Kill Procrastination with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

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mdolls68dcw says:

Thank you for this. Usually in my tapping points, I say more other than
“This feeling”, but that seemed to work. Glad I gave this a try. Also, it
was nice to do the breathing exercises at the end. Thank you!!!

Raviv Yatom says:

thank you ! thanks for helping people. i will try to fix it.

rohano says:

totally works 😛

Badergader says:

This is awesome! After watching your video I ran for 20-minutes. I have
been procrastinating that for a month!

kealan8010 says:

When i tap a lot of the times my bad feeling is replaced because i reframe
and i realise things aren’t that bad and then i get a really good feeling
of hope and positivity. I don’t want to lose the good feeling by tapping it
away though. Should i just keep tapping right till the end?I also get this
nothingness feeling. Is that ok too?

magnustapping says:

Great! You can say whatever you want – “This feeling” is just a general
phrase to make the video applicable to everyone.

magnustapping says:

For sure. As long as you can find negative feelings associated with doing
the thing – or excuses or thoughts – tap them away. It does take
persistence! Basically repeat the tapping until you feel like doing
whatever it is you are procrastinating.

magnustapping says:

Hey, that can happen, and it’s a good sign – things are shifting. Whatever
symptoms come up, tap them away. “Even though I feel sick…” “Even though
I feel very bad…” “Even though my body temp is up…”

samann95014 says:

Guys, does this work? Let me know. Thanks.

cherrybabe71 says:

Great and easy to follow for a beginner in EFT like me! I found most other
videos to be too fast or too slow, This is perfect!

magnustapping says:

This may be true, or it may be that you have to go a little deeper. Try
talking yourself into the homework – make a list of all the reasons why you
might want to do it. Then look for conflicting beliefs and tap those “Even
though I have no motivation” or “Even though I have no desire”.

f3if3if3i says:

NO matter how much you use this technique, it will not work if you have no
desire or motivation or inspiration to do something. I tried it on
homework, but it doesn’t help…because i have no motivation or desire to
do homework…

Kagutsama says:

So this is basically for ppls that cant focus on their task at hand? this
is really extrange and have never heard of it before. I just found this by
accident but its kinda interesting

clubfeet447 says:

i find at the very least it works temporarily and if i can make myself do
it more then maybe it will have a permanent affect.

imagineslaughter says:

Believing that it works helps a lot. Belief can manifest as nothing more
than continueing the practice. I like the idea of putting thought and touch
and action and feeling together. That is more effective than just thought
and feeling.

loutcome says:

Hey.. i did this process a few times … i feel a little diffrent but still
procrastinate … should i rather stick with the process or change the way
of doing it ?

bccritters says:

i was going to do this tapping excersize, but ill wait until tomorrow!!!
lol j/k great video

Raviv Yatom says:

i was really putting myself in to my past. after doing this session i got
sick and felt very bad, my body temp went up. is this ok? why do i fill so

alex ca says:

thanks for uploading this video. I think I can make it

tyciol says:

Hypnotic, I like your voice sir.

butterfliesinmyhead says:

Thank you. You have a nice presence.

gamemaster9210 says:

A 20 minute video about stopping procrastination. Ironically, I’m
procrastinating right now.

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