Jose Silva – The Silva Method – The Alpha Reinforcement Exercise

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Listen to this video any time you need to relax, meditate, or go to sleep. This is not my work, however, so whatever the copyright holder says, goes, but thi…


millionmarch says:

These techniques do not work for smokers and others who use tobacco.
Reason? Tobacco changes the human vibration to a level where these
techniques have no effect. Therefore, smoke away and be protected from
this garbage. It’s straight from the Lucifer doctrines. 

millionmarch says:

Free eBook on self hypnosis. Don’t pay for anything.

Thing says:

OMG who are these num nuts saying its evil…what crap it’s not bloody
evil…you create your own fear in your life wake up….god I feel sorry
for those people who are so wrapped up in thinking the whole worlds out to
get them

It’s just a meditation technique that works for the betterment of your life

Melissa Gerber says:

Million march, I googled Luciferian doctrine. Surprise! It isn’t ‘Satanic’.

Melita Ackerly says:

Guys. hypnotize someone covertly doesn’t need to be hard (I used to think
it did). I’m going to give you some tips right now. Get a popular
conversational hypnosis secrets called Covertalox Hypnosis (search on
google). Thanks to it I have fully mastered hypnosis, and finally can
secretly hypnotize others. I shouldn’t even be speaking about it cause I do
not want a lot of other guys out there running exactly the same game but
whatever. I’m just in a great mood today and so I will share the wealth

Larry Ethridge says:

I purchase the Silva Method 2 years ago. The best investment I ever made! I
began to look at my situation from a new perspective. I paid off over
$130,000 in credit card debt in 15 months. Also, allowed me to keep an
additional $128,000 in cash! This was through a series of events that came
together at the perfect time.

Melissa Gerber says:

I do remember that many of the complaints about demonic experiences
supposedly involved the work with spirit guides in the laboratory setting.
Those people were probably delusional to begin with.
Anyway, I don’t think the later course uses the lab or guides, anymore.

Melissa Gerber says:

Susan Cholvad, the healing aspect of Silva Method does suggest something
like that, as a way of entering the person’s energy field and finding out
their state of mind.

Melissa Gerber says:

I learned in message class that alpha level is where healing takes place.
Why are all these coocoos saying that this technique is ‘ evil’, will lead
to demonic possession, etc.?
If smoking impairs the ability to reach alpha, then it impairs the body’s
ability to heal. Sure, smoke it up, if you have a death wish. Sheesh.

Ofigamer says:

Fabulous!Thank You very mutch!

Rose Calderon says:

God bless, all of his …I thank you & your brilliant father for this

private personal concierge says:

Thank you for posting this!

cush7777 says:


JudieKBMsc says:

I gave you the opportunity to use the “if the shoe fits, wear it”, if not
then don’t. You are busier taking this as a personal attack than focusing
on the issue of whether hypnosis/meditation is evil or not, which is what
prompted this communication in the first place.

JudieKBMsc says:

WHAT???? You ARE joking, right? What in the world would make you think that
someone else is CONTROLLING you???? Gimme a break. Lord I hope you are just

Bhakta Jon Haddon says:

My grandmother gave me his seminar on a cassette tape (this was about 20
years ago) and it changed my life – I was 10 years old and the results were

E Schur says:

By saying YES to it, I found a job in a nice catering companey. By thanking
myself, and everything around me most of the day I remained positive – then
I got an Email from a band that wants me to paint for their debut album,and
for good money!:) I think the biggest secret after this meditation, is to
keep yourself positive, by being grateful for what comes your way – in any

Ahmed Almulla says:

Gr8 i felt relax

matt88418 says:


peekaboots01 says:

All of his affirmations have been copied by others. He was an original.
This was great. Thanks for posting this.

Chris Kavanagh says:

If I took you wrong, I apologize.

B. Jack says:

I never said it did apply to me. You just continue to make false statements
its congruous with the rest of your reasoning and pretend you didn’t imply
those comments were meant for me. If not who were you talking to? Anyway
I’m done with you resume your errant ways.

dserpaful says:

I’ve just finished listening to The Silva Ultra Mind ESP System. I took me
over a month to listen as I didn’t do it every day. My question to you is;
does this system work? What techniques did you find useful? Thanks.

msdraganfly1 says:

@manderbos Relax

B. Jack says:

That clicking in the background sounds like a woodpecker.

Homero De la Garza says:

A fix to my previous comment. After listening to this audio I noted that
Mr. Silva´s voice indicates he was older when he recorded this exercise.
And with the special purpose of programming all the basics in one

Sayeed Ahmad says:

Excellent and greatest help to mankind. I am grateful to the team of Silva
for their excellent programme and help.

TheRcmonster says:

I had this on cassette years ago and lost track of it. It was a great
relaxing thing to hear when in bed. He was a pioneer in self development.
Admittedly, some of it is pretty odd. He speaks of being able to mentally
travel to any place in any galaxy – if it is beneficial to mankind, and
stuff like that. He also talks about Fixing abnormalities in plants and
animals. It is actually pretty cool what he says, but you have to have an
open mind. Also it helps to shrug off your disbelief, like wh

Tilly Bean says:

Took the Silva Method Class in the 80’s. Would enjoy a refresher. Are
classes continuing? It was quite beneficial in all aspects of my life.

Rose Calderon says:

I can’t explain how this is changing my life, I just know that it is …

E Schur says:

I find that doing this exersize in silence is just more effective for me
(no guide or Alpha waves). I found out, that you either need to be very
specific, or very open about what you want to menifest in your life. I
needed a job, but I also wanted to work with my passion-which is painting.
I didnt ask for a new job when meditating-I asked for new oppertunities in
my life. I got a phonecall the next day, to contribute FOR FREE in some
gathering. Instead of pushing it away, I said YES to it.

Ismael Ernesto Medina Oneca says:

este video por que no lo bajan solo el sonido

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