Kubera Lakshmi Mantra: Eastern Law of attraction to Attract Money (Sankalpa Siddhi)

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Eastern Law of attraction to Attract Money


essa kebhi says:


gkvraju ganapathiraju says:

Thank you

Mathi kanthan says:


karthik m says:


AstrologerSatish Kumar says:

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Ana Paula CordeiroValadares Valadares says:


Indumathi Bolar says:

very nice jai kubera ,jai mahalakshmi 

Ramalinga Chowdeswararao says:

very useful mantra.and nice video

วิปัสสนาญาณบารมี says:

Kubera Lakshmi Mantra: Eastern Law of attraction to Attract Money (Sankalpa

Peter M. says:

by:Suresh Padmanabhan…!

Jeno Dudas says:

Interesting rhythm… :-)

Arsalankarimi Karim says:

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7HeadedBeastFromSea says:

A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

ahamatmabrahman says:

Im happy to find an open minded Christian. Hinduism is my path but I like
to study other beleif systems, its so important to love one another as
individual , we are all Ggods creation. I wondered if you know about The
Maxims of Ani?, if not google it, you will see that Christianity has much
older roots than most people think Warmest regards

LisaBonus68 says:

Money made its way at my door for me to have to hold and to enjoy as long
as I may live, and the power of all that is good in life, so spread the
wealth even if it is in thought wish the next person a prosperous life as
you wish for yourself because we are all connected

mishsood says:

hello…no animal or blood sacrificis EVER made to ma Lakshmi. she is the
compassionate form of Ma Durga. The sacrifice is made to her form as ma
Kali, the destroyer, the patron deity of he Warriors in India. A warrior
going to war could not be queasy…..

bessi cantarero says:

@Aryanthewarrier Kindly post e-mail.

mmpres says:

PT I of II——- OM Gum GuruVe NamaN ….. OM Gum GhanPaTaYe NamaH …….. OM
EchhaaYa KooBeraYe…..Vasya TanaaYhe ….DhanDhyaanYe PataYe …..DhanDhyaanYe
SamCHeer Mere Seeta PaaYeSO..HO..OOOOOO ………. OM Mahaa KuberaYe VaradH … OM
Mahaa KuberaYe VaradH ……….OM Laxmi KuberaYe VaradH OM Laxmi KuberaYe VaradH
……….OM Dhanas KuberaYe VaradH …..OM SwarNa KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM AishVRiYa
KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM YaaNk KuberaYe VaradH Bless You:

Marina Markovic says:

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KennyReddwooddforest says:

Yes, the Muslims are so much against the Buddhist philosophy. Its very sad.
They close themselves off out of fear of their god. That’s why I always say
abandon those gods that make you scared. Use only those gods who are not
jealous, vengeful nor require any kind of sacrifices. Or make your own
gods. The Buddha has been animals and humans, he does not see human forms
as better than animal forms. He was a philosopher. He said that it didn’t
matter whether there are gods, all that matters is love.

Jaden Levi says:

Very well said! 🙂

Steven King says:

Brother, really Interesting, are you sure about your comment?

akrnf90 says:

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ambet dancel says:

I luv it give me energy in the morning thanks for your upload

guitarsolli says:

Wow, what a nice jam underneath it!! Best mantra on the net! Namaste!

Sage Host says:

You definitely have a valid perspective. But know that it’s your
perspective that shapes Your reality. On that note, sounds like you may be
trying to carry the burdens of others experiences and perspectives, which
is not for you to carry. You are you, and there is nothing outside of your
body,mind and spirit except a mere mirror reflection of how You define it
to be. Therefore money and everything else material in this world is a
spiritual conception. 🙂

mmpres says:

PT II of II —— OM Namas KuberaYe VaradH……. OM Dharma KuberaYe VaradH
….. OM Chakra KuberaYe VaradH …..OM Dhanaka KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM VairatA
KuberaYe VaradH …………. OM Moottoo KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM Pavan KuberaYe
VaradH …..OM MaaNeekTH KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM MaraD DadtH KuberaYe VaradH
…………….. OM BramaHa KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM Vishnu KuberaYe VaradH ….. OM
Shiva KuberaYe VaradH …………..Hope this is Okay!

Ron Story says:

i am never without always have money in my pockets money is just energy
matter and it comes to be in coings in parking lots or bills i found a 20
today do the shreem and also the breze mantras 108 times for 40 days dont
miss a day like noah arc 40 days moses in desert 40 days i can go on and on
in bible the number 40 important I AM A DEVOTE CHRISTIAN THESE MANTRAS WERE

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