Law of Attraction David Childerley Reveals The Secret

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Thaivrouw Fang says:


Superoxide Dismutase says:

I don’t mean to be offensive but I feel that there are a lot of things
wrong with this “Law of Attraction” including the fact that it is in no way
scientifically supported. In fact this law has been unproven so many times
all throughout history with violence and wars and chaos even when people
kept hoping and thinking about love. Also the whole idea about energy and
thoughts becoming objects makes no scientific sense and is probably
impossible :

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 The part about death and challenges.. well, there will always be
challenges in life. The point David Childerly tries to make is your quality
of life will greatly shift if you learn to have more control over your
thoughts and feelings in the present time. Death is a part of life, but if
you notice we have a profound fear of death that sometimes holds us back
from enjoying our life. In this scenario, you are drawing negativity to
you. How that negativity manifests can vary.

Leticia Ferreira says:

@DigitalLoveMovement i did. i began to notice coincidences more because i
was looking for them nothing else though

tanuj says:

@Daniel Negreanu u suck and i di belive thank yoy

Peanet says:

and what is it ?

Yekcoh72 says:

@Ileko1 its not cheating at life, its how life works TROLOLOLOLOL umadbro?
yea i think you are. Im atheist, and this seems logical.

Glen Ussher says:

What’s the name of the music in this clip. Great tune!

Youtiubeer says:

This is just like the movie “The Secret.” It has the same principles.

sofiamagdalena100 says:

There is a lot of white middleclass bullshit over this too.What about all
the poverty and wars all over the world? Is your theory that these people
brought it on themselves then? Still they often smile and love more than we
rich ppl are even able to.Because of their positive thoughts they got war
and poverty? They manifested and prayed for peace and got poverty and war?
Sometimes I get so tired of this positive thinking!! It´s too shallow to
fall through all the way, even though I get the point.

Alison M says:

I like the music! Very positive forward! 🙂

Edmond Dantez says:

We are like magnets? How so? Ok, I let the video run a little further.
Forget I asked, you’re nuts.

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 Death is a tricky thing. We are raised to fear it, but there is a
way to learn about it and not fear it. Just another perk to being a
spiritual being.

rosemaravilha says:

So, if I keep believing, am I going to have another 5 or 6 students for my
business next week??? Is it that simple?

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@iHsg16 But for the time being, if you’re not ready to limit their presence
in your life then you must at least take responsibility for how you let
them make you feel, and learn how to rebound from their negative hits.
People treat you how you let them, and how you feel after their comments is
how you have chosen to feel. Remember that. The control is with you.

iHsg16 says:

This won’t work if you have some friends who aren’t happy and maybe take it
out on you by saying something negative about you just to bring you down.
Then what do I do??

Pennyslotaddict says:

Lokesh… Shut up about the fake ass “god”. Please.

p k says:

Also in a lot of cases thinking of what you don’t want will help you avoid
it. A person who works on a latter all day better keep in mind what they
don’t want to happen.

Leticia Ferreira says:

@mreagor23 yep. the LOA thing is basically a load of people gettring rich
by getting you buy into BS.

Quantum Atom Theory an artist theory on the physics of 'time' says:

Neat vid! I am an artist trying to promote my theory on the dynamics of
light and time. This theory is based on two postulates 1. Is that the
quantum wave particle function Ψ represents the forward passage of time ∆E
∆t ≥ h/2π itself 2. Is that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle ∆×∆p×≥h/4π
that is formed by the w- function is the same uncertainty we have with any
future event. This process of continuous change we see and feel as the flow
of time itself!

Sharinastar034 says:

I heard the Law of attraction can go against you

oriolesfan61 says:

Physicist Ali Alousi, for instance, criticized it as unmeasurable and
questioned the likelihood that thoughts can affect anything outside the

asria1000 says:

I absolutely love this!!!! I’m putting out only positive thought because
thoughts become things!!!!!!

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 I really don’t understand why you feel the laws of attraction cheat
life. they’re the laws that make up our life, so how is it cheating? If I
am a negative person, then i attract negativity to me. If I am positive
then more people like me and I have more opportunities.. simple as that.
Cheating your way through life consists of lying to others on a constant
basis for your own gain ( i.e. lying to your your boss, your wife, your
friends, your kids).

DrLouisDreyfus says:

What separates the elite 1% from the rest of us who struggle everyday
without result? Do they know something we don’t? Are they living a way that
we aren’t? Do they know some secret of success that we’ve yet to learn?
Definitely! What the heck am I talking about? Just visit my channel to see
for yourself… You can send me a message thanking me later! Godspeed!

TheChiengify says:

i wnat to increase my height….and i think i can,i trust u my univeser !!

