts. LOA is just a fancy name for something that has already
been true for years. The people that denounce it look silly. It’s like
saying “driving” is not “operating a vehicle”. It just has a different
name. No magic, no complication. Some figure that by simplifying it into a
process that more people will understand that they have the potential to
change their lives.

Daniela de la Lazuri says:

lies ! if someone is lucky it was the law of attraction, if not blame the
victim !!!

Truth and Loyalty Records says:

The law of attraction is NOT the law of getting. It can literally shift the
probabilities in physical processes. See Princeton Engineering Anomalies
Research. This has been studied by princeton for 30+ years.

Hannah Stein says:

@adamlewis7609 Right, they thought: oh, today a PLANE is going to hit my

fibbsabaddy says:

@jazzyjmay85 Because scientific papers are the stuff of reality and
progress and the reason you can type this message. What success? Are you
sure it would not have come to you another way? What sources of reading
should be checked out. Grass is green because of the chloroplasts present
in it.

ladykillertime says:

@alfonshomac ignorance

UnderManiac says:

@RebelQueen7 Ah, but LOA is all about thought bringing something true. Like
thinking about wealth or money is supposed to bring it, with no extra work
expected beyond thinking about it. If LOA were defined as having to work
for what you want, then there would be no metaphysical talk about LOA and
it would not be a term.

Fjerid says:

@adamlewis7609 I did not say EVERY. If you read my post you could see i
mentioned the word “Most”. and I must say, when i first read the book i
didn’t want to believe it. because it sounded like fiction to me. but how
come that when i think about a person that i haven’t seen a looooong while,
that person suddenly appears in front of me? it has happend 3 or 4 times
last month. I don’t know what to think.

Victor Nielsen says:

@javierchaconm You are wrong. Cause in that case you could visualize
turning into an animal and that won’t happen. There are 2 things you need
to focus on. 1. is to give the wish attention. Some methods are better than
others. ex visualization. 2. is to remove doubt. You may think “that won’t
happen because…”. how to remove that doubt? There are methods too. ex.
think of other people who have done it. This is the reason why people can’t
do magic and other stuff. Because of doubt that won’t go

kaliyeal says:

@alfonshomac i know all the kids with cancer i guess thought of this
disease when they dont even know what illness is and all they cared about
was playing

The 25th Psychonaut says:

@spam91504 this is the the most useless comment i have seen all day.

and then i said says:

@999Thip i suggest you read your comment in search of circularity in your
reasoning, if not found: google dunning-kruger effect and see if it
describes your inhability to recognize your incompetence. hint: i wonder
how you call that moment when realizing you’ve lost something surprises
you… you see, you believed it was there before, yet it isn’t. Anorexics
believe wholeheartedly they’re fat, vigorexics they’re skinny, and that
crazy dude that thinks he’s napoleon… well he just might be.

RebelQueen7 says:

@mosquiton001 Nooooo, understanding the law of attraction is only the first
step to achieving your goals or getting very close. don’t sit there and
squeeze your eyes shut and start wishing for random sh*t and expect it to
magically pop out of the sky. You must harness your thoughts and direct
them in the direction of your desire, then the necessary circumstances and
actions will follow, if you stay on course. When you passed your drivers
test you used LOA, it’s not “MAGIC” its logic

beautybabebuzz says:

i really do belive in this, only because i seen it with my own eyes. i dont
know how it works, but its crazy. ever since i started to become grateful
for everything i already had that made me happy, i started to get more and
more of it. in ridiculous ways. BELIEVE! either way you have nothing to lose

sezums says:

It works I’ve ordered many things and delightfully cone true. But what it
doesn’t tell you is if what you order is utterly useless to you! I believe
in positivity and negativity but what’s out of our control the bad and the
good are all orders of heaven and hell.

Jeannine McGlade says:

I think you missed my point – we ALL need to be engaged in the process of
the law of attraction. Wishing, envisioning, focusing, etc.

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