Law of Attraction – Attract Lottery Winnings Hypnosis DVD

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evelyn duncan says:

Don’t be so hard on her people-ninety percent of the people posting you
tubes seek money. You don’t have to buy anything you don’t want to. With or
without her suggestions, the law of attraction is very real. No matter what
you’re thinking about, (how strong or how lightly,) if you believe it-it
will definitely manifest. Good luck in your life!

Sarah Cook says:

I almost feel like I’ve been drawn to play th lottery and I try to stay
positive but I’m living in a very negative situation. In fact I was feeling
great all day and something happened at home and I just feel bad in the pit
of my stomach. I was looking for videod to cheer me up and I found this. I
just don’t wanr my living situation to negate all the work I’ve been
putting into this. Any tips??? 

Devinder Singh says:

I been believing since 1994 and won jack 

James Harvey says:

i wonder if i listen to this while sleep will it work? the full video

kid love says:

Woman have you won the lottery even once. If you did ,then I believe in
your message. Or else you say what we want to hear so you could sell
millions of DVDs.

James Harvey says:

great video!!!!!

Nico Herrero says:

After I watch this I feel trembles. Why?

KingofDudes says:

Of the months and months of LOA/binaural/meditation/self hypnosis along
with all the marvelous unfoldings, discoveries, realisations and little
magic moments that jump into focus ‘See, I told you this stuff works’…
This is the first lottery piece to actually really bring about a deeply
sensory experience of winning the lottery, so thanks! I have a vision wall
rather than a board, a plethora of books and far too much time to study and
this video really did bring about a certain experience, a noticeable
pressure in the forehead also. Wake up, dingdingding, almost there

Ben Zadow says:

I believe in the law of attraction, and projecting my reality but please
stop scamming people using spiritualism. Since you are selling this,
clearly money was what was on your mind creating these. People are too
easily manipulated and you are taking advantage of that.

Kayla Anne says:

Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! I won $240,000,000 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!! I won the mega
millions jackpot!!!!! I’m a mega millionaire!!!!!!! I’m finally rich!!!! My
dreams came true!!!!!!! =) Haaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!

penguinsrock365 says:

Tunnel vision anyone?

Ahjee NagaPrincess says:


Teddy Witczak says:

Thank you for sharing this, l change the word dollars to sterling, will be
looking at downloading full version. Love,light, & peace :-))

Gerald Anderson says:

I am from the Phillippines. we are using peso monetary, not dollars. If I
watch this video always, can I win millions of pesos instead of dollars 

Todd Amos says:

Attracting all good

anastasia kyriakidou says:

thank you

Gina Chabek says:

I like this one.

Pearl Baby Pearl says:


Christen Branca says:
CedricKristiaan says:

@hyptalk It sure might increase the chance to win a lottery but what I
meant is that I consider this a wrong approach of the law of attraction.
This law especially has its value when you want to achieve things in your
live that resonate with you and what your heart wants. Yet mostly winning
the lottery is something that only your ego wants. And of course presenting
it as a way of winning lotteries will be very popular on youtube, for all
poor wanna be rich people… Got my point…?

Peter ThankGod says:

I don’t know how you felt, but as for me, I feel it, I believed it, I
accept it, It’s mine!!!

Earl Hughes says:

I win like 85% of my scratch offs now….and that my main source of

Nari Ramzan says:

Heh.You know you can talk all you want but the fact is the likes vrs
dislikes has a huge gap in between. that doesn’t say anything to you? If
anything these videos ( including this one) makes me feel.. happy. Strange
right? There might be something to this. Just a thought.

Allen Katz says:

love the video,but if you release the entire video for free,then when we
manifest a lotto win,we’ll be able to purchase all of your other programs

CedricKristiaan says:

Such a lame video… The american dream over the top… Though I do believe
in the law of attraction, but applying it to a lottery is a lame connection
that is not even worthy of the law…

UpMyPSI says:

I really like this! People frequently assume tthat the “hypnosis”
experience has to be a long session, but I have discovered that I get more
out of shorter vids & the effect is quite often more powerful. For example,
I can feel that experiencing your video is going to do smething good for me
today, in just a few minutes. Will update this to let you know!

hyptalk says:

Very good analogy mindopnr! Thanks for your helpful comment!

Rjames Elliott says:

Thank you,it work if you work it.