Demetrius Jones says:

Thank you for this outstanding video. From here on out, I will have
positive thoughts. With so many money problems, it is sometimes hard. I
will think positive no matter what.

magilla2282 says:

Everything worked out just the way I needed it to which really made me
sayto myself WOW. Someone upstairs is looking out for me cuz everything
happened at exactly the right timei needed it to. A job opened up with a
kick ass boss and i got exactly what I wanted deep down. Miracles happen.

superbambino24 says:

@motoxman970 your so right, back when i was christian i would get
nightmares about demons and stuff. Thats not cool, religion shouldnt do that

capemay8 says:

Great video—-I totally believe your message and know it is true. Things
are going great for me and they are getting better and better!!!

UniverseOffspring says:

@Hackified I saw a video of a guy getting raped by horse, and have been
thinking about it for a while. Does that mean a horse will rape me? O_O

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 The point of manifestation is to regain your control as a human
being over your life and your god Given talents and powers. Praying is just
another form of affirmations. The thing about praying tho is that a lot of
it is fear based, for one, and for two it is creating the idea in your mind
that God or the power of God is separate from yourself, and that God is
this external force to be worshiped. If you meditate you will see God is
you, and within you– not external.

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@iHsg16 I had negative friends once. Couldn’t stand them but they were the
only people I related with at the time. Since then I have evolved with the
more positive ones and have only one negative one left. Even she herself is
not as bad as she used to be. My goal is to completely shift into a new
paradigm of thinking so that I can meet more funny and positive people.
That would be an abundant return 🙂

TommyD002 says:

I am an athlete and I want to increase my 40 yard dash time- how can I
visualize the end result of that? Should I just visualize me running it? I
know it is proven that running a 40 or an event in your mind actually fires
the same muscles…

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 All I’m saying is there is a wholeness that can be gained in a
spiritual approach. I really don’t like using the term Spiritual over and
over again like that because then it becomes a label rather than a
free-form understanding. I’m not here to convince you anything, all I’m
saying is maybe you shouldn’t sell yourself or any other human being short.

beapeacemaker says:

Use the power of collective thought @12-3-6-9 O’ Clock repeat, in your
mind, for 5 min ” world peace and abundance for all”. Spread this across
the World & the World WILL change. This is science proven. Together we can
all change their Neg World into OUR Positive World. For proof check out
Facebook” be a peacemaker” the power of our collective thought is
absolutely incredible and unstoppable. Together we can do this. Marching in
the streets is unnecessary. Use the POWER of the COLLECTIVE MIND.

ichigo kurosaki says:

im not saying this is real though. like i think like if you want something
then your mind will like focus on the thing you want and help you make
decisions to get it. although im no scientist and i have never done any
experiments so i cant prove it true or false

Joseph Montgomery says:

Yes, But don’t only visualize the running, visualize the crossing the
finish line with the time you want. Visualize the WIN, not just the race. I
did this for myself this weekend. I compete as a martial artist. I did the
visualization of myself winning Grand Champion at a tournament the night
and morning before. Once I got to grands I saw that the person I was
against was someone who has beaten me MANY times before The universe took
action he made a critical mistake that worked in my favor.

Colin Roche says:

Fantastic music! Please post the artist, thank-you!

Ryan Martin says:

What do you mean..”high vibration”? Vibration of what? And how to thoughts
change this so called vibration? I imagine there is no actual data or
experimentation to back this up. I don’t care what you claim until you
start calling it science. Once that line is crossed expect high scrutiny.
Once you cross into the purview of science you are bound by it’s methods
and requirements. You don’t get to claim science and then expect to operate
outside its parameters.

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@LeticiaFersan give it a try 🙂

Frank E. says:


hillrode12 says:

nice video!!!

theright1allthetime says:

I disagree with this video!

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 If you are religious and fearful, and praying to an external God
then yes your perception is going to be a little different than that of
this video, but why knock this without trying it? There’s a book called
Quantum Success, I love it. Very positive and informative. What’s wrong
with that? How is feeling excited about your life a bad thing? I wish you
well my dear and hope that your energy switches for the betterment of your
disposition 🙂

oriolesfan61 says:

Skeptical Inquirer magazine criticized the lack of falsifiability and
testability of these claims.[5] Critics have asserted that the evidence
provided is usually anecdotal and that, because of the self-selecting
nature of the positive reports, as well as the subjective nature of any
results, these reports are susceptible to confirmation bias and selection

DigitalLoveMovement says:

@Ileko1 Oh and by all means use your intellect. How do you figure these
other people don’t? You’re a smart guy but to assume these people don’t use
intelligence is a little assumptive and presumptuous don’t you think? You
shouldn’t sum spiritually into this box that suggests only cheaters market
it and only sheeple follow it. Every idea is marketed eventually, so why
hate on the LOA because it too is being marketed? At root its a healthy
practice whether you like it or not.

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