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Full Version Available at: Attract Love with Hyptalk’s latest Law of Attraction Hypnosis DVD. This …


Kheronissa Jairos says:


David Kizy says:

Nice vid! thanks! 🙂

Jennifer Tiller says:

I think so many times people will ask, “What if this doesn’t work?” Well, I
say, “What if it DOES work?” I feel very peaceful right now after
listening/watching this video. Good one! 🙂

Barbie Mi says:

hang on, is this Lita??

mazur .paulina says:

i am a sanctuary.

Myre Ocean says:

This video and others helped me to want to fall in love again and love
myself more. I need to be more confident, but I know it’ll with time. Sorry
about my english, I am french. Take care everyone.

Blanqui Morales says:

so beautiful

Pam Robinson says:

Me too. Almost reaching a state of exhaustion having to be everything to me
and frustrated that I have no one to care for and be connected to. I lost
my family and my marriage nearly ten years ago. Been struggling to put
something like a life back together again. So much effort for so long has
depleted my energy

polospeakto says:

A Great Harmony. Beautiful video

Tanmay Kumar says:

the people who say “wat if it dusnt work?” are losers….

melesio87 says:

I totally agree with you…you feel very peaceful and very good with her
videos… I am going to buy later on a few audios from this lady…she is a
genius…at the same level of Mckenna and Ross Jeffries…..besides I am
expecting lottery winnings watching these videos…and it seems that you
are positive or more positive than before… way to go!

MisAngelful says:


Janitha Wickramasinghe says:

@beatleman3 be her friend. talk about her boy friend also in your chats.
Never show you are after her. build the attraction again gradually.
Patiently. this time when you get a chance to kiss, *k.

Blanqui Morales says:

so beautiful

mdawesomeness says:

Be yourself Aparently girls like that


You have been a willing participant in everything that has happened in your
life. These events have played their part in your growth process. There are
no victims, there are no villains, and there are no heroes. We all play our
roles of choice at any given time. When you choose the same kind of thing
to happen in your life over, and over again, (like attracting the same kind
of love interest that you know will end badly), It means you haven’t learnt
yet what is vital to your personal growth..

ComeTogether365 says:

Beautiful. I got all warm and fuzzy inside after watching this.

Gilbert Nutier says:

Very nice video that I like ! I think that love comes from desire and
desire comes from source of mind feeling , mind feeling comes from
aggregates , aggregates come from living body , living body comes from the
birth , the birth comes from sexual pleasure, and sexual pleasure comes
from desire . It formed a wheel which is turning without the end . nutier

Gitteee says:

oh well wonderfull, was watching it, and my cat came to me licking my arm.
Guess i’m only gonna have love from my cat :/

jeff rielly says:

i felt like every one loved me and i loved every after watching this which
this was my first time watching this

jackiefore says:

@Gitteee lol freak

chardude23 says:

@blessitchild love…life is love. Everyone loves someone at on point in
their life. I loved someone. I just didnt know it, but i know now. If
everyone in the world can feel the way i feel right now there would be no
wars, no conflicts, the world would be in perfect peace and harmony. Thats
what i want, world peace. If that ever happens then we will feel love to
our rivals because there would be no rivals to hate, the other way around.
I have never felt this before, but now i feel it.

Desi Epps says:

ohhhhhh very nice its felt so good… c this video….if all of us
would feel this way @ mslluria the world would be a much much brighter
place ..but there only a chosen few that will choose that path.. I can tell
u r a healer cause us healers would look at what the world could be if….

homerun410 says:

@beatleman3 you need to show you love her with a bang. Not something small
that fizzes, you dont want your relationship to fizzle out, you want it to
go boom.

mindbodyspirit09 says:

thanks for sharing Victoria 🙂

Sarka Novakovak says:

hope you´re already in happy relationship! 🙂

Jasmin96961 says:

Thanks for the video. I am really tired of being single all the time.

Ma. Leah Buot-Anota Cabahug says:

LeahPerfectLife : LOVE THYSELF second to GOD. Magnify outwards as people
attracted to you without EFFORT. Its more of VALUE OF YOURSELF ON TOP OF
EVERYTHING according to GOD’s PURPOSE for your LIFE TODAY. It does not TAKE
TOO MUCH EFFORT,RISK,MONEY or worst to situation SUICIDE if you can not
find one. GOLDEN RULE : ” Love Neighbor as loving Thyself.” A man’s

beatleman3 says:

while watching this i was thinking of a certain person ….. i love her but
the fact is she just started a realtionship with another boy but before
that i had a perfect chance to kiss her and she wanted it but i was tooo
shy and not confident in my self and from since then she thinks i dont like
her very much anymore….. please guys give some advce on how to win her
back ;(;(;(

Azeri Emiliya says:

I like this video.Please look at mine too

Renee Frangedakis says:

i love her voice… it is so peaceful and relaxing. I would love to feel
that way. so positive and happy!

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