AstralWaters says:

Lol whenever I’m in a bad mood/negative vibration, this always cheers me up
😛 thx!

hyptalk says:

@EmotionalOrder Use your imagination. Hypnosis and Law of Attraction is all
about being able to use your imagination to benefit you. The better you are
able to use your creative mind, the better it will work for you. Tap into
the energy of the universal intelligence that already has the experience of
winning. Read about people who have won … listen to what they say …
imagine how they have felt.

hyptalk says:

@kuanjikoda Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

nature10879 says:

@hyptalk There you go girl, Fantastic and I like your spirit. That is how
life is supposed to be.

hyptalk says:

@rajkanodia1 Is it to you? Only you can answer that question for yourself.

Manny Money says:

I agree wholeheartedly with a positive mindset in order to get things done,
and the true inner self. But alot of this ‘secret’ type self help has
spewed a brand of pseudoscience and pulled people from the reality of
success. If you have a purpose and desire for something, you’ll take the
necessary self-education and action to achieve it. People should read books
on financial literacy. Taking steps towards success are written a thousand
times over with clear tangible means, if you look

Angelina Reid says:

it works !!!! i won $7,000 a week from my state lottery …. #success

Salim Ahmed says:

nothing is real, money attraction, no good idea, win the heart, not by
money, by love, leave the documentation, free the world as it was 500 years

MrDennypooh says:

I watched this video a few times and I noticed within days my pick 3 and
pick 4 numbers would win. So, yesterday, I played the evening pick 4 number
3821 as a box. Low and behold, 12/18/12 Ga.lottery pick 4 evening number
was 2138. I won. So, I quickly went to get my $200 only to discover the
person who scanned my lottery form changed the play date of my ticket to
12/19/12 midday. In short, I am out $200. Nevertheless, the meditation
works and I look forward to winning millions soon.

Jazzariah34 says:


reddogswy says:

@hyptalk Kudos!

rajkanodia1 says:

@hyptalk thanks! can I ask God/Allah to deliver my cosmic order rather than
Universe? because I believe only in One God and Universe is HIs creation.

Sar Maroof says:

The LAW OF ATTRACTION gives us the choice to live the life of our dreams!!!
If we test it then we understand how powerful our mind is.

Valentina Salas says:

Thank you for this video !!! I’m looking for the DVD in your website. I’m a
Abraham hicks fan, I’ve been using different process focusing on winning
the lottery. I won 7 times last year, and always had numbers matched. I
truly believe that the odds are nothing under the power of your
consciousness. I stared this as a manifestation exercise and now I’m
totally decided to win the big one. I’m sure i’m in the right track because
“accidentaly” I found your video !! 😀

Zandonus says:

Lotteries work, if they HAVE to work for you. But the chance you will win a
lottery in America is lower than the chance you will die on the same day.
If you don’t actually *need* that money, you will not get it and will
simply waste money on the ticket. The law of attraction isn’t a time bomb,
it’s a staircase to master, you will only find maybe a dollar bill on the
ground, if you ”pray” hard enough. It would be easier to attract a job
that you like and never work a day in your life.

hyptalk says:

Thank you!

Stephanie Cox says:

Your welcome I practice law of attraction and meditate solo and with guided
meditation.whatever one does past 21 days is said to become a habit so
listening past 21 days is perfect to built a invisibile barrier to ones
goals and desires.since this is nero. The mind can concieve because of god
and courage in your mind

hyptalk says:

@rajkanodia1 You sure can. One thing that makes manifesting large sums of
wealth is when you have a higher purpose for the money other than just your
own self satisfaction. You deserve money, but, the vibration of helping
others through your good fortune seems to have more manifesting power than
your own personal financial needs.

Sonnay Elisabeta says:

merci j’aime que tu m’envoie toute cette abondance…je suis

ModernDeism says:

@beebadger proof please

Acquiesce says:

There are probably additional things that you need to do to power the
manifestation D: Have you written down the amount of money that you want to
win, and listed the benefits of winning the money? Have you taken the time
to do visuals, for example, before you sleep, visualize yourself winning
the lottery, screaming, jumping around, etc? Have you remained positive
about it? Have you maintained an overall good attitude and mood? There’s a
lot of things that contribute to money manifestation!

Shanty Jigs says:

This video is sad… heart. What about love? What about truth not
fantasy? Try Jesus He loves you. ….

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